2017-10-25 Sitaram Chamartyperf redo master
2017-10-25 Sitaram Chamartyfix doc bug in section on bringing in new repos
2017-10-25 Sitaram Chamartytemplates
2017-09-27 Sitaram Chamartymake build do more automatically
2017-09-23 Sitaram Chamartyminor typo
2017-08-21 Sitaram Chamartyupdated internals doc with security info
2017-08-20 Sitaram Chamartymirroring: fixing a broken slave
2017-08-03 Till MaasUse https if possible
2017-08-03 Sitaram Chamartysome oopsies pointed out by milki
2017-07-28 Sitaram Chamartyminor clarification
2017-07-02 Sitaram Chamartyembed test code in gitolite.conf
2017-06-18 Sitaram Chamartyoops, forgot to add this in Feb 2015!
2017-06-10 Sitaram Chamartyclarify VREF example is for push only
2017-05-31 Sitaram Chamartyrepo-specific hooks in subdirs
2017-04-15 Sitaram Chamartymoved some reminders in untracked TODO files to appropr...
2017-04-12 Sitaram Chamartygawd help us from neophyte system admins
2017-04-08 Sitaram Chamartyinternals doc, draft 1
2017-04-08 Sitaram Chamarty(placeholder for a future update to rc.mkd)
2017-04-04 Sitaram Chamartynoticed a markdown error in the last example in migr...
2017-03-09 Sitaram Chamartyfixup links again, due to redirect taking over!
2017-03-09 Sitaram Chamartynot just bot links; maintain all of 'em
2017-03-08 Sitaram Chamartybot links to be maintained for a bit
2017-03-08 Sitaram Chamartyhow.html build instructions
2017-03-08 Sitaram Chamartysome more fixups
2017-03-08 Sitaram Chamartybuilding docs setup done...
2017-03-08 Sitaram Chamartygen-docs is where mkdocs picks stuff up now
2017-03-08 Sitaram Chamartyadded doc about building doc
2017-03-08 Sitaram Chamartythe big bang of mkdocs
2017-02-27 Sitaram Chamartystart from scratch
2017-02-06 Sitaram Chamartyvrefs are updates too!
2017-01-14 Sitaram Chamartyexpand group names in config values
2017-01-13 Sitaram Chamartyminor stuff
2017-01-13 Sitaram Chamartyinternal tooling change
2016-11-28 Sitaram Chamarty(minor) hard tab fixed
2016-11-24 Sitaram Chamartyemphasise that caveat about check-g2-compat
2016-10-14 Sitaram Chamartygoogle code is long gone!
2016-07-29 Sitaram Chamartysee Duncan White-s email on the list
2016-04-10 Sitaram Chamartyfixup cache.mkd
2016-03-21 Sitaram Chamartyfixup partial copy example
2016-01-17 Sitaram Chamartyseems some people install from packages, and ALSO follo...
2016-01-14 Sitaram Chamartywarn about multiple r-s-h in pre-* hooks
2015-11-15 Sitaram Chamartyrepo-specific hook improvements
2015-11-11 Sitaram Chamartyadd warning to repo-specific hooks doc
2015-11-11 Sitaram Chamarty(minor)
2015-11-06 Sitaram Chamartyminor
2015-11-06 Sitaram Chamarty"boombatower" on irc confirmed this works :)
2015-10-20 Sitaram Chamartyadded a triggers section to the cookbook
2015-10-02 Sitaram Chamartywarn about allowing user env vars via ssh
2015-09-29 Sitaram Chamartyconf.mkd: rule matching description back...
2015-08-24 Sitaram Chamartydocument HTTP_ANON_USER
2015-05-12 Sitaram Chamartysome upgrade related fixups, plus a rule checking fixup
2015-04-09 Sitaram Chamartyupdate non-core list (finally!)
2015-04-09 Sitaram Chamartyoops; mentions of REPO_BASE left over from v2
2015-04-09 Sitaram Chamartylogical repo name
2015-04-09 Sitaram Chamartymkdoc fixups (plus one bug that never triggered)
2015-04-09 Sitaram Chamartymisc
2015-03-27 Sitaram Chamarty(gits)
2014-12-25 Sitaram Chamartyspecial wild repos -- thanks to Michel Bourget
2014-12-21 Sitaram Chamartyminor fixes
2014-12-21 Sitaram Chamarty(gits...)
2014-11-14 Sitaram Chamarty(minor) sts app 4 add another common scenario
2014-11-14 Sitaram Chamarty(minor) include file missing -- clarify
2014-10-12 Sitaram Chamarty(minor)
2014-09-01 Sitaram Chamartymigr: add note about package name 'gitolite3'
2014-07-28 Sitaram Chamartyouch; people are repo-installing v2!!
2014-07-23 Sitaram Chamartycookbook section on repo-specific hooks was incomplete
2014-07-22 Sitaram Chamartyminor fixups
2014-07-21 Sitaram Chamartyall-in-one page
2014-07-16 Sitaram Chamartyweird pandoc error where section 4.1 is repeated!!...
2014-07-13 Sitaram Chamartybloody github doesn't like symlinks...
2014-07-13 Sitaram Chamartyindex shuffle
2014-07-13 Sitaram Chamartylose the old "common header"
2014-07-13 Sitaram Chamartydoc the doc revamp...
2014-07-13 Sitaram Chamartyall mkds
2014-07-13 Sitaram Chamartybase changes
2014-06-19 Sitaram Chamartybetter way to specify shell users
2014-06-08 Sitaram Chamartymotd
2014-06-04 Sitaram Chamartydocument new syslog feature
2014-06-04 Sitaram Chamartyvref: no rule can match both a ref and a VREF
2014-06-04 Sitaram Chamartytalk about mirror status
2014-05-24 Sitaram Chamartycust.mkd: explicitly state some things that should...
2014-05-24 Sitaram Chamarty(minor) fixup to cust.mkd
2014-05-23 Sitaram Chamartyadded trademark license note
2014-05-23 Sitaram Chamartycookbook: add repo-specific hook section
2014-05-14 Sitaram Chamartyupdated cache.mkd after redis new version created/tested
2014-05-12 Sitaram ChamartyUNSAFE_PATT text enhanced
2014-05-06 Sitaram Chamartynew pdh
2014-05-06 Sitaram Chamartymkdoc: use new pdh
2014-05-06 Sitaram Chamartymisc fixups
2014-05-04 Sitaram Chamartyremove old syntax for identifiers in favour of markdown-s
2014-05-04 Sitaram Chamartymirroring: allow 'nosync' option for slaves
2014-05-04 Sitaram Chamartymkdoc: fix ability to "compile" specific mkds only
2014-05-04 Sitaram Chamartyrules: add a "tip" about when the ref is not known
2014-05-04 Sitaram Chamartybook-promo
2014-05-04 Sitaram Chamartyrepo-specific hooks get a bit more oomph
2014-05-04 Sitaram Chamartyadd some clarifications to cust.mkd
2014-05-04 Sitaram Chamartymisc fixups
2014-04-09 Sitaram Chamartyhow.mkd: standardise slidy help -- use this everywhere...
2014-04-09 Sitaram Chamartylanguage fixups to how.mkd
2014-04-09 Sitaram Chamartyhow.mkd new a slidy with lots of nice pictures!