mzs: adjust relative paths to match ipreg repo
[ipreg/sccs2rcs2cvs2git.git] / sccscheck
2016-07-15 Tony Finchsccscheck: suppress switch warnings
2014-11-19 Tony Finchonly match ~ for backup files, not .orig
2014-11-19 Tony FinchPREDATE reports do not need timestamps
2014-11-19 Tony Finchimprove sccscheck output slightly
2014-11-18 Tony Finchdetect backup file timewarps
2014-11-18 Tony Finchcheck if backup files predate SCCS history
2014-11-18 Tony Finchfix for case-insensitive filesystems
2014-11-14 Tony Finchmore convenient to report the lock name
2014-11-14 Tony Finchsccscheck: detect SCCS locks
2014-10-29 Tony Finchsccscheck: suppress diff output
2014-10-28 Tony Finchsccscheck: see if backup files appear in SCCS history
2014-10-28 Tony Finchsccscheck: backup files with sccs histories?
2014-10-28 Tony Finchsccscheck: more analysis of backup files
2014-10-28 Tony Finchsccscheck: find weirdness in an SCCS tree