2018-11-02 mvl22Tighten save error handling master
2018-11-02 mvl22Mail errors to admin with debug info
2018-11-02 mvl22Tighten save error handling
2018-11-02 mvl22Report save error
2018-11-02 mvl22Fix edit further link
2016-07-31 mvl22Mark visibility of framework functions
2016-07-31 mvl22Add database structure for administrators table
2016-07-31 mvl22Remove need to maintain a separate user list at webserv...
2016-07-31 mvl22Obtain administrators from database rather than locally
2016-04-25 mvl22Catch cases of double-comma in editing block
2014-09-05 mvl22Add dashboard API output
2014-09-05 mvl22Refactor out getDomainsOfUser
2014-09-04 mvl22Dashboard: Add scaffolding
2014-09-02 mvl22Rename index template file as per other applications
2014-09-01 mvl22Update icon definitions to recent FCA support
2014-09-01 mvl22Improvements (code from 2011) to add single alias editi...
2014-09-01 mvl22Initial commit (code from 2010)