2018-08-01 Ben HarrisGraphite doesn't support months; use days instead. master
2018-08-01 Ben HarrisDon't repeat areaMode etc in Graphite URLs.
2018-08-01 Ben HarrisSupport per-outlet graphs from Graphite.
2018-08-01 Ben HarrisLabel series the same way in Graphite as in RRDtool.
2018-08-01 Ben HarrisMake Graphite graph style roughly match RRDtool.
2018-08-01 Ben HarrisInitial move to use metrics service for graphs.
2015-11-11 Ben HarrisBump ucs-colo version number colo-20151111
2015-11-11 Ben HarrisDowngrade news error to 'normal', since it's generally...
2015-11-11 Ben HarrisUse the warning alert style for failed news fetches
2015-11-10 Ben HarrisSummary: Fix the body class of the colo index page.
2015-11-10 Ben HarrisUpdate RPM specfile for makedist, again
2015-11-10 Ben HarrisUpdate RPM specfile for makedist
2015-11-10 Ben HarrisAdd my standard makedist script
2015-11-10 Ben HarrisBump version number. colo-20151110
2015-11-10 Ben HarrisAdd RSS news feed to colo front page.
2014-04-07 Ben HarrisBump version number. colo-20140407
2014-04-07 Ben HarrisSuppress newline after PDU name in PDU outlet table.
2014-04-01 Ben HarrisRebrand docs
2014-04-01 Ben HarrisBump version numbers. colo-20140401
2014-04-01 Ben HarrisLink to news.uis in place of ucsnews.csx.
2014-04-01 Ben HarrisRebrand for University Information Services.
2013-12-11 Ben HarrisMove lookup DN and password into Apache configuration
2013-08-16 Ben HarrisBump version numbers.
2013-08-16 Ben HarrisAdd support for multiple sites.
2013-08-15 Ben HarrisBump version number (to tomorrow, but that should be...
2013-08-15 Ben HarrisPermit hyphens in rack names when generating graphs.
2013-08-15 Ben HarrisBump version number of ucs-colo.
2013-08-15 Ben HarrisAllow rack names to include hyphens (as new ones do).
2012-11-22 Ben HarrisBump version number for a new release.
2012-11-22 Ben HarrisEnsure that the specfile doesn't leak into binary packa...
2012-11-22 Ben HarrisPut ucs-colo specfile in its correct location on the...
2012-11-22 Ben Harris20110721 release, found on Xorn, where I'd apparently... colo-20110721
2011-03-02 Ben HarrisOld release 20100831 of ucs-colo, from a tarball on... colo-20100831
2011-03-02 Ben Harris20100414 release of colo webapp, from a tarball on... colo-20100414
2011-03-02 Ben Harris20100223 release of ucs-colo, pulled from tarball on... colo-20100223