2019-06-27 Tony Finchdoh.lua: handle HEAD correctly master
2018-11-05 Tony FinchREADME: notes on CORS
2018-11-05 Tony Finchdoh.pl: print HTTP request as well as response
2018-11-05 Tony Finchdoh: promiscuous cross-origin resource sharing
2018-10-29 Tony FinchREADME: explain back-end relations better
2018-10-29 Tony Finchdoh101: make Do53 back-end server marginally more confi...
2018-10-25 Tony FinchDoH is now RFC 8484
2018-10-10 Tony Finchdoh101: fix mode of logrotate config file
2018-09-07 Tony Finchnginx: Mozilla recommends turning session tickets off
2018-09-07 Tony Finchnginx: enable OCSP stapling
2018-09-07 Tony Finchnginx: move common TLS settings to a shared file
2018-09-07 Tony Finchnginx: log TLS session resumption
2018-09-07 Tony Finchnginx: increase session cache size to 10M to allow...
2018-09-07 Tony Finchnginx: increase TLS session timeout to 1 day (Mozilla...
2018-09-07 Tony Finchnginx: reduce timeouts for initial DoT connection setup
2018-09-07 Tony Finchnginx: rejig whitespace to be less annoying
2018-09-07 Tony Finchdot: optionally wait for idle connection timeout
2018-09-05 Tony Finchdoh101: log client port numbers for NAT traceability
2018-09-05 Tony Finchdoh101: support current released version of Firefox
2018-09-05 Tony Finchopenresty: remove the place-holder home page
2018-09-05 Tony Finchopenresty: remove the place-holder home page
2018-09-05 Tony Finchdoh101: allow the DoH 400 error page to be customized
2018-09-05 Tony Finchdoh101: ensure nginx is enabled and running
2018-09-05 Tony Finchnginx: adjust TLS cert symlinks to use more conventiona...
2018-08-23 Tony Finchopenresty: adapt the apt setup to work on Ubuntu as...
2018-08-23 Tony FinchREADME: correct paths that have changed
2018-08-23 Tony FinchREADME: update for split roles
2018-08-23 Tony Finchdehydrated: avoid racing for DNS updates to propagate
2018-08-23 Tony Finchdehydrated: better task name
2018-08-23 Tony Finchdoh101: put Lua code in the site-specific directory
2018-08-23 Tony Finchdehydrated: ensure nginx/conf exists for TLS cert symlinks
2018-08-23 Tony Finchdehydrated: avoid trying to restart nginx when it isn...
2018-08-23 Tony Finchdoh101: logging of stream connections
2018-08-23 Tony Finchdoh101: auto-rotate nginx logs
2018-08-23 Tony Finchdot.pl: support for sending multiple pipelined queries
2018-08-23 Tony Finchansible: move supporting tasks into a separate role
2018-08-23 Tony Finchansible: split up the playbook to make it easier to...
2018-08-23 Tony Finch{doh,dot}.pl: fix -k disabled verification mode
2018-08-22 Tony Finchnginx: reduce ssl-related repetition
2018-08-22 Tony Finchdoh101: customizable error pages for misdirected browsers
2018-08-22 Tony Finchansible: reload nginx when Lua modules are changed
2018-08-22 Tony Finchdoh.lua: append a newline to HTTP error bodies
2018-08-22 Tony Finchdoh.lua: raise "method not allowed" errors the correct way
2018-08-22 Tony Finchnginx: configuration is no longer a template
2018-08-21 Tony FinchREADME: update
2018-08-21 Tony Finchdot.pl: dumb DNS-over-TLS test client
2018-08-21 Tony Finchansible: resolver configuration option is now gone
2018-08-21 Tony Finchnginx: revamp configuration
2018-08-21 Tony Finchdehydrated: send cronspam to syslog instead of email
2018-08-21 Tony Finchansible: install BIND instead of Unbound
2018-08-21 Tony Finchdoh.lua: revamp for conformance with final draft
2018-08-21 Tony Finchdoh.pl: nicer packet dumps; force RD=1
2018-08-21 Tony Finchdoh.pl: log hexdumps of DNS packets
2018-03-18 Tony FinchREADME: a TODO item
2018-03-18 Tony Finchdehydrated: do not assume my prototyping TSIG key is...
2018-03-18 Tony Finchdoh: documentation etc
2018-03-18 Tony Finchansible: ignore droppings
2018-03-18 Tony Finchdoh.pl: move to a more convenient place
2018-03-18 Tony Finchdoh: install unbound so there is a self-contained resolver
2018-03-18 Tony Finchansible: fix inventory YAML syntax
2018-03-18 Tony Finchansible: add some top-level files for using the role
2018-03-18 Tony Finchdoh: use a template variable to set the DNS resolver...
2018-03-18 Tony Finchdoh.pl: add a -k (insecure) option
2018-03-18 Tony Finchopenresty: prune inspect.lua
2018-03-18 Tony Finchopenresty: install base64url.lua
2018-03-18 Tony Finchdehydrated: automatically obtain TLS cert
2018-03-18 Tony Finchdoh: remove leftovers from earlier experiments
2018-03-18 Tony Finchdehydrated: use the letsencrypt staging CA by default
2018-03-18 Tony Finchdoh: rename role to reduce chance of collisions
2018-03-18 Tony Finchdoh: add a blurb
2018-03-18 Tony Finchdoh: turn on http2
2018-03-18 Tony Finchdoh: response body fixes
2018-03-18 Tony Finchdoh: the dumbest doh client ever
2018-03-18 Tony Finchdoh: one TCP connection per DNS-over-HTTP request
2018-03-18 Tony Finchdoh: DNS-over-TCP length prefix
2018-03-18 Tony Finchdoh: join at a common doh handler
2018-03-18 Tony Finchdoh: fix decode_base64url
2018-03-18 Tony Finchdoh: attempt to decode doh GET request
2018-03-18 Tony Finchdoh: lua ffi wrapper for decode_base64url
2018-03-18 Tony Finchdoh: read POST data
2018-03-18 Tony Finchdoh: starting to get HTTP logic working
2018-03-18 Tony Finchdoh: inspect nginx lua api
2018-03-18 Tony Finchdoh: utility for inspecting lua objects
2018-03-18 Tony Finchdoh: neater way of invoking lua
2018-03-18 Tony Finchdoh: install a lua handler which will do DoH
2018-03-18 Tony Finchdoh: reload certificates when they are renewed
2018-03-18 Tony Finchdoh: prune nginx.conf gubbins
2018-03-18 Tony Finchdoh: build packages for getdns
2018-03-18 Tony Finchdoh: configure nginx for DNS over TLS
2018-03-18 Tony Finchdoh: listen on v6 and redirect to https
2018-03-18 Tony Finchdoh: nginx ssl config
2018-03-18 Tony Finchdoh: use dehydrated to get a cert
2018-03-18 Tony Finchdoh: basic openresty installation
2017-12-11 Tony FinchStart