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Superglue: automatically synchronize DNS delegations

Superglue ensures your domain's delegation is correct.

Using a registry or registrar API, it updates the delegation in your parent zone so that it is consistent with the contents of your child zone.

The name comes from superordinate + glue, though of course superglue updates NS and DS records and whois contact details as well.

Superglue has a separate program for talking to each API. All the programs work in a consistent manner. Currently superglue includes clients for:

JANET (forward and reverse DNS)
Mythic Beasts (forward)
RIPE (reverse DNS)

Superglue does not handle domain registration, renewals, or transfers.


You can run superglue from a git checkout. (There is not yet a way to install superglue in a standard location.)

Superglue works with ReGPG for soring encrypted API credentials.

Extra perl dependencies:

For WebDriver-based scripts (JANET and Mythic Beasts), you also need Firefox and geckodriver.

2020-02-05 Tony Finchsuperglue-mythic-beasts: find current DS records correctly master
2020-01-17 Tony Finchupdate README
2020-01-14 Tony Finchsuperglue-janet: fixes for reverse DNS zones
2020-01-14 Tony Finchsuperglue-janet: ensure we log out before an early...
2020-01-14 Tony FinchSuperglue: better error reporting for missing --zone...
2020-01-14 Tony FinchSuperglue: expose the old and new delegation objects
2020-01-14 Tony FinchSuperglue::Delegation: methods for clearing the NS...
2019-12-20 Tony Finchsuperglue-janet: log out before exiting
2019-12-18 Tony Finchsuperglue-janet: enable reverse DNS correctly
2019-12-17 Tony Finchsuperglue: use --login file to invoke the right script
2019-12-17 Tony Finchsuperglue-janet: easier bulk updates
2019-12-17 Tony Finchsuperglue-janet: reverse DNS is insecure
2019-12-17 Tony Finchsuperglue: add missing login_check calls
2019-12-17 Tony FinchSuperglue: ensure consistency of login credentials...
2019-12-17 Tony Finchsuperglue-mythic-beasts: avoid infinite loop deleting...
2019-12-17 Tony Finchsuperglue-mythic-beasts: log out when no changes are...
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