2018-04-12 Tony FinchPrint summary statistics before exit master
2018-04-12 Tony FinchThe -t option sends all queries over TCP
2018-04-12 Tony FinchThe -M option can make adns-masterfile stop early
2017-04-13 Tony FinchCorrect IPv6 reverse domain
2017-03-20 Tony Finch-f flag for forward DNS lookups only
2016-02-19 Tony FinchNeed to define _GNU_SOURCE before lex's #includes
2016-02-19 Tony Finch#define _GNU_SOURCE for asprintf() on Linux
2016-02-19 Tony Finchscale query batch size based on maxpending
2016-02-19 Tony Finchmake: use version of adns with TCP fix
2016-02-19 Tony Finchgetopt style
2016-02-19 Tony FinchPrint query status
2016-02-19 Tony FinchQuery for the correct type (whoops!!!)
2016-02-18 Tony FinchCOPYING
2016-02-18 Tony FinchPreen README
2016-02-08 Tony Finchmake: add an install target
2016-01-28 Tony FinchThe great renaming, named_dump_adns -> adns-masterfile
2016-01-21 Tony FinchSquash warning
2016-01-21 Tony FinchMemory leak
2016-01-21 Tony FinchDo not divide by 0
2016-01-21 Tony FinchCompile with debug symbols
2016-01-21 Tony FinchMain loop ready for testing?
2016-01-21 Tony FinchWIP adns loop
2016-01-21 Tony FinchParse command line
2016-01-21 Tony FinchReduce repetition in lex rules
2016-01-21 Tony FinchEnsure RR owner names are fully-qualified
2016-01-21 Tony FinchConsistently indent comments to cope with lex craziness
2016-01-21 Tony FinchTrim %pointer since we do not care about this option
2016-01-21 Tony FinchTranslate NXDOMAIN cache entries to A queries
2016-01-21 Tony FinchNotes on negative cache entry format and wider applicab...
2016-01-21 Tony FinchWhy __attribute__((unused))
2016-01-21 Tony FinchSuppress a gcc warning
2016-01-21 Tony FinchInvert control and improve negative cache entry parsing
2016-01-21 Tony FinchAllow empty strings
2016-01-21 Tony FinchMatch literal quotes around strings
2016-01-21 Tony FinchOptional owner names
2016-01-21 Tony FinchTypo
2016-01-21 Tony FinchSome versions of flex require no space after -o
2016-01-21 Tony FinchMissing #include
2016-01-21 Tony FinchFetch and build adns
2016-01-21 Tony FinchInitial hack at a parser
2016-01-20 Tony FinchSome notes on named_dump.db file format
2016-01-20 Tony Finch"Hello, world!" in lex
2016-01-20 Tony FinchStart