2018-10-30 Tony FinchRemove value judgment "ideal" master
2018-10-29 Tony FinchAdd IETF legal boilerplate
2018-10-19 Tony Finchregen draft-ietf-dnsop-aname-02
2018-10-19 Tony Finchwhitespace
2018-10-19 Tony FinchLink to github and include draft number in changelog
2018-10-16 Tony FinchAnother way to talk about "secondaries" that expand...
2018-10-16 Tony FinchMove note about frequency of zone transfers
2018-10-16 Tony FinchTTL discussion to be moved to issue #30
2018-10-16 Tony FinchRationale appendix for Additional vs Answer section
2018-10-16 Tony FinchClarify the meaning of "address records"
2018-10-16 Tony FinchAvoid lower-case RFC 2119 keywords to avoid misundersta...
2018-10-16 Matthijs MekkingAdd note about ANAME processing and number of XFRs
2018-10-16 Matthijs MekkingAdd discussion topic for TTL
2018-10-16 Matthijs MekkingAdd Dyn to the list of vendors
2018-10-15 Matthijs MekkingAdd discussion topic for additional section content
2018-10-15 Matthijs MekkingClarification
2018-10-15 Matthijs MekkingWill be altered -> may be altered
2018-10-15 Matthijs MekkingReplace word 'often'
2018-10-14 Tony Finchregen
2018-10-14 Tony FinchSet sibling TTLs to maximum of ANAME TTL and target TTL
2018-10-13 Tony FinchA couple more trivial fixes
2018-10-13 Evan Hunttrivial edits
2018-10-13 Tony Finchupdate time and rendered docs
2018-10-13 Tony FinchDirect people to the right repo and tools
2018-10-13 Tony FinchRename officially
2018-10-13 Tony FinchTake over from each
2018-10-12 Tony Finchupdate timestamp
2018-10-12 Tony FinchInclude rendered versions in repository
2018-10-12 Tony FinchUpdate rendered versions
2018-10-12 Tony FinchFirst pass DONE!
2018-10-12 Tony FinchImplications
2018-10-11 Tony Finchuse $GOPATH to find mmark
2018-10-11 Tony FinchWeirdly this version of mmark insists on full datetime
2018-10-11 Tony FinchSwitch to atx headers - mmark does not properly support...
2018-10-11 Tony Finchwip
2018-10-11 Tony FinchThoughts on TTLs
2018-10-10 Tony FinchGenerate html using xml2rfc
2018-10-09 Tony Finchwip
2018-10-09 Tony Finchupdate date stamp
2018-10-09 Tony FinchRemove headers from the text version
2018-10-09 Tony FinchPreening; add security considerations.
2018-10-09 Tony FinchLots of text
2018-10-09 Tony Finchgitignore .txt
2018-10-08 Tony FinchBuild text version; needs xml2rfc v2 format.
2018-10-08 Tony Finchauto-update draft date
2018-10-08 Tony FinchSome basic rubric
2018-10-08 Tony FinchStart
2018-07-12 Evan Huntadd @matje to acknowledgments.
2018-07-12 Evan HuntMerge pull request #28 from matje/issue-27-expanding...
2018-07-12 Evan HuntMerge pull request #26 from matje/issue-25-fallback...
2018-07-12 Evan Huntfix incorrect terminology
2018-04-05 Matthijs MekkingSuggested text on zone transfers (#27)
2018-04-05 Matthijs MekkingProvide text for ANAME fallback (#25)
2018-02-10 Evan Huntaddress some of tony finch's review comments
2018-02-10 Evan Huntsome text clarifications; update to -02 for later resub...
2018-01-26 Peter van Dijknit, thanks @stbuehler
2018-01-26 Peter van Dijknit, thanks @stbuehler
2018-01-25 Evan Hunts/master/primary/
2018-01-12 Evan Huntupdate filenames to new version number
2018-01-12 Evan Huntupdate version
2018-01-11 Evan Huntclarify security consideration about validation issues
2018-01-11 Evan Huntrebuild
2018-01-11 Evan Huntadd examples
2018-01-11 Evan Huntrevise/clarify the text forbidding more than one ANAME...
2018-01-11 Evan Huntchange "should" to SHOULD and clarify ECS caching
2018-01-11 Evan Huntdiscuss future non-A/AAAA address types. update expiry...
2017-07-04 Evan Huntrebuild xml and txt for submission
2017-07-03 Evan Hunttypos
2017-07-03 Evan Huntdiscuss promotion of unsigned data to signed in securit...
2017-07-03 Evan Huntclarify that only address record TTLs count down in...
2017-07-03 Evan Huntsome grammar fixes, added reference to NSEC/NSEC3 for...
2017-07-03 Peter van Dijkhalf stab at examples, closes #14
2017-07-03 Peter van Dijksomewhat address NXDOMAIN&co, closes #20
2017-07-03 Peter van Dijkupdate wording around expansion, closes #19
2017-07-03 Peter van Dijknote non-apex usage, closes #6
2017-07-03 Peter van Dijknote that amazon also has a similar feature
2017-07-03 Peter van Dijkmore words on "bypassing local policy". Closes #7
2017-07-03 Peter van Dijkclarify minimum TTL from chain, closes #9
2017-05-27 Evan Huntchange name to draft-ietf-dnsop-aname-00
2017-04-12 Peter van Dijkignore files that are likely to be lying around
2017-04-11 Evan Huntadd list of terms that have been used for this, and...
2017-04-10 Evan Huntupdate version number
2017-04-07 Evan Huntedit document date
2017-04-07 Evan Huntnit
2017-04-07 Peter van Dijknote relation to existing implementations
2017-04-06 Evan Huntfurther clarification
2017-04-06 Evan Huntgrammar
2017-04-06 Evan Huntrestore job's language, fix NSEC bit map rule
2017-04-06 Evan Huntfix an ambiguity
2017-04-06 Evan Huntremove final "remove before publication"
2017-04-06 Evan Huntmore clarifications
2017-04-06 Evan Huntreplace HÃ¥kan with Hakan
2017-04-06 Evan Huntget rid of authoritative fallback
2017-04-06 Evan Huntminor cleanups
2017-04-05 Evan Huntclarify TTL requirements in secondaries
2017-04-05 Evan Huntaddress some minor issues pointed out by mukund
2017-04-05 Evan Huntmakefile improvements
2017-04-05 Peter van Dijkupdate txt+xml
2017-04-05 Peter van Dijkacknowledge
2017-04-05 Peter van Dijkspelling