2020-07-03 Tony Finchnsdiff-1.81 trunk nsdiff-1.81
2020-07-03 Tony Finchdist: skip web directory
2020-07-03 Tony Finchdist: once more with feeling
2020-07-03 Tony Finchdist: don't fail to upload if there's no dist tarball
2020-07-03 Tony Finchdist: switch to ExtUtils::MakeMaker
2020-07-03 Tony Finchnsdiff-1.80 nsdiff-1.80
2020-07-03 Tony Finchdist: slightly simpler version number updates
2020-07-03 Tony Finchnsdiff: cross-reference to nsvi in the man page
2020-07-03 Tony Finchdist: fix README markup
2020-07-03 Tony Finchdist: a place-holder module for overview docs
2020-07-03 Tony Finchdist: add SPDX tags
2020-07-03 Tony Finchnsvi: thanks
2020-06-25 Tony Finchnsdiff: improve terminology
2020-06-25 Tony Finchnsvi: tell nsdiff to get the old zone from localhost...
2020-06-25 Tony Finchnsvi: do the correct default action as indicated in...
2020-04-27 Tony Finchnsdiff-1.79 nsdiff-1.79
2020-04-27 Tony FinchDrop TYPE65534 from the list of DNSSEC records to ignore.
2020-01-20 Tony FinchMakefile: no point supporting original link now it...
2020-01-20 Tony Finchnsdiff-1.78 nsdiff-1.78
2020-01-20 Tony Finchnsvi: ignore CDS/CDNSKEY records by default
2020-01-20 Tony Finchnsdiff: fix synopsis in man page
2019-01-29 Tony Finchnsdiff-1.77 nsdiff-1.77
2019-01-29 Tony Finchnsdiff: ignore CDS/CDNSKEY records by default
2018-11-09 Tony Finchnsdiff-1.76 nsdiff-1.76
2018-11-09 Tony Finchnsdiff: document serial number handling
2017-11-26 Tony Finchs/http:/https:/g
2017-11-26 Tony Finchnsdiff-1.75 nsdiff-1.75
2017-11-26 Tony Finchgitignore doc build files
2017-11-26 Tony FinchMake: pod2html is now less broken
2017-11-26 Tony FinchMake: update location of back-compat URL
2017-11-26 Tony Finchnsdiff-1.74 nsdiff-1.74
2017-11-26 Tony Finchnsdiff: ensure the SOA is updated even if only the...
2017-11-26 Tony FinchREADME: endorsement from JP Mens
2016-01-28 Tony Finchmake: ensure README is up-to-date before uploading
2016-01-28 Tony Finchnsdiff-1.73 nsdiff-1.73
2016-01-28 Tony Finchnsvi: thanks to Aversiste
2016-01-28 Tony Finchnsdiff: refer to nspatch as a solution to the second...
2016-01-28 Tony Finchnsvi: interactivity improvements
2016-01-28 Tristan Le... nsvi: add interactive mode with option -i
2015-12-16 Tony Finchnsdiff-1.72 nsdiff-1.72
2015-11-19 Tony Finchnspatch: check -- dividers are used correctly
2015-09-21 Tony Finchnsdiff: allow empty SOA RNAME fields
2015-07-28 Tony Finchnsdiff-1.71 nsdiff-1.71
2015-07-28 Tony Finchnsdiff: fix uninitialized variable warning
2015-07-23 Tony Finchnsdiff-1.70 nsdiff-1.70
2015-07-23 Tony FinchAdd nsvi to the build gubbins and README.
2015-07-22 Tony Finchnsvi: avoid L<pod links> so we don't have to worry...
2015-07-22 Tony Finchnsvi: tweak wording in manual
2015-07-22 Tony Finchnsvi: nearly working?
2015-07-22 Tony Finchnsvi: zone transfer and cleaning
2015-07-22 Tony Finchnsvi: some initial bits
2015-07-22 Tony Finchnsdiff: fix -s server#port -u
2015-07-22 Tony Finchnsdiff: credit Jordan Rieger
2015-07-22 Tony Finchnsdiff: neater case-insensitivity
2015-07-22 Tony Finchnsdiff: consistent sorting order in option lists
2015-07-22 Tony Finchnsdiff: optional case-insensitive comparison
2015-07-08 Tony Finchmake: use rsync to upload
2015-07-08 Tony Finchnsdiff: fix SOA regex to allow unusual syntax
2015-07-08 Tony Finchnsdiff: rename $domain -> $hostname
2015-07-06 Tony Finchnsdiff-1.61 nsdiff-1.61
2015-07-06 Tony FinchSuppress special --help and --version options
2015-03-24 Tony Finchnspatch: use File::Temp properly
2015-03-06 Tony Finchnsdiff-1.60 nsdiff-1.60
2015-03-06 Tony Finchreversion: strip .X dirty marks
2015-03-06 Tony FinchFix the release process to stop muddling version numbers
2015-02-27 Tony Finchnspatch: need two different tmp file functions nsdiff-1.58 nsdiff-1.59
2015-02-27 Tony FinchBump version
2015-02-27 Tony Finchnspatch: clean up debug code and simplify tempfile...
2015-02-25 Tony Finchnspatch: trace unlink of undef variables
2015-02-25 Tony Finchpatch: does moving the END block fix it?
2015-02-19 Tony Finchnspatch: debugging failure to remove tmpfiles nsdiff-1.57.1
2015-02-03 Tony Finchnsdiff-1.57 nsdiff-1.57
2015-02-03 Tony Finchnspatch: avoid undef warnings
2015-02-03 Tony FinchBump version nsdiff-1.56
2015-02-03 Tony Finchnspatch: less repetition
2015-02-03 Tony FinchBump version
2015-02-03 Tony FinchInstall nspatch
2015-01-24 Tony FinchREADME: fix link
2015-01-24 Tony FinchREADME: link to the nspatch manual
2015-01-24 Tony FinchBump version number nsdiff-1.55
2015-01-24 Tony FinchIgnore more build output
2015-01-24 Tony FinchBuild nspatch docs
2015-01-24 Tony Finchnspatch: fix retries nsdiff-1.54
2015-01-24 Tony Finchnspatch: avoid duplicate output in case of errors in...
2015-01-24 Tony Finchnspatch: avoid duplicate output in -v mode
2015-01-24 Tony Finchnspatch: fix -r and delimit output
2015-01-24 Tony Finchfix version mangling in release script
2015-01-24 Tony FinchBump version number and cross-ref to nspatch
2015-01-24 Tony Finchnspatch: cross-ref to cron(8)
2015-01-24 Tony Finchnspatch: a wrapper for nsdiff | nsupdate
2015-01-24 Tony Finchnsdiff: neater -V implementation
2015-01-24 Tony Finchnsdiff: add -V to man page synopsis
2015-01-24 Tony Finchnsdiff: suppress Getopt::Std --help and --version proce...
2015-01-14 Tony Finchupload tags as well as the master branch
2015-01-12 Tony FinchBump version number nsdiff-1.53
2015-01-12 Tony FinchAllow AXFR from non-standard ports.
2015-01-07 Tony FinchCorrect the same typo in the manual
2015-01-07 Dan LangilleCorrect spelling in README
2014-10-16 Tony FinchBump version number nsdiff-1.52
2014-10-16 Tony FinchMore flexible support for secure delegations