2015-06-23 Tony Finchgit-graph: do not count renames as huge additions and... master
2015-04-29 Tony Finchgit-graph: allow bars to go right up to the edge of...
2015-04-23 Tony Finchgit-graph: add usage message
2015-04-23 Tony Finchgit-graph: allow user to adjust horizontal scale
2015-04-23 Tony Finchgit-graph: allow user to set height
2015-03-27 Tony FinchTrim more redundant code
2015-03-27 Tony FinchTrim redundant code
2015-03-27 Tony FinchMake overlay the default style
2015-03-27 Tony FinchPrint per-character scale to 1 decimal place
2015-03-27 Tony FinchAdd a horizontal scale
2015-03-27 Tony FinchSimpler log parser
2015-03-27 Tony FinchBetter date handling and terminal size adaptation
2015-03-27 Tony FinchA little git activity graphing tool