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Project Description Owner Last Change
ipreg/adns-masterfile.git pre-heat a BIND cache 2 years ago
ipreg/bind9-bin.git BIND binary builds 21 months ago
ipreg/bind9.git Local mirror of BIND 3 weeks ago
ipreg/doh101.git DNS-over-HTTPS and TLS 12 months ago
ipreg/fstrm.git Local mirror of fstrm 2 years ago
ipreg/nsdiff.git create nsupdate script from zone file differences 12 days ago
ipreg/nsnotifyd.git handle DNS NOTIFY messages by running a command 16 months ago
ipreg/perl-net-epp.git Local mirror of Net::EPP 4 years ago
ipreg/pg-decode-dns-update.git PostgreSQL Logical Decoding replication to... 3 years ago
ipreg/sccs2rcs2cvs2git.git scripts for ip-register history uplift 3 years ago
ipreg/superglue.git update and synchronize delegations 5 months ago