2006-01-20 Johannes Schindelingit-fetch-pack: really do not ask for funny refs
2006-01-20 Junio C HamanoRevert "check_packed_git_idx(): check integrity of...
2006-01-16 Junio C Hamanodiffcore-break/diffcore-rename: integer overflow.
2006-01-13 Junio C HamanoDocumentation: git-reset - interrupted workflow.
2006-01-13 Junio C HamanoDocumentation: git-commit -a
2006-01-13 J. Bruce FieldsDocumentation: clarify fetch parameter descriptions.
2006-01-11 Junio C Hamanoshow-branch: handle [] globs as well.
2006-01-11 Junio C Hamanoname-rev: do not omit leading components of ref name.
2006-01-11 Junio C Hamanoupdate-index: work with c-quoted name
2006-01-11 Johannes Schindelinglossary: explain "master" and "origin"
2006-01-08 Junio C Hamanomailsplit: allow empty input from stdin
2006-01-08 Junio C Hamanorevert/cherry-pick: handle single quote in author name.
2006-01-08 Yann DirsonFix git-format-patch usage string wrt output modes.
2006-01-08 Yann DirsonFix typo in debug stanza of t2001
2006-01-07 Junio C Hamanotar-tree: finish honoring extractor's umask in git...
2006-01-07 Junio C Hamano[PATCH] Compilation: zero-length array declaration.
2006-01-07 Junio C Hamanoprune: do not show error from pack-redundant when no...
2006-01-07 Junio C HamanoRetire debian/ directory.
2006-01-07 Junio C Hamanounpack-objects: default to quiet if stderr is not a...
2006-01-06 Joe EnglishSubstitute "/" with $opt_s in tag names as well as...
2006-01-06 Yann DirsonTeach cvsexportcommit to add new files
2006-01-06 Jon LoeligerFix git-symbolic-ref typo in git.txt.
2006-01-06 Andreas Ericssongit: grok 'help' to mean '--help'.
2006-01-06 Eric WongDocumentation/git-svnimport: document -T and -t switche...
2006-01-06 Eric Wongsvnimport: support repositories requiring SSL authentic...
2006-01-06 Junio C Hamanot3300: skip when filesystem does not like TAB in filenames.
2006-01-06 Junio C Hamanoformat-patch/commit: Quote single quote in the author...
2006-01-06 Junio C Hamanogit-fetch --tags: reject malformed tags.
2006-01-06 Jonas FonsecaWrap synopsis lines and use [verse] to keep formatting
2006-01-06 Alex Riesenuse GIT_DIR instead of /var/tmp
2006-01-06 Alex Riesentrivial: check, if t/trash directory was successfully...
2006-01-06 Alex Riesentrivial: .gitignore precompiled python modules
2006-01-06 Alex Riesentrivial: use git-repo-config to detect how to run tests...
2006-01-06 Alex Riesentrivial: use git-repo-config to detect if the test...
2006-01-06 Alex Riesentrivial: remove the dots at the end of file names from...
2006-01-06 Alex Riesentrivial: clarify, what are the config's and...
2006-01-06 Alex Riesentrivial: typo in
2006-01-06 Alex Riesenuse result of open(2) to check for presence
2006-01-06 Alex Riesenfix potential deadlock in create_one_file
2006-01-06 Alex Riesentrivial: O_EXCL makes O_TRUNC redundant
2006-01-06 Alex Riesentrivial: retval of waitpid is not errno
2006-01-06 Linus TorvaldsFix nasty approxidate bug
2006-01-06 Amos WaterlandAIX compile fix for repo-config.c
2006-01-06 Jonas Fonsecagit-init-db(1): Describe --shared and the idempotent...
2005-12-29 Junio C Hamano?alloc: do not return NULL when asked for zero bytes
2005-12-29 Junio C Hamanocode comments: spell
2005-12-29 Junio C HamanoDocumentation: spell.
2005-12-28 Gerrit PapeFix skipping merge-order test with NO_OPENSSL=1.
2005-12-27 Junio C HamanoDo not mark tags fetched via --tags flag as mergeable
2005-12-27 Junio C HamanoFix bogus tests on rev-list output.
2005-12-27 Junio C HamanoGuard a test against wc that pads its output with white...
2005-12-27 Sam Ravnborgcopy_fd: close ifd on error
2005-12-27 Johannes SchindelinHandle symlinks graciously
2005-12-27 Junio C Hamanot5300: avoid false failures.
2005-12-27 Junio C Hamanoavoid asking ?alloc() for zero bytes.
2005-12-26 Eric Wongshort circuit out of a few places where we would alloca...
2005-12-24 Junio C Hamanomailinfo: iconv does not like "latin-1" -- should spell...
2005-12-23 Junio C Hamanols-files --full-name: usage string and documentation.
2005-12-23 Junio C Hamanomerge --no-commit: tweak message
2005-12-23 Junio C Hamanoshow-branch: usability updates.
2005-12-23 Junio C Hamanocheck_packed_git_idx(): check integrity of the idx...
2005-12-22 Johannes Schindelinsha1_to_hex: properly terminate the SHA1
2005-12-22 Nick HengeveldFix for http-fetch from file:// URLs
2005-12-22 Johannes Schindelingit-format-patch should show the correct version
2005-12-22 Junio C Hamanosend-pack: reword non-fast-forward error message.
2005-12-22 Alex Riesen\n usage in stderr output
2005-12-22 Pavel Roskinsanity check in add_packed_git()
2005-12-21 Junio C Hamanoserver-info: skip empty lines.
2005-12-21 Pavel Roskin[PATCH] quote.c: Make loop control more readable.
2005-12-21 Pavel RoskinAn off-by-one bug found by valgrind
2005-12-21 Johannes SchindelinAvoid misleading success message on error
2005-12-21 Junio C Hamanohttp-fetch.c: fix objects/info/pack parsing.
2005-12-21 Junio C Hamanoobjects/info/packs: work around bug in http-fetch.c...
2005-12-21 Junio C HamanoGIT 1.0.0 v1.0.0
2005-12-21 Linus TorvaldsMake "git-send-pack" less verbose by default
2005-12-21 Junio C HamanoA shared repository should be writable by members.
2005-12-20 Junio C Hamanoce_smudge_racily_clean_entry: explain why it works.
2005-12-20 Junio C HamanoRacy GIT (part #2)
2005-12-20 Junio C HamanoRacy GIT
2005-12-20 Junio C Hamanoformat-patch: make sure header and body are separated.
2005-12-20 Junio C Hamanodiff --abbrev: document --abbrev=<n> form.
2005-12-20 Junio C Hamanodiff: --abbrev option
2005-12-20 Junio C Hamanoxread/xwrite: do not worry about EINTR at calling sites.
2005-12-20 Junio C Hamanotests: make scripts executable
2005-12-20 Junio C HamanoRemove "octopus".
2005-12-20 Junio C HamanoRemove unused
2005-12-20 Junio C HamanoRemove generated files */*.py[co]
2005-12-20 Junio C HamanoDocumentation: stdout of update-hook is connected to...
2005-12-20 Junio C Hamanorev-list --objects: fix object list without commit.
2005-12-19 Eric WongDocumentation/git-archimport: document -o, -a, f, ...
2005-12-19 Junio C Hamanohowto/using-topic-branches: Recommend public URL git...
2005-12-18 Linus TorvaldsMake "git help" sort git commands in columns
2005-12-18 Linus TorvaldsMake "git help" react to window size correctly
2005-12-18 Junio C HamanoDocumentation: typos and small fixes in "everyday".
2005-12-18 Junio C Hamanoclone-pack: remove unused and undocumented --keep flag
2005-12-18 Junio C Hamanofetch-pack: -k option to keep downloaded pack.
2005-12-18 Junio C HamanoRevert "get_sha1_basic(): corner case ambiguity fix"
2005-12-18 Junio C HamanoRevert "We do not like "HEAD" as a new branch name"
2005-12-18 Junio C HamanoRevert "refs.c: off-by-one fix."
2005-12-18 Junio C HamanoRemove misguided branch disambiguation.