2015-11-25 Tony Finchcpppe: trim whitespace from start of macro replacements master
2015-11-21 Tony Finchcpppe: stateful rather than lpeg-ish error counting...
2015-11-21 Tony Finchcpppe: parse #define. error counting is broken.
2015-11-21 Tony Finchcpppe: add separators between groups of rules
2015-11-21 Tony Finchcpppe: something like a working #undef parser
2015-11-21 Tony Finchdoc: compactify lpeg quickref
2015-11-20 Tony Finchcpppe: better line number handling
2015-11-20 Tony Finchcpppe: wip
2015-11-20 Tony Finchcpppe: some error handling and a few parser bits
2015-11-20 Tony Finchcpppe: build up grammar in a table
2015-11-20 Tony FinchFix gitignore
2015-11-20 Tony Finchdoc: an Lpeg quick reference
2015-11-18 Tony Finchcpppe: more lexical tokens
2015-11-18 Tony Finchdoc: minor tweaks to spec
2015-11-18 Tony Finchdoc: rename user interface notes to something more...
2015-11-18 Tony Finchdoc: more random thoughts about modes of operation
2015-11-18 Tony Finchdoc: leave C++ support for later
2015-11-18 Tony FinchREADME: update standard year
2015-11-18 Tony Finchdoc: note cpppe needs support for C++ tokens too
2015-11-18 Tony Finchcpppe: gc floating point constant support
2015-11-17 Tony Finchblog: what is allowed in a C preprocessor expression
2015-11-17 Tony Finchdoc: no floating point support in cpp
2015-11-09 Tony Finchdoc: pointer to John Regehr's opinion of Boost preproce...
2015-11-09 Tony Finchcpppe: more lexing
2015-11-08 Tony Finchcpppe: starting on lexical syntax
2015-11-08 Tony Finchspec: need definition of white space
2015-11-08 Tony FinchMore flexible dynamic Lua runner
2015-11-07 Tony Finchspec: macro replacement
2015-11-06 Tony FinchVery basic portability hacks
2015-11-06 Tony FinchUser interface suggestions from Ian Jackson
2015-11-05 Tony Finchspec: the unifdef bit
2015-11-05 Tony Finchspec: start on conditional inclusion
2015-11-05 Tony Finchspec: preen
2015-11-05 Tony Finchspec: link to ISO document
2015-11-05 Tony FinchFix dependencies and preen noise
2015-11-05 Tony FinchEmbedded version strings
2015-11-05 Tony FinchOverview of cpp syntax
2015-11-04 Tony FinchLexical syntax done?
2015-11-04 Tony FinchA note on compatibility
2015-11-04 Tony FinchSpec is based on C11 not C99
2015-11-04 Tony FinchMore lexical syntax
2015-11-04 Tony FinchUse a more recent C committee draft
2015-11-04 Tony FinchMore on c99
2015-11-04 Tony FinchStart some more formal notes on C99 (lack of) conformance
2015-11-01 Tony FinchREADME: initial design notes
2015-11-01 Tony FinchMake: add a dynamic runner
2015-11-01 Tony FinchMake: simplify slightly
2015-11-01 Tony Finchlzc: split out generic static Lua wrapper
2015-11-01 Tony Finchlpeg: import re package
2015-11-01 Tony Finchgetopt: alternate option-with argument specifiers
2015-11-01 Tony Finchgetopt: allow non-alphanumeric options, e.g. -?
2015-11-01 Tony Finchzio: bigger buffers
2015-11-01 Tony Finchlunzip: avoid cast
2015-11-01 Tony FinchMakefile: delete fewer things
2015-11-01 Tony Finchdata2c: remove spurious newline
2015-11-01 Tony Finchlunzip: suppress warnings
2015-10-31 Tony FinchAdd getopt and get Lua packages working
2015-10-31 Tony FinchMakefile: missing bits
2015-10-31 Tony Finchmain: bootstrap Lua
2015-10-31 Tony Finchlunzip: Lua-5.3 compat
2015-10-31 Tony FinchMakefile: build lua and lpeg and stuff
2015-10-31 Tony Finchzio: avoid signedness warnings
2015-10-31 Tony Finchdata2c: embed a data file in a C program
2015-10-31 Tony Finchlunzip: load compressed lua chunks
2015-10-31 Tony Finchzio: raw zlib compression and decompression
2015-10-31 Tony FinchStart cpppe-0