2013-11-07 Ben HarrisTry to load Apache2::URI in printbox.mason. master
2013-11-07 Ben HarrisAdd sec-links-section.mason to MANIFEST.
2012-08-03 Jon Warbrick* Add cookie policy and comment form links to the foote... RELEASE_19
2010-11-29 Jon WarbrickUpdated to version 18 RELEASE_18
2010-11-29 Jon WarbrickUpdate masthead to use new search interface
2010-11-29 Jon WarbrickFix typo in media qualifier (max-device width --> max...
2010-07-01 Jon WarbrickFix previous edit to use $assets not FQ URL
2010-07-01 Jon WarbrickAdd some (hopefully temporary) magic to include an...
2010-05-12 Jon WarbrickFixup navitems.mason so it doesn't flag unlinked entrie... RELEASE_17
2010-02-01 Jon Warbrickv16: RELEASE_16
2010-01-25 Jon WarbrickUpdate CHANGES and VERSION to date RELEASE_15
2010-01-25 Jon WarbrickNeed to HTML-escape the URL in the printbox in case...
2009-11-03 Jon WarbrickBump version number RELEASE_14
2009-11-03 Jon WarbrickAdd a FOI link to the footer
2009-08-18 Jon WarbrickDrop 'AddThis' button from the standard footer since... RELEASE_13
2009-07-16 Jon WarbrickCommit version files for last change RELEASE_12
2009-01-26 Jon WarbrickFixed bogus /h4 into /li
2009-01-22 Jon WarbrickWiki copy now definitive
2009-01-22 Jon WarbrickWiki copy now master
2009-01-22 Jon WarbrickRestore Id
2009-01-22 Jon WarbrickCS wiki copy now master
2009-01-22 Jon WarbrickThis file now a copy of the Wiki, rather than vv.
2008-10-08 Jon WarbrickAlter tracking code on HVS instruction.
2008-06-03 Jon Warbrick* v11 RELEASE_11
2008-06-03 Jon Warbrick* move call to printbox.mason to the right place
2008-06-03 Jon Warbrick* Move call to printbox.mason to the right place
2008-06-03 Jon Warbrick* v10 RELEASE_10
2008-06-03 Jon Warbrick* V10
2008-06-03 Jon Warbrick* Switch Accessibility link from /site/accessibility...
2008-06-03 Jon Warbrick* V9 RELEASE_9
2008-06-03 Jon WarbrickV9
2008-06-03 Jon Warbrick* Added printbox.mason
2008-06-03 Jon Warbrick* Added new printbox.mason component
2008-06-03 Jon Warbrick* Added call to printbox.mason
2008-06-03 Jon Warbrick* Created
2008-06-03 Jon Warbrick* Document new printbox.mason component
2008-06-03 Jon Warbrick* Updated from
2008-06-03 Jon Warbrick* Updated from
2008-06-02 Jon Warbrick* Document changes for footer.mason (new meaning for... RELEASE_8
2008-06-02 Jon Warbrick* Additional 2008-05 updates
2008-06-02 Jon Warbrick* Add v8 changes
2008-06-02 Jon Warbrick* Update to v8 (and to v7 before that)
2008-06-02 Jon Warbrick* Copy files into build directory, rather than linking...
2008-06-02 Jon Warbrick* Change media= on layout.css to 'all' - this change...
2008-05-20 Jon Warbrick* V7 RELEASE_7
2008-05-20 Jon Warbrick* Add new parameter, $link, to supply the location...
2008-05-20 Jon Warbrick* Version 6 RELEASE_6
2008-05-20 Jon Warbrick* CReated
2008-05-20 Jon Warbrick* Add new CHANGES file
2008-05-20 Jon Warbrick* Point Accessibility link to /site/accessibility/...
2008-05-16 Jon Warbrick* Resynched from scorpius RELEASE_5_TAKE2
2008-05-16 Jon Warbrick* Resynched images from scorpius
2008-05-16 Jon Warbrick* Add commented-out placeholder for Google Analytics... RELEASE_5
2008-05-16 Jon Warbrick* Added VERSION file
2008-05-16 Jon Warbrick* A-Z -> A–Z
2008-05-16 Jon Warbrick* Revert default address to
2008-05-16 Jon Warbrick* Install VERSION file along with mason components
2008-05-16 Jon Warbrick* Add VERSION and new analytics-www-cam.mason component
2008-05-16 Jon Warbrick* Document analytics-www-cam.mason
2008-05-16 Jon Warbrick* Added a stand-alone copy of the example in low-level.txt
2008-05-16 Jon Warbrick* Mention that this is for only
2008-05-16 Jon Warbrick* Created
2008-05-12 Jon Warbrick* Um, actually omit the 'apachereq' and 'url' parameter...
2008-05-09 Jon Warbrick* Remove remaining code that depends on deleted argueme...
2008-05-09 Jon Warbrick* Switch 'bookmark this page' to use the extarnal servi...
2008-05-09 Jon Warbrick* Documentation updated to match 2008-06 changes
2008-05-08 Jon Warbrick* Updated for 2008-05 changes to the style RELEASE_2008_05
2008-05-07 Jon Warbrick* Import example form elsewhere that suports a bodystyl...
2008-03-10 Jon Warbrick* Ensure component doesn't fail even if we don't know...
2008-03-10 Jon Warbrick* Fix 'require' syntax (needs a barewrod if it's to...
2008-03-10 Jon Warbrick* Add auto-detection code that should work under Apache...
2008-02-18 Jon Warbrick* Updated for changes to breadcrumbs/footer/navtabs...
2008-02-15 Jon Warbrick* Move urlpath extraction from %filter to %init
2008-02-15 Jon Warbrick* Move urlpath calculation from %filter to %init
2008-02-15 Jon Warbrick* Actually remember to strip index.html from urls
2008-02-15 Jon Warbrick* Allow $r or and URL to be passed to components that...
2008-02-08 Jon Warbrick* Remember to copy sec-links-section.html
2008-02-07 Jon Warbrick* Temporally change the default email address for the...
2008-02-07 Jon Warbrick* Update image paths ing -> images
2008-02-07 Jon Warbrick* Drip /global/images/Thumb.db
2008-02-07 Jon Warbrick* Added missing jpegs
2008-02-07 Jon Warbrick* Update references to image file path from /img/ to...
2008-02-07 Jon Warbrick* Add missing 'paramaters:' label
2008-02-07 Jon Warbrick* Images now expected to be in /global/images/, not...
2008-01-31 Jon Warbrick* Um, let's close the title with </li>, not </h4>
2008-01-30 Jon Warbrick* Remove accidental duplicate 'title' from list of...
2008-01-30 Jon Warbrick* Add Id headers
2008-01-30 Jon Warbrick* Correct misnamed sec-links-section compnent (was...
2008-01-30 Jon Warbrick* First cut
2008-01-30 Jon Warbrick* Add examples for all remaining methods
2008-01-30 Jon Warbrick* Note that the examples assume a default installation
2008-01-30 Jon Warbrick* wording tweaked
2008-01-30 Jon Warbrick* First cut
2008-01-30 Jon Warbrick* Add CVS Id tag
2008-01-30 Jon Warbrick* Minor change to intro wording
2008-01-29 Jon Warbrick* banner.mason doesn't need an 'assets' parameter
2008-01-29 Jon Warbrick* Created
2008-01-29 Jon Warbrick* Created from sec-links.mason
2008-01-29 Jon Warbrick* Fix the name of the tab navigation component - it...
2008-01-29 Jon Warbrick* Add example-autohandler to MANIFEST