2020-02-05 Tony Finchsuperglue-mythic-beasts: find current DS records correctly master
2020-01-17 Tony Finchupdate README
2020-01-14 Tony Finchsuperglue-janet: fixes for reverse DNS zones
2020-01-14 Tony Finchsuperglue-janet: ensure we log out before an early...
2020-01-14 Tony FinchSuperglue: better error reporting for missing --zone...
2020-01-14 Tony FinchSuperglue: expose the old and new delegation objects
2020-01-14 Tony FinchSuperglue::Delegation: methods for clearing the NS...
2019-12-20 Tony Finchsuperglue-janet: log out before exiting
2019-12-18 Tony Finchsuperglue-janet: enable reverse DNS correctly
2019-12-17 Tony Finchsuperglue: use --login file to invoke the right script
2019-12-17 Tony Finchsuperglue-janet: easier bulk updates
2019-12-17 Tony Finchsuperglue-janet: reverse DNS is insecure
2019-12-17 Tony Finchsuperglue: add missing login_check calls
2019-12-17 Tony FinchSuperglue: ensure consistency of login credentials...
2019-12-17 Tony Finchsuperglue-mythic-beasts: avoid infinite loop deleting...
2019-12-17 Tony Finchsuperglue-mythic-beasts: log out when no changes are...
2019-12-16 Tony Finchsuperglue-janet: support insecure to secure transitions
2019-12-13 Tony FinchSuperglue::Delegation: CDS/CDNSKEY support
2019-12-13 Tony Finchsuperglue-mythic-beasts: delete DS records without...
2019-12-12 Tony FinchSuperglue::Delegation: fix comparison of DS records
2019-12-12 Tony Finchsuperglue-janet: stop looking when we have found the...
2019-12-12 Tony Finchsuperglue-mythic-beasts: warn once about Nominet owner...
2019-12-12 Tony Finchsuperglue-janet: neater way to select the update time
2019-12-11 Tony FinchSuperglue::WebDriver: more accurate wait_for timeouts
2019-12-11 Tony Finchsuperglue-mythic-beasts: more special cases for .eu
2019-12-11 Tony Finchsuperglue-mythic-beasts: .eu only has owner and tech...
2019-12-11 Tony Finchsuperglue-mythic-beasts: work around locked domain...
2019-12-11 Tony Finchsuperglue-mythic-beasts: update DS records
2019-12-11 Tony FinchSuperglue::WebDriver: increase wait_for timeout to 30s
2019-12-11 Tony FinchSuperglue::WebDriver: return an array from `elems`
2019-12-11 Tony FinchSuperglue: separate match status for NS and DS records
2019-12-10 Tony Finchsuperglue-mythic-beasts: simplify and rewrite
2019-12-10 Tony Finchsuperglue-janet: use new improved methods
2019-12-10 Tony FinchSuperglue::Delegation: better DS record error checking
2019-12-10 Tony FinchSuperglue::WebDriver: an elem_value method
2019-12-10 Tony Finchsuperglue-mythic-beasts: more error checking and log...
2019-12-10 Tony FinchSuperglue::WebDriver: a wait_for_elem method
2019-11-21 Tony Finchsuperglue-mythic-beasts: update nameservers
2019-11-21 Tony Finchsuperglue-mythic-beasts: eliminate code duplication
2019-11-21 Tony Finchsuperglue-mythic-beasts: contact updates are getting...
2019-11-20 Tony Finchsuperglue-janet: generally working OK again
2019-11-20 Tony Finchsuperglue-ripe: preen AUTHORS section
2019-11-20 Tony FinchSuperglue::Contact: correct name for export list
2019-11-20 Tony FinchSuperglue::WebDriver: minor fixes
2019-11-20 Tony FinchSuperglue::Restful: better fix for the DELETE problem
2019-11-20 Tony FinchSuperglue/*: preen documentation
2019-11-20 Tony FinchSuperglue::WebDriver: overhaul mostly now done
2019-11-20 Tony FinchSuperglue::Restul: utility method for pretty-printing...
2019-11-20 Tony FinchSuperglue::Restful: un-break destructor
2019-11-20 Tony FinchSuperglue: neater access to login fields
2019-11-15 Tony FinchSuperglue::WebDriver: starting to Moo::Roleify
2019-11-15 Tony Finchsuperglue-ripe: document login credentials
2019-11-15 Tony Finchsuperglue: fix webdriver command line option synopsis
2019-11-15 Tony FinchSuperglue::Restful: documentation
2019-11-15 Tony FinchSuperglue: improve documentation
2019-11-15 Tony FinchUpdate licence links, author blurbs, SEE ALSO sections
2019-11-15 Tony Finchsuperglue-ripe: ensure records have a stable order
2019-11-15 Tony FinchSuperglue: better verbosity levels when comparing deleg...
2019-11-12 Tony Finchsuperglue-ripe: documentation
2019-11-12 Tony FinchSuperglue::Restful: censor passwords in URLs
2019-11-12 Tony Finchsuperglue-ripe: a bit more informative in not-really...
2019-11-12 Tony Finchsuperglue-ripe: uae a loop for retries instead of goto
2019-11-11 Tony Finchsuperglue-ripe: improve reporting in timeout -> success...
2019-11-11 Tony Finchsuperglue-ripe: a retry loop for timeout errors
2019-11-11 Tony FinchSuperglue::Restful: more sophisticated error handling
2019-11-11 Tony Finchsuperglue-ripe: do not use API dry-run mode
2019-11-11 Tony FinchSuperglue::Restful: flexible URIs and a post_form method
2019-11-11 Tony Finchsuperglue-ripe: some complaining in the comments
2019-11-11 Tony Finchsuperglue-ripe: URI-escape password
2019-11-11 Tony FinchSuperglue::Restful: export user_agent and DELETE
2019-11-08 Tony Finchsuperglue-ripe: PUT updated delegation
2019-11-08 Tony FinchSuperglue: handle delegation comparisons in the main...
2019-11-08 Tony Finchsuperglue-ripe: WIP: compare old and new delegations
2019-11-08 Tony FinchSuperglue::Delegation: support for comparing delegations
2019-11-08 Tony FinchSuperglue: fixed command line parsing for -C -D -L
2019-11-08 Tony FinchSuperglue: fix calling delegated methods in script...
2019-11-08 Tony FinchSuperglue: fix calls to sprintf()
2019-11-07 Tony Finchsuperglue-ripe: WIP refactoring
2019-11-07 Tony FinchSuperglue::Delegation: a require_glueless method
2019-11-07 Tony FinchSuperglue::Restful: convert to a Superglue mixin
2019-11-07 Tony FinchSuperglue: export `zone` and other small fixes
2019-11-07 Tony FinchSuperglue: more featureful logging
2019-11-07 Tony FinchSuperglue: adapt to OOified ReGPG::Login
2019-11-06 Tony FinchSuperglue: print options synopsis
2019-11-05 Tony FinchSuperglue: documentation and general preening
2019-10-31 Tony FinchSuperglue: lots of infrastructure
2019-10-29 Tony FinchSuperglue: putting in place dual oo/script support
2019-10-24 Tony FinchSuperglue::Delegation: update tests
2019-10-24 Tony FinchSuperglue::Contact: update tests
2019-10-24 Tony FinchSuperglue::Delegation: convert to normal class
2019-10-24 Tony FinchSuperglue::Contact: nicer constructor syntax
2019-10-24 Tony FinchSuperglue::Contact: merge `get` and `set` into `whois`
2019-10-22 Tony FinchSuperglue::Delegation: turn into a Moo role
2019-10-22 Tony Fincht: use Test::TempFile
2019-10-22 Tony FinchSuperglue::Delegation: simpler NS handling, and more...
2019-10-21 Tony FinchSuperglue::Delegation: invoke dnssec-dsfromkey
2019-09-30 Tony FinchSuperglue::Contact: include registry lock and whois...
2019-09-30 Tony FinchSuperglue::Contact: test with actual YAML
2019-09-30 Tony FinchSuperglue::Contact: a few tests and bug fixes
2019-09-30 Tony Finchtest: getting started