2019-02-22 Tony Finchnsnotify-liststealth: fix regex master
2017-07-26 Tony FinchREADME: markup
2017-07-26 Tony FinchREADME: link to FreshPorts for the FreeBSD port
2017-07-26 Tony FinchREADME: some updates from Dan Langille
2017-07-26 Tony Finchmetazone: correct man page document title
2016-04-15 Tony Finchmake: turn off strict aliasing
2015-12-16 Tony Finchnsnotifyd-1.6 nsnotifyd-1.6
2015-11-02 Tony Finchnsnotify: fix usage message
2015-10-30 Tony Finchnsnotify2stealth: fix logfile age check.
2015-10-30 Tony Finchnsnotifyd.1: suggest unique port numbers for example...
2015-10-30 Tony Finchnsnotifyd.1: missing words
2015-10-19 Tony Finchmetazone: better citation for Vixie's paper
2015-08-11 Tony FinchPublish more man pages on the web
2015-07-28 Tony Finchnsnotifyd-1.5 nsnotifyd-1.5
2015-07-20 Tony Finchnsnotify: set RD=0 in notify messages
2015-07-20 Tony Finchnsnotifyd: update manual
2015-07-20 Tony Finchnsnotifyd: allow SOA intervals to be overridden
2015-07-20 Tony Finchnsnotifyd: add jitter to SOA refresh timing
2015-07-20 Tony Finchnsnotifyd: factor out SOA time parameter limits
2015-07-14 Tony Finchmetazone: better compatibility with Vixie metazones
2015-07-11 Tony FinchCross-references to metazone in README and nsnotifyd(1)
2015-07-11 Tony Finchmetazone: documentation
2015-07-11 Tony Finchmetazone: default AXFR server is localhost (not recursi...
2015-07-10 Tony Finchmetazone: sync format manual with program
2015-07-10 Tony Finchmetazone: there is no -s option any more
2015-07-10 Tony Finchmetazone: a TODO note
2015-07-10 Tony Finchmetazone: be quiet by default
2015-07-10 Tony Finchmetazone: option cleanup
2015-07-10 Tony Finchmetazone: more accurate and helpful usage
2015-07-10 Tony Finchmake: install metazone.5
2015-07-10 Tony Finchmetazone: unquote empty strings correctly, and avoid...
2015-07-10 Tony Finchmetazone: preserve named.conf format better
2015-07-10 Tony Finchmetazone: handle \123 quotes
2015-07-10 Tony Finchmetazone: tweak metazone output format
2015-07-10 Tony Finchmetazone: save regex match before it gets zapped when...
2015-07-10 Tony Finchmetazone: named.conf #comment parser fix
2015-07-10 Tony Finchmetazone: named.conf parser fixes
2015-07-10 Tony Finchmetazone: convert named.conf fragments to metazone
2015-07-10 Tony Finchmetazone: allow comments in named.conf input
2015-07-10 Tony Finchmetazone: correct named.conf comment syntax
2015-07-10 Tony Finchmetazone: bits of a named.conf parser
2015-07-10 Tony Finchmetazone: be verbose about rndc reconfig
2015-07-10 Tony Finchmetazone: allow for missing config files
2015-07-10 Tony Finchmetazone: nearly working
2015-07-10 Tony Finchmetazone: clean away half-formed thoughts
2015-07-10 Tony Finchmetazone: description of the configuraion encoding
2015-07-10 Tony Finchman: separate STANDARDS section
2015-07-10 Tony Finchman: bump dates
2015-07-10 Tony FinchREADME: more thanks
2015-07-10 Tony Finchnsnotifyd: wildcard mode - accept NOTIFY messages for...
2015-07-10 Tony Finchnsnotifyd: fix refresh timer search and logging
2015-07-07 Tony FinchSome thoughts on metazones
2015-07-07 Tony Finchnsnotifyd-1.4 nsnotifyd-1.4
2015-07-07 Tony Finchversion(fix): avoid unwanted non-zero exit codes
2015-07-07 Tony Finchnsnotifyd(cleanup): suppress unused variable warning
2015-07-07 Tony Finchnsnotifyd(cleanup): do not write to stderr when we...
2015-07-07 Tony Finchmake: use rsync for uploads
2015-07-07 Tony Finchnsnotifyd-1.3 nsnotifyd-1.3
2015-07-07 Tony FinchRename nsnotify-fanout to nsnotify
2015-07-06 Tony FinchREADME: belatedly document `make install`
2015-07-06 Tony Finchnsnotifyd-1.2 nsnotifyd-1.2
2015-07-06 Tony Finchversion: keep dirty marker in version string
2015-07-06 Tony Finchversion: better way to ensure version.h is in release...
2015-07-06 Tony Finchversion: more specific README seddery
2015-07-06 Tony Finchversion: show changes
2015-07-06 Tony Finchmake: add an install target
2015-07-06 Tony Finchnsnotify-fanout: link to ISC BIND xfer tuning advice...
2015-07-02 Tony FinchREADME: articles about nsnotifyd
2015-07-02 Tony FinchREADME: alphabetize
2015-07-02 Tony Finchnsnotifyd-1.1 nsnotifyd-1.1
2015-07-02 Tony Finchnsnotify-fanout: documentation
2015-07-02 Tony Finchnsnotify-fanout: allow clients to be given on the comma...
2015-07-02 Tony Finchnsnotify-fanout: optionally send notifies to non-standa...
2015-07-02 Tony Finchnsnotify2stealth: find -mtime isn't portable, so use...
2015-07-02 Tony Finchnsnotifyd: clarify handling of the root zone name
2015-07-02 Tony Finchnsnotify2stealth man page improvements
2015-07-02 Tony Finchnsnotify2stealth: only run one nsnotify-liststealth...
2015-07-02 Tony Finchnsnotify-liststealth: ensure zone names are lower case
2015-07-01 Tony Finchnsnotify-liststealth(fix): views are optional
2015-07-01 Tony Finchnsnotify-fanout: appease glibc
2015-07-01 Tony Finchnsnotify2stealth: documentation
2015-07-01 Tony Finchnsnotify2stealth: be robust in case of missing client...
2015-07-01 Tony Finchnsnotify-fanout: simpler invocation
2015-07-01 Tony Finchnsnotify-fanout: more rename bits
2015-07-01 Tony Finchnsnotify2stealth: wrapper script for -fanout and -lists...
2015-07-01 Tony Finchrename nsnotifyd-fanout to nsnotify-fanout
2015-07-01 Tony Finchmake: build nsnotifyd-fanout
2015-07-01 Tony Finchnsnotifyd-fanout: a program for notifying stealth secon...
2015-07-01 Tony Finchnsnotifyd(style): separate program name in version...
2015-07-01 Tony Finchnsnotify-liststealth: fixes for views and the root...
2015-07-01 Tony Finchnsnotifyd(fix): call freeaddrinfo()
2015-07-01 Tony Finchnsnotifyd(style): remove unwanted space
2015-07-01 Tony Finchnsnotifyd(style): debug is not boolean
2015-07-01 Tony Finchnsnotify-liststealth: extract xfer clients from BIND...
2015-06-16 Tony FinchBuild script support for git 1.7
2015-06-16 Tony FinchREADME improvements from the blog post.
2015-06-15 Tony FinchAvoid spurious uploads
2015-06-15 Tony FinchSpurious space breakage in nsnotify2git
2015-06-15 Tony FinchREADME tweaks
2015-06-15 Tony Finchnsnotifyd-1.0 nsnotifyd-1.0