mail-uplift fix lines before and after message separator
[ipreg/sccs2rcs2cvs2git.git] / Makefile
2014-11-27 Tony Fincha couple more time stamp banners, for posterity
2014-11-26 Tony Finchmake ipreg-git clean, and ipreg-post-uplift
2014-11-26 Tony Finchmake sccs2cvs use the usermap file. sigh.
2014-11-25 Tony Finchmake me not have a heart attack
2014-11-24 Tony Finchpre-uplift cleanup correct archive directory name
2014-11-24 Tony Finchlog more timestamps
2014-11-24 Tony Finchkeep ipreg-git for now
2014-11-24 Tony Finchwhoops fix date format fail
2014-11-24 Tony Finchoutput timestamps at various notable points
2014-11-24 Tony Finchmake more upift
2014-11-21 Tony Finchuse %{MAKE} for recursion again
2014-11-21 Tony Finchmake cvs-fast-export
2014-11-20 Tony Finchappease make's timestamp checking
2014-11-20 Tony Finchput the uplift script into the makfile (for now?)
2014-11-20 Tony Finchclean ipreg-cvs
2014-11-20 Tony Finchavoid having to re-run ipreg-archive-uplift
2014-11-19 Tony Finchclean ipreg-archive
2014-11-19 Tony Finchneed rlog too!
2014-11-19 Tony Finchclean harder
2014-11-18 Tony FinchBuild RCS too. I must have been very bad in a previous...
2014-11-18 Tony Finchipreg-clean target
2014-11-18 Tony Finchuse pwd -P instead of realpath (which is missing on...
2014-11-18 Tony Finchuse %{MAKE} for recursion
2014-11-18 Tony Finchpatch -p0 makes it find target files better
2014-11-18 Tony Finchuse curl instead of wget
2014-11-18 Tony Finchmake a link to sccs in the current directory
2014-11-11 Tony FinchMove ip-register fixups to a separate script
2014-10-30 Tony Finchfixup: one of the SCCS archive files is incorrectly...
2014-10-29 Tony FinchMakefile: more fixup fixups
2014-10-29 Tony FinchMakefile: fixup typoes
2014-10-29 Tony FinchMakefile: fixups for ip-register tree
2014-10-17 Tony Finchfun with tar incompatibility
2014-10-17 Tony Finchfetch ip-register directory tree
2014-10-17 Tony FinchBuild cssc