2018-05-17 Tony FinchBrainwave master
2018-05-14 Tony FinchPause for thought
2018-05-11 Tony FinchNeed a lower-level network error
2018-05-10 Tony FinchList all outputs so `make clean` works
2018-05-10 Tony FinchDistinguish between concurrent and sequential multicalls
2018-05-10 Tony FinchMissing dependency
2018-05-10 Tony FinchAutomatically generate example stubs
2018-05-10 Tony FinchFix rpc server declarations
2018-05-10 Tony FinchPrune obsolete file
2018-05-10 Tony FinchRemove files that are now generated
2018-05-10 Tony FinchWrite to output files
2018-05-10 Tony FinchPreen iteration over methods
2018-05-10 Tony FinchPreen
2018-05-10 Tony FinchDone generating server stubs?
2018-05-10 Tony FinchNeater server stub method definitions
2018-05-10 Tony FinchA handy util for looking at TypeScript AST structure
2018-05-10 Tony FinchConstructing the server stubs
2018-05-10 Tony FinchMore RPC server bits
2018-05-10 Tony FinchCLeaning up some variable names and starting on the...
2018-05-09 Tony FinchPreen retval logistics
2018-05-09 Tony FinchEmit top-level RPC types
2018-05-09 Tony FinchEmit import clauses, with ugly workaround
2018-05-09 Tony FinchRefactoring done
2018-05-09 Tony FinchRefactoring declaration generators into methods
2018-05-09 Tony FinchPrune WIP notes
2018-05-09 Tony FinchMethod parameters
2018-05-08 Tony FinchRequest types
2018-05-08 Tony FinchAlias type definitions for retvals
2018-05-08 Tony FinchDRY out the union types a bit
2018-05-08 Tony FinchStarting to emit declarations
2018-05-08 Tony FinchNow enumerating the methods we care about (I think)
2018-05-08 Tony FinchGradually writing AST walker for stub generation
2018-05-08 Tony FinchFactor out getProgram() helper
2018-05-08 Tony FinchMake the generr data type field optional
2018-05-04 Tony FinchTypeScript option fiddling
2018-05-04 Tony FinchSplit runtime from dev dependencies
2018-05-04 Tony FinchTest is also working
2018-05-04 Tony FinchError type revamp
2018-05-04 Tony FinchDisentangle circular dependencies
2018-05-04 Tony FinchCall the string dispatch function
2018-05-04 Tony FinchAdd an Example.fail method
2018-05-04 Tony FinchSeparate built-in errors from app errors
2018-05-04 Tony FinchPreen
2018-05-04 Tony FinchUse a pipeline style for generr
2018-05-04 Tony FinchGenerate error types from a terse description
2018-05-04 Tony FinchA possibly-supportable format for validation error...
2018-05-03 Tony FinchAllow dispatching untyped json as well as strings
2018-05-03 Tony FinchErrors are only lowered in the server dispatch code
2018-05-03 Tony FinchThrow error message and error info from schema validator
2018-05-03 Tony FinchA bit of preening
2018-05-03 Tony FinchClassification of errors
2018-05-03 Tony FinchEnsure we have schema definitions for retval types
2018-05-03 Tony FinchValidation basically working, tho error messages are...
2018-05-03 Tony FinchLog when startup complete
2018-05-03 Tony FinchProbably best not to do fiddly cleanups
2018-05-03 Tony FinchI think we need an explicit $id at the root of the...
2018-05-01 Tony FinchCheck schema compilation worked
2018-05-01 Tony FinchCorrect content-type on responses
2018-05-01 Tony FinchClassful refactoring nearly done...
2018-05-01 Tony FinchMore useful untyped request schemas for the dispatcher
2018-05-01 Tony FinchAppease AJV's pedantry about schema versions
2018-05-01 Tony FinchUnprivileged listening socket
2018-05-01 Tony FinchClassful refactoring continues
2018-05-01 Tony Finchtjs: check for errors from TypeScript API
2018-05-01 Tony FinchClean up the schema a bit. Still missing method return...
2018-05-01 Tony FinchGenerate combined and cleaned-up schema
2018-05-01 Tony FinchPreen top-level schema type name
2018-04-30 Tony FinchUpdate example-types to match new interface
2018-04-30 Tony Finchsimplify the basic JSON-RPC types
2018-04-30 Tony FinchREADME: experiments with types
2018-04-30 Tony FinchREADME: sketch overall plan
2018-04-30 Tony FinchREADME: move note on pending transactions elsewhere
2018-04-29 Tony FinchUse new typeful schema for example
2018-04-29 Tony FinchMake example into a class
2018-04-29 Tony FinchAdd transactions to the schema
2018-04-29 Tony FinchParametrized RPC types, for splitting generic and appli...
2018-04-28 Tony FinchThis seems to be a working typing for djv
2018-04-28 Tony FinchAvoid confusing TypeScript's flow control analysis
2018-04-28 Tony FinchMake schema-based validation more OO and more typeful
2018-04-28 Tony FinchI think this is how server init needs to work
2018-04-28 Tony FinchThe server's main program needs to be application-specific
2018-04-28 Tony FinchSeparate out the example app
2018-04-28 Tony FinchShould be committing more frequently...
2018-04-25 Tony FinchREADME: I have found a (working?) typescript-json-schema
2018-04-24 Tony FinchBetter error class names, I think?
2018-04-24 Tony FinchUse faucet instead of prove
2018-04-24 Tony FinchNeed modern libraries
2018-04-24 Tony FinchStart making a TypeScript RPC library
2018-04-24 Tony FinchA note on pending transactions
2018-04-23 Tony Finchpreen README experiments
2018-04-23 Tony FinchThird attempt: io-ts
2018-04-23 Tony FinchSecond attempt: json2ts
2018-04-23 Tony FinchFirst attempt: typson
2018-04-23 Tony FinchA very basic JSON-RPC setup
2018-04-23 Tony Finchpackage.json and other rubric
2018-04-23 Tony FinchTypeScript options
2018-04-23 Tony FinchManifesto
2018-04-23 Tony FinchStart