2014-11-20 Tony Finchtypo master
2013-12-04 Tony FinchFail gracefully when we run out of hosts before we...
2013-11-13 Tony Finchparanoia
2013-11-11 Tony Finchhtmlify security considerations
2013-11-11 Tony Finchdraft of security analysis
2013-11-06 Tony Finchtemporum now andomizes the server list instead of relyi...
2013-10-31 Tony Finchsome more explanation
2013-10-31 Tony Finchadd README and Makefile
2013-10-31 Tony Fincheliminate C99 for loops
2013-10-31 Tony Finchtemporum: better precision in the tlsdate case
2013-10-31 Tony Finchtemporum: optionally run tlsdate instead of ntptime...
2013-10-31 Tony Finchtemporum: an option to see what happens when RTT is...
2013-10-31 Tony Finchtemporum: ignore distant samples when doing mean shift
2013-10-31 Tony Finchtemporum: better control of random offsets, and a bimod...
2013-10-30 Tony Finchtemporum: make magnitude of density independent of...
2013-10-30 Tony Finchtemporum: pclose() and stdint.h required on Mac OS X
2013-10-30 Tony Finchtemporum: give up on the mean shift if it does not...
2013-10-30 Tony Finchtemporum: test bad tickers and total randomness
2013-10-30 Tony Finchtemporum: several tweaks
2013-10-30 Tony Finchtemporum: track density at mode as well as location...
2013-10-30 Tony Finchintial cut at temporum algorithm
2013-10-30 Tony Finchntptime: low resolution server timestamp option
2013-10-30 Tony Finchntptime: slightly more useful binary/text output options
2013-10-30 Tony Finchntptime: do not wait forever for a response
2013-10-30 Tony Finchrename ntpdate -> ntptime
2013-10-30 Tony Finchntpdate: default to text mode if stdout is a tty
2013-10-30 Tony Finchntpdate: static function declarations
2013-10-29 Tony Finchntpdate: text and binary output
2013-10-29 Tony Finchntpdate: dumb NTP client
2013-10-29 Tony Finchhtmlify
2013-10-29 Tony FinchEnough for a blog article?
2013-10-29 Tony FinchInitial rationale / design.