2020-06-22 Tony Finchfast.dotat.at: allow updates and auto-dnssec master
2020-06-22 Tony Finchfast.dotat.at: correct path to zone file
2020-06-22 Tony Finchfix sig-validity-interval option name
2020-06-22 Tony Finchbind config fir fast.dotat.at
2020-06-22 Tony Finchallow decrypting to grey as well
2020-06-22 Tony Finchfast.dotat.at: test zone for signing jitter
2020-06-22 Tony Finchsignscan: ensure that rndc output is for a primary...
2020-06-22 Tony FinchDisable RSASHA1 for cb4.eu
2020-06-22 Tony Finchsync zone files
2020-02-17 Tony Finchupdate zone files
2020-02-05 Tony Finchreally clean up private keys
2020-02-05 Tony Finchclean up private keys after deletion
2020-02-05 Tony FinchRSASHA1 for dotat.at now retired
2020-02-05 Tony FinchDisable RSASHA1 for dotat.at
2020-02-04 Tony FinchAdd a ZSK to dev.dns.cam.ac.uk for safety
2020-02-04 Tony Finchupdate zone files
2020-02-04 Tony Finchgitignore decrypted secrets
2020-02-04 Tony Finchupdate zone files
2020-01-20 Tony Finchupdate zone files
2020-01-20 Tony FinchTTL 24h for all keys
2020-01-20 Tony FinchCDS change for dotat.at and cb4.eu
2020-01-13 Tony FinchStart algorithm rollover to ECDSAp256
2019-06-07 Tony Finchpopulate ed448
2019-06-07 Tony Finchconfigure new zone
2019-06-07 Tony Finchan ed448 test zone
2019-06-07 Tony FinchHandy script for creaitng an empty zone
2019-06-07 Tony Finchcurrent zone state
2019-04-29 Tony FinchSync zones - delegation fixes
2019-04-29 Tony FinchSend notifies from grey to gratisdns
2019-04-29 Tony FinchAllow primary/secondary synonyms when generating named...
2019-04-29 Tony FinchMake grey a secondary of onyx
2019-04-29 Tony FinchDo not include journals when converting zones for diffing
2019-04-29 Tony FinchMake it easy to append .gitconfig to .git/config
2019-04-29 Tony FinchKeep NS records pointing at grey for now
2019-04-29 Tony FinchUpdate NS and SOA to point to onyx
2019-04-26 Tony Finchdelete unused zones
2019-04-26 Tony Finchbin/setup: create static-stub config file and set perms
2019-04-26 Tony Finchdecrypt-receiver: correct permissions
2019-04-26 Tony Finchscripts for installing decrypted keys
2019-04-26 Tony Finchauto-dnssec maintain needs to be per zone not a main...
2019-04-26 Tony Finchgreat renaming
2019-04-26 Tony Finchworking directory no longer needed
2019-04-26 Tony Finchcurrent versions of zones
2019-04-26 Tony Finchexperimental dnssec-keymgr policy
2019-04-26 Tony Finchan empty zone
2019-04-26 Tony Finchrandom scripts for analysing the zone signing process
2019-04-26 Tony Finchcb4.blue backup domain
2019-04-26 Tony Finchexperimental config for faster key rollovers on fanf2...
2019-04-26 Tony Finchprune working servers from noedns list
2019-04-26 Tony Finchkill old key
2019-04-26 Tony Finchwhoops, accidental key rollover
2019-04-26 Tony Finchbetter static-stub generation
2019-04-26 Tony Finch10.in-addr.arpa is in the catalog zone now
2019-04-26 Tony Finchcorrect rpz block target
2019-04-26 Tony Finchremove deny-answer experiment
2019-04-26 Tony Finchfriendly probing has moved
2019-04-26 Tony Finchrrset-order is random now bug is fixed
2019-04-26 Tony Finchstop nsid noise
2019-04-26 Tony Finchvalidation is auto by default now
2019-04-26 Tony Finchnamed.conf: experiments with deny-answer-{aliases,addre...
2019-04-26 Tony Finchnamed.conf: new CUDN IPv6 prefix
2019-04-26 Tony Finchnamed.conf: tweak whitespace
2019-04-26 Tony Finchnamed.conf: use TTL units in response-policy clause
2019-04-26 Tony Finchnamed.conf: enable nsid in outgoing queries
2019-04-26 Tony Finchnamed.conf: more precise recursion ACLs
2019-04-26 Tony Finchnamed: drop spamhaus zones
2019-04-26 Tony Finchnamed: remove spamhaus zones which will be going away
2019-04-26 Tony FinchEnable serve-stale and rrset-order random and sort...
2019-04-26 Tony Finchimprove formatting of the versions summary
2019-04-26 Tony Finchanother set of entries for the nocookie list
2019-04-26 Tony Finchadd LSB init metadata
2019-04-26 Tony Finchuse relative path for catz
2019-04-26 Tony Finchadd dev.dns.cam.ac.uk
2019-04-26 Tony Finchdev zone for work
2019-04-26 Tony Finchlocal rpz test
2019-04-26 Tony Finchtest ed25519 zone
2019-04-26 Tony Finchupdate masters
2019-04-26 Tony Finchgitignore zone list
2019-04-26 Tony FinchRelative paths so named-checkconf does not need root
2019-04-26 Tony FinchInclude non-catz zones in static-stub list
2019-04-26 Tony Finchdpkg --compare-versions is better than ls -v
2019-04-26 Tony FinchRPZ zones must be slave not static-stub
2019-04-26 Tony FinchDrop builtin zone hackery
2019-04-26 Tony FinchNo more static master files
2019-04-26 Tony FinchUse catz.arpa.cam.ac.uk
2019-04-26 Tony FinchEDNS blocklist
2019-04-26 Tony FinchActually, drop the remaining empty zones too.
2019-04-26 Tony FinchRFC 8198 cheese shop means we don't need all these...
2019-04-26 Tony FinchAdd qwest to EDNS badlist. Bad EDNS! No cookie!
2019-04-26 Tony FinchCorrect order of arguments to ln -s, sigh
2019-04-26 Tony FinchBetter minimal-responses config
2019-04-26 Tony FinchVerisign cookie problem fixed
2019-04-26 Tony FinchProper deny-except ACL syntax
2019-04-26 Tony FinchMitigation for CVE-2017-3143
2019-04-26 Tony FinchWork around problems with whois.verisign-grs.com
2019-04-26 Tony Finchetc: prune outdated comment
2019-04-26 Tony Finchetc: rc.named help
2019-04-26 Tony FinchResync zones
2019-04-26 Tony FinchSupport rc.named reconfig as well as reload
2019-04-26 Tony FinchSecondary root zone from K since F moved to Cloudflare