2014-11-18 Tony Finchdetect backup file timewarps
2014-11-18 Tony Finchcheck if backup files predate SCCS history
2014-11-18 Tony Finchwill handle backup files which match SCCS in sccs2cvs
2014-11-18 Tony Fincha couple more gzipped files
2014-11-18 Tony Finchrm -f dup
2014-11-18 Tony Fincha couple more duplicate archive files - handle after...
2014-11-18 Tony Finchmove things which are not necessary for uplift to post...
2014-11-18 Tony Finchdo misc fixes after tarball extraction
2014-11-18 Tony Finchmore case-insensitivity compat
2014-11-18 Tony Finchfix for case-insensitive filesystems
2014-11-18 Tony Finchshell portability
2014-11-18 Tony Finchipreg-clean target
2014-11-18 Tony Finchuse pwd -P instead of realpath (which is missing on...
2014-11-18 Tony Finchuse %{MAKE} for recursion
2014-11-18 Tony Finchpatch -p0 makes it find target files better
2014-11-18 Tony Finchuse curl instead of wget
2014-11-18 Tony Finchmake a link to sccs in the current directory
2014-11-18 Tony Finchwrangling SCCS grime and tarballs
2014-11-18 Tony Finchcitation for what happens when you remove a file in CVS
2014-11-18 Tony FinchMark a file deleted in CVS style
2014-11-14 Tony Finchsome massage of the CVS tree will be necessary
2014-11-14 Tony Fincha utility for adjusting archive file dates
2014-11-14 Tony Finchclear SCCS locks
2014-11-14 Tony Finchmore convenient to report the lock name
2014-11-14 Tony Finchcreate an RCS file from backup files and other gubbins
2014-11-14 Tony Finchsccscheck: detect SCCS locks
2014-11-14 Tony FinchLet's do some of ths fixups after uplift, so they are...
2014-11-14 Tony Finchmore working files
2014-11-12 Tony Finchyet more working files
2014-11-12 Tony Finchclean checkns working files
2014-11-12 Tony Finchremove nameserver config working files
2014-11-12 Tony Finchmore secrets
2014-11-12 Tony Finchmore working files
2014-11-12 Tony Finchmove secrets elsewhere, and clean up some working files
2014-11-11 Tony Finchcommentary on utility functions
2014-11-11 Tony Finchmore idempotence and better commentary
2014-11-11 Tony Finchidempotence
2014-11-11 Tony Finchmove mail archives to separate directory
2014-11-11 Tony FinchMove ip-register fixups to a separate script
2014-10-30 Tony Finchuplift.DB.cam: include most recent DB.cam history
2014-10-30 Tony Finchuplift.DB.cam: convert DB.cam archive from SCCS to RCS
2014-10-30 Tony Finchsccs2rcs1: be more careful about quoting filenames
2014-10-30 Tony Finchrcsappend: record revisions even if file contents are...
2014-10-30 Tony Finchfixup: one of the SCCS archive files is incorrectly...
2014-10-30 Tony Finchrcsappend: paranoid revision number checking
2014-10-30 Tony Finchrcsappend: seems to work now
2014-10-30 Tony Finchrcsappend: save rev metadata, including rev 1.1
2014-10-30 Tony Finchrcsappend: regex fix
2014-10-30 Tony Finchrcsappend: wip
2014-10-29 Tony Finchsccsprefix.ipreg: we now discover a horrible truth...
2014-10-29 Tony FinchMakefile: more fixup fixups
2014-10-29 Tony Finchsccsprefix: trim newlines off revision numbers
2014-10-29 Tony FinchMakefile: fixup typoes
2014-10-29 Tony FinchREADME: notes on handling non-SCCS files
2014-10-29 Tony FinchMakefile: fixups for ip-register tree
2014-10-29 Tony Finchsccsprefix: check one sccs file is an old version of...
2014-10-29 Tony Finchsccscheck: suppress diff output
2014-10-28 Tony Finchsccscheck: see if backup files appear in SCCS history
2014-10-28 Tony Finchsccscheck: backup files with sccs histories?
2014-10-28 Tony Finchsccscheck: more analysis of backup files
2014-10-28 Tony Finchsccscheck: find weirdness in an SCCS tree
2014-10-24 Tony Finchsccs2rcs1: more usage and help text
2014-10-24 Tony Finchsccs2rcs1: more commentary
2014-10-24 Tony Finchsccs2rcs1: better explanation of empty commit message...
2014-10-24 Tony Finchsccs2rcs1: less redundant subprocess handling
2014-10-24 Tony Finchsccs2rcs1: dead code elimination
2014-10-24 Tony Finchsccs2rcs1: build RCS file in current directory
2014-10-23 Tony Finchsccs2rcs1: set RCS log messages consistently
2014-10-23 Tony Finchsccs2rcs1: create RCS files in binary mode
2014-10-23 Tony Finchsccs2rcs1: paranoid revision number checking
2014-10-23 Tony Finchsccs2rcs1: convert one file from SCCS to RCS
2014-10-17 Tony Finchfun with tar incompatibility
2014-10-17 Tony Finchfetch ip-register directory tree
2014-10-17 Tony Finchgitignore CSSC build
2014-10-17 Tony FinchBuild cssc
2014-10-17 Tony Finchfix for CSSC build
2014-10-09 Tony Finchsccs2rcs2cvs2git plan of action