2016-12-23 Tony FinchSplit updates per zone master
2016-12-23 Tony FinchPlaying with DNS UPDATE from Perl
2016-12-22 Tony FinchUse pg_logical_emit_message() for co-ordinating between...
2016-12-21 Tony FinchA few more RR types
2016-12-21 Tony FinchAvoid emitting an update verb with no RR.
2016-12-21 Tony FinchSome thoughts about memory allocaton
2016-12-21 Tony FinchNo need to keep cfgtbl around
2016-12-21 Tony FinchCommentary
2016-12-21 Tony FinchSupport ip4r column types
2016-12-20 Tony FinchUpdate column types of config table
2016-12-20 Tony FinchAdd missing example SQL
2016-12-20 Tony FinchGC old Jsonb gubbins
2016-12-20 Tony FinchConstruct new internal version of configuration table
2016-12-20 Tony FinchNote that safe switching from batch mode needs sentinel...
2016-12-19 Tony FinchNotes on safe switching from batch to streaming updates
2016-12-19 Tony FinchBetter rationale
2016-12-16 Tony FinchNote about multiple translations
2016-12-16 Tony FinchMarkup
2016-12-16 Tony FinchUpdate README
2016-12-16 Tony FinchPrune redundant variables
2016-12-16 Tony FinchPrune test messages
2016-12-16 Tony FinchCNAME and PTR support
2016-12-16 Tony FinchIPv4 and IPv6 support
2016-12-16 Tony FinchGetting there...
2016-12-16 Tony FinchNested transactions do not in fact work
2016-12-16 Tony FinchPer-RRtype decoding functions
2016-12-16 Tony FinchCheck config for changes of interest
2016-12-16 Tony FinchCode layout tweaks
2016-12-16 Tony FinchTweak error message
2016-12-16 Tony FinchNested transactions seem to be working now
2016-12-16 Tony FinchCopy Jsonb config into correct memory context
2016-12-16 Tony FinchCleanup commit output and don't bother quoting literals
2016-12-16 Tony FinchNo need to print BEGIN
2016-12-16 Tony FinchWe are not interested in pg_logical_emit_message
2016-12-16 Tony FinchStart renaming things more nicely
2016-12-16 Tony FinchCopy Jsonb config to the right memory context
2016-12-16 Tony FinchSimplify Jsonb configuration object
2016-12-15 Tony FinchExperimental digging inside Jsonb
2016-12-15 Tony FinchGet Jsonb from our config table
2016-12-15 Tony FinchProgress?
2016-12-15 Tony FinchTidier config handling. Still broken!
2016-12-15 Tony FinchTrim down option handling
2016-12-15 Tony FinchNested transactions work, so no need for it to be condi...
2016-12-15 Tony FinchInitial hack at getting SPI to work in the startup...
2016-12-14 Tony FinchRename plugin and add a trivial Makefile
2016-12-14 Tony FinchImport test_decoding from PostgreSQL
2016-12-14 Tony FinchInitial notes on my plans and progress so far...
2016-12-14 Tony FinchSketchy Ansible playbook for setting up test environment.
2016-12-12 Tony FinchStart