mail-uplift fix lines before and after message separator
[ipreg/sccs2rcs2cvs2git.git] / ipreg-pre-uplift
2014-11-26 Tony Finchpre-uplift off-by-one error in usermap path concatenation
2014-11-26 Tony Finchclean more duplicated history
2014-11-26 Tony Finchpre-uplift clean .lock
2014-11-26 Tony Finchpre-uplift put full pathnames in usermap because that...
2014-11-26 Tony Finchmake sccs2cvs use the usermap file. sigh.
2014-11-25 Tony Finchpre-uplift collect usermap from tarballs
2014-11-24 Tony Finchpre-uplift whoops deleted wrong SCCS files!
2014-11-24 Tony Finchpre-uplift clean ipfilter working files
2014-11-24 Tony Finchpre-uplift preserve file timestamps when fixing keyword...
2014-11-24 Tony Finchpre-uplift more ordering fixes and more thorough cleanu...
2014-11-24 Tony Finchpre-uplift cleanup correct archive directory name
2014-11-24 Tony Finchpre-uplift more cruft cleaning fixes
2014-11-24 Tony Finchpre-uplift cleanup cruft harder
2014-11-24 Tony Finchpre-uplift correct cleanup paths
2014-11-24 Tony FinchOn reflection, the working files leave an awful mess...
2014-11-24 Tony Finchavoid duplicated history
2014-11-24 Tony Finchwhoops fix date format fail
2014-11-24 Tony Finchoutput timestamps at various notable points
2014-11-24 Tony Finchpre-uplift remove a runt file
2014-11-21 Tony Finchpre-uplift correct dates on tombstones
2014-11-20 Tony Finchmatch name to tarball contents
2014-11-20 Tony Finchminor cosmetic improvements
2014-11-19 Tony Finchone of the archive/Hosts files is redundant
2014-11-18 Tony Finchedits-in-progress will be handled by sccs2cvs
2014-11-18 Tony FinchSCCS locks will be handled by sccs2cvs
2014-11-18 Tony Finchwill handle backup files which match SCCS in sccs2cvs
2014-11-18 Tony Fincha couple more gzipped files
2014-11-18 Tony Finchrm -f dup
2014-11-18 Tony Fincha couple more duplicate archive files - handle after...
2014-11-18 Tony Finchmove things which are not necessary for uplift to post...
2014-11-18 Tony Finchdo misc fixes after tarball extraction
2014-11-18 Tony Finchmore case-insensitivity compat
2014-11-18 Tony Finchfix for case-insensitive filesystems
2014-11-18 Tony Finchshell portability
2014-11-18 Tony Finchwrangling SCCS grime and tarballs
2014-11-14 Tony Finchclear SCCS locks
2014-11-14 Tony FinchLet's do some of ths fixups after uplift, so they are...