2020-07-28 Tony FinchREADME: markup fixes master
2020-07-28 Tony FinchREADME: fn is the most portable version
2020-07-28 Tony FinchREADME: mention prefetching and DNS in the abstract
2020-07-20 Tony FinchLink to a twitter thread
2020-07-20 Tony FinchLink to my fork of NSD which uses my DNS-optimized...
2020-07-08 Tony FinchDNS: an iterative Tnext()
2020-07-07 Tony Finchblog: note what computer I ran the benchmarks on
2020-07-06 Tony FinchREADME: link to new blog entry
2020-07-06 Tony Finchblog: the genesis of my DNS-trie
2020-07-05 Tony FinchREADME: good grief
2020-07-05 Tony FinchREADME: update another old link
2020-07-05 Tony FinchREADME: fix links
2020-07-05 Tony Finchupdate README
2020-07-05 Tony FinchDNS: hook it up to the build
2020-07-05 Tony FinchDNS: bodge for compatibility with other implementations
2020-07-05 Tony FinchDNS: debug support for the test / benchmark harnesses
2020-07-05 Tony FinchDNS: an interim Tnextl()
2020-07-05 Tony FinchDNS: preen
2020-07-05 Tony FinchDNS: a better layout to support lexicographic ordering
2020-07-05 Tony FinchInitial pass at a DNS trie
2020-07-05 Tony Finchnotes: preen terminology
2020-07-02 Tony Finchnotes: eager byte-to-bit is a better name for it
2020-07-02 Tony Finchnotes: preen
2020-07-02 Tony Finchnotes: Mistakes Were Made
2020-07-02 Tony Finchnotes: more DNS thoughts
2020-06-01 Tony FinchFix links to Knot DNS qp merge request.
2020-05-01 Tony Finchnotes: licence
2020-05-01 Tony FinchREADME: link to new notes
2020-05-01 Tony Finchnotes: some more thoughts about DNS support
2019-04-25 Ondřej Hermanbind9: update git repository address
2018-01-04 Tony FinchDo not try to compile broken WIP code
2017-06-02 Tony FinchRib compression for second search in Tset - probably...
2017-06-02 Tony FinchRib compression for first search in Tset
2017-06-02 Tony FinchRevert failed experiment
2017-06-02 Tony FinchFailed experiment
2017-06-02 Tony FinchMake Tget and Tdel search loops more similar
2017-05-28 Tony Finchgeneric leaves: some caveats
2017-05-27 Tony FinchConcatenate nodes when we can. Yowza.
2017-05-27 Tony FinchThe case where two trunks should be concatenated
2017-05-27 Tony FinchEven better
2017-05-27 Tony FinchMuch better clarity of thought about Tdel search loop
2017-05-26 Tony FinchCorrect return value!
2017-05-26 Tony FinchTdel() done, with much head-scratching. Not sure if...
2017-05-26 Tony FinchAvoid NULL returns from realloc()
2017-05-26 Tony FinchOther deletion cases. Moderately ugly.
2017-05-26 Tony FinchReverse sense of hasconcat() to make trunkend()
2017-05-26 Tony FinchDefinitely better
2017-05-26 Tony FinchYes, that's better
2017-05-26 Tony FinchUtility functions for inserting into and deleting from...
2017-05-26 Tony FinchWIP working out how to delete from ribs
2017-05-26 Tony FinchA utility function to find out if there is a concatenat...
2017-05-26 Tony FinchRe-jig the old twig deletion code to be more rib-friendly.
2017-05-26 Tony Finchrc: calculate the size of a trunk
2017-05-26 Tony FinchRename "next" field to "concat"
2017-05-25 Tony FinchInitial Tget for rib compression
2017-05-25 Tony FinchSync up rc with fn - WIP
2017-05-25 Tony FinchNicer nibble extraction
2017-05-25 Tony FinchFix build deps for fn
2017-05-25 Tony FinchNicer index word manipulation
2017-05-25 Tony FinchLinks to fn variant from README
2017-05-25 Tony FinchRetain this version of 5-bit qp trie for reference
2017-05-25 Tony FinchTry reverting prefetch changes for comparison
2017-05-25 Tony FinchUse the new benchmark script
2017-05-25 Tony FinchWhoops, that fix wasn't quite correct!
2017-05-25 Tony FinchFound the crash.
2017-05-25 Tony FinchAvoid signed shift overflow here as well
2017-05-25 Tony FinchAvoid signed shift overflow
2017-05-25 Tony FinchSomething's broken? this version works
2017-05-25 Tony FinchTry to improve prefetching
2017-05-25 Tony FinchA cross between bench-multi and bench-more, with colours
2017-05-25 Tony FinchPrint number of rounds when benchmarking
2017-05-25 Tony FinchFix benchmark compile failure when uint doesn't leak...
2017-05-25 Tony FinchClean more warnings in benchmark code
2017-05-25 Tony FinchClean warnings in benchmark code
2017-05-24 Tony Finchlooks like this debug sanity check really was bullshit
2017-05-24 Tony FinchPropagate index word changes better
2017-05-24 Tony FinchMake debug mode run-time configurable
2017-05-24 Tony Finchrc should (in theory) be the same as fp. let's test...
2017-05-24 Tony Finchrc-debug.c copied and refactored from fp-debug.c
2017-05-24 Tony Finchrc: add Tnextl() refactored from fp.c
2017-05-24 Tony Finchrc: add Tsetl() refactored from fp.c
2017-05-24 Tony FinchDecouple index word access from Trie / twig access.
2017-05-24 Tony FinchSearching for an exact prefix match
2017-05-24 Tony FinchTweak bitstring title
2017-05-24 Tony FinchSome notes on bitstring keys and prefix matching
2017-05-24 Tony FinchMy old thoughts on embedding keys have been superseded
2017-05-24 Tony FinchAn opportunity for searches to fail earlier in double...
2017-05-23 Tony Finchrc: reorder for slightly better exposition
2017-05-23 Tony Finchrc: add Tdelkv() refactored from fp.c
2017-05-23 Tony Finchrc: add Tgetkv() refactored from fp.c
2017-05-23 Tony Finchrc: suppress static_assert warnings
2017-05-23 Tony Finchrc: static_assert for unenlightened compilers
2017-05-23 Tony FinchStart implementing rib compression.
2017-05-17 Tony FinchPreen description of concatenated nodes with generic...
2017-05-17 Tony FinchIndexing compactly stored DNS names
2017-05-17 Tony FinchMore notes on DNS names
2017-05-17 Tony FinchDitch old DNS indexing method
2017-05-17 Tony FinchBetter indexing method for DNS names
2017-05-12 Tony FinchNote double-bitmap branch layouts of various sizes
2017-05-11 Tony FinchRedirect fix?