2014-11-28 Tony Finchmail-uplift fix lines before and after message separator
2014-11-28 Tony Finchmail-uplift skip .new files
2014-11-28 Tony Finchmail-uplift disentangle side-effects from return codes
2014-11-28 Tony Finchmail-uplift -> mbox
2014-11-28 Tony Finchcvs-uplift note we need to repack after fast-import
2014-11-27 Tony FinchABOUT some final thoughts
2014-11-27 Tony Finchpost-uplift clean old Mail directory too
2014-11-27 Tony Fincha couple more time stamp banners, for posterity
2014-11-26 Tony Finchpre-uplift off-by-one error in usermap path concatenation
2014-11-26 Tony Finchclean more duplicated history
2014-11-26 Tony Finchpost-uplift actually commit historical cleanup
2014-11-26 Tony Finchmake ipreg-git clean, and ipreg-post-uplift
2014-11-26 Tony Finchpre-uplift clean .lock
2014-11-26 Tony Finchsccs2cvs fix executable bit handling
2014-11-26 Tony Finchpost-uplift cleanup
2014-11-26 Tony Finchipreg-cvs-uplift do not fudge commit times
2014-11-26 Tony FinchABOUT tar2usermap
2014-11-26 Tony Finchfiles2rcs needs at add -w flag to username from usermap
2014-11-26 Tony Finchpre-uplift put full pathnames in usermap because that...
2014-11-26 Tony Finchsccs2cvs must pass absolute usermap path to files2rcs...
2014-11-26 Tony Finchadd shonky per-file progress to cvs-fast-export
2014-11-26 Tony Finchmake sccs2cvs use the usermap file. sigh.
2014-11-25 Tony Finchsccs2cvs pass -m and -w through to files2rcs
2014-11-25 Tony Finchpre-uplift collect usermap from tarballs
2014-11-25 Tony Finchtar2usermap add prefix to pathname not username!
2014-11-25 Tony Finchmake me not have a heart attack
2014-11-25 Tony Finchtar2usermap rename variable
2014-11-25 Tony Finchtar2usermap need to remove prefixes as well as insert...
2014-11-25 Tony Finchfiles2rcs more useful committer handling
2014-11-25 Tony Finchfiles2rcs optionally get committer id from command...
2014-11-25 Tony Finchtar2usermap preserve owners of contents of tarballs
2014-11-25 Tony FinchABOUT cvs-fast-export niggles
2014-11-25 Tony Finchipreg-archive-uplift time estimate
2014-11-24 Tony Finchsccs2rcs1 force commit of unchanged file in append...
2014-11-24 Tony Finchmid-uplift missing ,v suffix
2014-11-24 Tony FinchABOUT another place to mention cvs-fast-export
2014-11-24 Tony FinchABOUT polishing
2014-11-24 Tony FinchABOUT why cvs-fast-export is fast
2014-11-24 Tony Finchsccs2rcs1 force appending unchanged revisions
2014-11-24 Tony Finchdo all the ipreg-archive conversion up-front
2014-11-24 Tony FinchABOUT faster ipreg-archive-uplift
2014-11-24 Tony Finchsccs2rcs1 trim ,v from append destination
2014-11-24 Tony Finchadd an append mode to sccs2rcs1 - try to make ipreg...
2014-11-24 Tony Finchpre-uplift whoops deleted wrong SCCS files!
2014-11-24 Tony Finchpre-uplift clean ipfilter working files
2014-11-24 Tony Finchpre-uplift preserve file timestamps when fixing keyword...
2014-11-24 Tony Finchcvs-uplift already in the ipreg-git directory
2014-11-24 Tony Finchpre-uplift more ordering fixes and more thorough cleanu...
2014-11-24 Tony Finchpre-uplift cleanup correct archive directory name
2014-11-24 Tony Finchpre-uplift more cruft cleaning fixes
2014-11-24 Tony Finchlog more timestamps
2014-11-24 Tony Finchpre-uplift cleanup cruft harder
2014-11-24 Tony Finchpre-uplift correct cleanup paths
2014-11-24 Tony FinchABOUT what to keep and what to delete
2014-11-24 Tony FinchOn reflection, the working files leave an awful mess...
2014-11-24 Tony Finchkeep ipreg-git for now
2014-11-24 Tony Finchavoid duplicated history
2014-11-24 Tony Finchwhoops fix date format fail
2014-11-24 Tony Finchdisable .{cvs,git}ignore munging in cvs-fast-export
2014-11-24 Tony Finchoutput timestamps at various notable points
2014-11-24 Tony Finchsccs2rcs1: omit redundant revision 1.1 log messages...
2014-11-24 Tony Finchrcsmtlogmsg add RCS empty log message cleaner
2014-11-24 Tony Finchipreg-cvs-uplift which I forgot to commit...
2014-11-24 Tony Finchignore cvs-fast-export
2014-11-24 Tony Finchpre-uplift remove a runt file
2014-11-24 Tony Finchmake more upift
2014-11-22 Tony FinchABOUT fix markup
2014-11-21 Tony Finchpre-uplift correct dates on tombstones
2014-11-21 Tony Finchclean empty log messages
2014-11-21 Tony Fincheasier not to patch the parser source file
2014-11-21 Tony Finchleave empty log messages empty
2014-11-21 Tony Finchuse %{MAKE} for recursion again
2014-11-21 Tony Finchmake cvs-fast-export
2014-11-21 Tony Finchnotes on git cvsimport vs cvs-fast-export
2014-11-21 Tony Finchbetter to have empty commit messages for deleted files
2014-11-21 Tony Finchbetter to have empty commit messages for imported files
2014-11-21 Tony Finchsccs2cvs preserve executable bits
2014-11-21 Tony Finchmid-uplift merge in archived DB.cam and hosts.131.111
2014-11-21 Tony FinchLori helped me fill in the missing names
2014-11-21 Tony Finchfill in most of the authors
2014-11-21 Tony Finchoutput of sccscommitters
2014-11-21 Tony Finchget a list of sccs committers
2014-11-21 Tony FinchABOUT what to put in the various uplift phases
2014-11-20 Tony FinchABOUT links to more scripts
2014-11-20 Tony FinchABOUT more
2014-11-20 Tony Finchdo comma fixup in Attic subdirectory
2014-11-20 Tony Finchdeadify files from archived tarballs
2014-11-20 Tony Finchanother comma workaround
2014-11-20 Tony Finchslightly safer comma workaround
2014-11-20 Tony Finchmake executable
2014-11-20 Tony Finchmatch name to tarball contents
2014-11-20 Tony FinchA note about $PATH
2014-11-20 Tony FinchBug fixes. I think it works now.
2014-11-20 Tony FinchRCS does not like file names that start with a comma
2014-11-20 Tony Finchappease make's timestamp checking
2014-11-20 Tony Finchcelebrate!
2014-11-20 Tony Finchput the uplift script into the makfile (for now?)
2014-11-20 Tony Finchsanity checking and make-friendliness
2014-11-20 Tony Finchclarify solaris sccs vs gnu cssc
2014-11-20 Tony Finchclose tag not open