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12 <title>dnssec-settime</title>
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16 <a name="man.dnssec-settime"></a><div class="titlepage"></div>
22 <div class="refnamediv">
23 <h2>Name</h2>
24 <p>
25 <span class="application">dnssec-settime</span>
26 &#8212; set the key timing metadata for a DNSSEC key
27 </p>
28 </div>
32 <div class="refsynopsisdiv">
33 <h2>Synopsis</h2>
34 <div class="cmdsynopsis"><p>
35 <code class="command">dnssec-settime</code>
36 [<code class="option">-f</code>]
37 [<code class="option">-K <em class="replaceable"><code>directory</code></em></code>]
38 [<code class="option">-L <em class="replaceable"><code>ttl</code></em></code>]
39 [<code class="option">-P <em class="replaceable"><code>date/offset</code></em></code>]
40 [<code class="option">-P sync <em class="replaceable"><code>date/offset</code></em></code>]
41 [<code class="option">-A <em class="replaceable"><code>date/offset</code></em></code>]
42 [<code class="option">-R <em class="replaceable"><code>date/offset</code></em></code>]
43 [<code class="option">-I <em class="replaceable"><code>date/offset</code></em></code>]
44 [<code class="option">-D <em class="replaceable"><code>date/offset</code></em></code>]
45 [<code class="option">-D sync <em class="replaceable"><code>date/offset</code></em></code>]
46 [<code class="option">-S <em class="replaceable"><code>key</code></em></code>]
47 [<code class="option">-i <em class="replaceable"><code>interval</code></em></code>]
48 [<code class="option">-h</code>]
49 [<code class="option">-V</code>]
50 [<code class="option">-v <em class="replaceable"><code>level</code></em></code>]
51 [<code class="option">-E <em class="replaceable"><code>engine</code></em></code>]
52 {keyfile}
53 </p></div>
54 </div>
56 <div class="refsection">
57 <a name="id-1.7"></a><h2>DESCRIPTION</h2>
59 <p><span class="command"><strong>dnssec-settime</strong></span>
60 reads a DNSSEC private key file and sets the key timing metadata
61 as specified by the <code class="option">-P</code>, <code class="option">-A</code>,
62 <code class="option">-R</code>, <code class="option">-I</code>, and <code class="option">-D</code>
63 options. The metadata can then be used by
64 <span class="command"><strong>dnssec-signzone</strong></span> or other signing software to
65 determine when a key is to be published, whether it should be
66 used for signing a zone, etc.
67 </p>
68 <p>
69 If none of these options is set on the command line,
70 then <span class="command"><strong>dnssec-settime</strong></span> simply prints the key timing
71 metadata already stored in the key.
72 </p>
73 <p>
74 When key metadata fields are changed, both files of a key
75 pair (<code class="filename">Knnnn.+aaa+iiiii.key</code> and
76 <code class="filename">Knnnn.+aaa+iiiii.private</code>) are regenerated.
77 Metadata fields are stored in the private file. A human-readable
78 description of the metadata is also placed in comments in the key
79 file. The private file's permissions are always set to be
80 inaccessible to anyone other than the owner (mode 0600).
81 </p>
82 </div>
84 <div class="refsection">
85 <a name="id-1.8"></a><h2>OPTIONS</h2>
88 <div class="variablelist"><dl class="variablelist">
89 <dt><span class="term">-f</span></dt>
90 <dd>
91 <p>
92 Force an update of an old-format key with no metadata fields.
93 Without this option, <span class="command"><strong>dnssec-settime</strong></span> will
94 fail when attempting to update a legacy key. With this option,
95 the key will be recreated in the new format, but with the
96 original key data retained. The key's creation date will be
97 set to the present time. If no other values are specified,
98 then the key's publication and activation dates will also
99 be set to the present time.
100 </p>
101 </dd>
102 <dt><span class="term">-K <em class="replaceable"><code>directory</code></em></span></dt>
103 <dd>
104 <p>
105 Sets the directory in which the key files are to reside.
106 </p>
107 </dd>
108 <dt><span class="term">-L <em class="replaceable"><code>ttl</code></em></span></dt>
109 <dd>
110 <p>
111 Sets the default TTL to use for this key when it is converted
112 into a DNSKEY RR. If the key is imported into a zone,
113 this is the TTL that will be used for it, unless there was
114 already a DNSKEY RRset in place, in which case the existing TTL
115 would take precedence. If this value is not set and there
116 is no existing DNSKEY RRset, the TTL will default to the
117 SOA TTL. Setting the default TTL to <code class="literal">0</code>
118 or <code class="literal">none</code> removes it from the key.
119 </p>
120 </dd>
121 <dt><span class="term">-h</span></dt>
122 <dd>
123 <p>
124 Emit usage message and exit.
125 </p>
126 </dd>
127 <dt><span class="term">-V</span></dt>
128 <dd>
129 <p>
130 Prints version information.
131 </p>
132 </dd>
133 <dt><span class="term">-v <em class="replaceable"><code>level</code></em></span></dt>
134 <dd>
135 <p>
136 Sets the debugging level.
137 </p>
138 </dd>
139 <dt><span class="term">-E <em class="replaceable"><code>engine</code></em></span></dt>
140 <dd>
141 <p>
142 Specifies the cryptographic hardware to use, when applicable.
143 </p>
144 <p>
145 When BIND is built with OpenSSL PKCS#11 support, this defaults
146 to the string "pkcs11", which identifies an OpenSSL engine
147 that can drive a cryptographic accelerator or hardware service
148 module. When BIND is built with native PKCS#11 cryptography
149 (--enable-native-pkcs11), it defaults to the path of the PKCS#11
150 provider library specified via "--with-pkcs11".
151 </p>
152 </dd>
153 </dl></div>
154 </div>
156 <div class="refsection">
157 <a name="id-1.9"></a><h2>TIMING OPTIONS</h2>
159 <p>
160 Dates can be expressed in the format YYYYMMDD or YYYYMMDDHHMMSS.
161 If the argument begins with a '+' or '-', it is interpreted as
162 an offset from the present time. For convenience, if such an offset
163 is followed by one of the suffixes 'y', 'mo', 'w', 'd', 'h', or 'mi',
164 then the offset is computed in years (defined as 365 24-hour days,
165 ignoring leap years), months (defined as 30 24-hour days), weeks,
166 days, hours, or minutes, respectively. Without a suffix, the offset
167 is computed in seconds. To unset a date, use 'none' or 'never'.
168 </p>
170 <div class="variablelist"><dl class="variablelist">
171 <dt><span class="term">-P <em class="replaceable"><code>date/offset</code></em></span></dt>
172 <dd>
173 <p>
174 Sets the date on which a key is to be published to the zone.
175 After that date, the key will be included in the zone but will
176 not be used to sign it.
177 </p>
178 </dd>
179 <dt><span class="term">-P sync <em class="replaceable"><code>date/offset</code></em></span></dt>
180 <dd>
181 <p>
182 Sets the date on which CDS and CDNSKEY records that match this
183 key are to be published to the zone.
184 </p>
185 </dd>
186 <dt><span class="term">-A <em class="replaceable"><code>date/offset</code></em></span></dt>
187 <dd>
188 <p>
189 Sets the date on which the key is to be activated. After that
190 date, the key will be included in the zone and used to sign
191 it.
192 </p>
193 </dd>
194 <dt><span class="term">-R <em class="replaceable"><code>date/offset</code></em></span></dt>
195 <dd>
196 <p>
197 Sets the date on which the key is to be revoked. After that
198 date, the key will be flagged as revoked. It will be included
199 in the zone and will be used to sign it.
200 </p>
201 </dd>
202 <dt><span class="term">-I <em class="replaceable"><code>date/offset</code></em></span></dt>
203 <dd>
204 <p>
205 Sets the date on which the key is to be retired. After that
206 date, the key will still be included in the zone, but it
207 will not be used to sign it.
208 </p>
209 </dd>
210 <dt><span class="term">-D <em class="replaceable"><code>date/offset</code></em></span></dt>
211 <dd>
212 <p>
213 Sets the date on which the key is to be deleted. After that
214 date, the key will no longer be included in the zone. (It
215 may remain in the key repository, however.)
216 </p>
217 </dd>
218 <dt><span class="term">-D sync <em class="replaceable"><code>date/offset</code></em></span></dt>
219 <dd>
220 <p>
221 Sets the date on which the CDS and CDNSKEY records that match this
222 key are to be deleted.
223 </p>
224 </dd>
225 <dt><span class="term">-S <em class="replaceable"><code>predecessor key</code></em></span></dt>
226 <dd>
227 <p>
228 Select a key for which the key being modified will be an
229 explicit successor. The name, algorithm, size, and type of the
230 predecessor key must exactly match those of the key being
231 modified. The activation date of the successor key will be set
232 to the inactivation date of the predecessor. The publication
233 date will be set to the activation date minus the prepublication
234 interval, which defaults to 30 days.
235 </p>
236 </dd>
237 <dt><span class="term">-i <em class="replaceable"><code>interval</code></em></span></dt>
238 <dd>
239 <p>
240 Sets the prepublication interval for a key. If set, then
241 the publication and activation dates must be separated by at least
242 this much time. If the activation date is specified but the
243 publication date isn't, then the publication date will default
244 to this much time before the activation date; conversely, if
245 the publication date is specified but activation date isn't,
246 then activation will be set to this much time after publication.
247 </p>
248 <p>
249 If the key is being set to be an explicit successor to another
250 key, then the default prepublication interval is 30 days;
251 otherwise it is zero.
252 </p>
253 <p>
254 As with date offsets, if the argument is followed by one of
255 the suffixes 'y', 'mo', 'w', 'd', 'h', or 'mi', then the
256 interval is measured in years, months, weeks, days, hours,
257 or minutes, respectively. Without a suffix, the interval is
258 measured in seconds.
259 </p>
260 </dd>
261 </dl></div>
262 </div>
264 <div class="refsection">
265 <a name="id-1.10"></a><h2>PRINTING OPTIONS</h2>
267 <p>
268 <span class="command"><strong>dnssec-settime</strong></span> can also be used to print the
269 timing metadata associated with a key.
270 </p>
272 <div class="variablelist"><dl class="variablelist">
273 <dt><span class="term">-u</span></dt>
274 <dd>
275 <p>
276 Print times in UNIX epoch format.
277 </p>
278 </dd>
279 <dt><span class="term">-p <em class="replaceable"><code>C/P/Psync/A/R/I/D/Dsync/all</code></em></span></dt>
280 <dd>
281 <p>
282 Print a specific metadata value or set of metadata values.
283 The <code class="option">-p</code> option may be followed by one or more
284 of the following letters or strings to indicate which value
285 or values to print:
286 <code class="option">C</code> for the creation date,
287 <code class="option">P</code> for the publication date,
288 <code class="option">Psync</code> for the CDS and CDNSKEY publication date,
289 <code class="option">A</code> for the activation date,
290 <code class="option">R</code> for the revocation date,
291 <code class="option">I</code> for the inactivation date,
292 <code class="option">D</code> for the deletion date, and
293 <code class="option">Dsync</code> for the CDS and CDNSKEY deletion date
294 To print all of the metadata, use <code class="option">-p all</code>.
295 </p>
296 </dd>
297 </dl></div>
298 </div>
300 <div class="refsection">
301 <a name="id-1.11"></a><h2>SEE ALSO</h2>
303 <p><span class="citerefentry">
304 <span class="refentrytitle">dnssec-keygen</span>(8)
305 </span>,
306 <span class="citerefentry">
307 <span class="refentrytitle">dnssec-signzone</span>(8)
308 </span>,
309 <em class="citetitle">BIND 9 Administrator Reference Manual</em>,
310 <em class="citetitle">RFC 5011</em>.
311 </p>
312 </div>
314 </div></body>
315 </html>