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2015-11-10 Tony FinchCopy security considerations from draft-spacek-dnsop...
2015-11-10 Tony FinchAdd reference to RFC 7043 (EUI48 and EUI64 RRs)
2015-11-10 Tony FinchAllow for records other than PTR in the reverse DNS.
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2015-10-26 Tony FinchQuestions for reviewers
2015-10-15 Tony FinchWorkaround for reverse DNS UPDATE canonicalization...
2015-10-14 Tony FinchNote troublesome zone file names. (thanks Chris Thompson)
2015-10-14 Tony Finchchangelog
2015-10-14 Tony Finchclarify DNAME-at-apex (thanks Bob Harold)
2015-10-14 Tony Finchfirst-length vs first-last (thanks Bob Harold)
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2015-10-13 Tony FinchChangelog
2015-10-13 Tony FinchOperational considerations
2015-10-13 Tony FinchSome operational TODO items
2015-10-13 Tony FinchNo need to worry about BIND-4.9.3
2015-10-13 Tony FinchSecondarying CNAME+DNAME
2015-10-13 Tony FinchPrune paragraph that is now incorrect
2015-10-13 Tony FinchEnough about UPDATE perhaps?
2015-10-13 Tony FinchReverse DNS UPDATE update WIP
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2015-10-12 Tony FinchConsolidated reverse DNS
2015-10-12 Tony FinchAlternative naming conventions
2015-10-12 Tony FinchPromote naming discussion to top-level section
2015-10-12 Tony FinchMore on the DNAME method for short prefixes
2015-10-12 Tony FinchStart on short prefixes
2015-10-12 Tony FinchExample query and response for long prefixes
2015-10-12 Tony FinchCitations for examples
2015-10-12 Tony FinchDelegation at individual IP addresses.
2015-10-12 Tony FinchBetter word
2015-10-12 Tony FinchTie long prefix section to motivation section
2015-10-12 Tony FinchMore $GENERATE examples
2015-10-12 Tony FinchRe-order for better exposition
2015-10-12 Tony Finch$GENERATE preening
2015-10-12 Tony FinchForward references from the intro
2015-10-12 Tony FinchBetter citations to original documents; section skeletons
2015-10-12 Tony FinchMove auxiliary stuff out of the Makefile
2015-09-26 Tony FinchClassless delegation for long prefixes
2015-09-26 Tony FinchMotivation
2015-09-26 Tony Finch$GENERATE example
2015-09-26 Tony Finch$GENERATE
2015-09-26 Tony FinchIntroduction
2015-09-26 Tony FinchBetter handling of IPR verbiage
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2015-09-25 Tony FinchStart