2005-06-25 Linus TorvaldsFirst cut at git-unpack-objects
2005-06-25 Linus Torvaldsgit-pack-objects: fix typo
2005-06-25 Linus Torvaldsgit-pack-objects: create a packed object representation.
2005-06-25 Jan Harkes[PATCH] git-write-tree doesn't check alternate directories
2005-06-25 Linus Torvaldsgit-rev-list: add option to list all objects (not just...
2005-06-24 Linus Torvaldsgit-rev-parse: re-organize and be more careful
2005-06-23 Linus TorvaldsAdd "git-patch-id" program to generate patch ID's.
2005-06-23 Linus TorvaldsClean up git-diff-tree 'header' generation
2005-06-23 Linus Torvaldsgit-apply: take "--apply" flag to force an apply even...
2005-06-23 Linus TorvaldsMake "git fetch" able to fetch a named tag
2005-06-23 Jon Seymour[PATCH] Fix to how --merge-order handles multiple roots
2005-06-23 Jon Seymour[PATCH] A test case that demonstrates a problem with...
2005-06-23 Linus TorvaldsDon't ignore reachability of tag objects in fsck
2005-06-23 Linus TorvaldsAdd "git-clone-script" thingy
2005-06-23 Jon Seymour[PATCH] Fix --merge-order unit test breaks introduced...
2005-06-22 Linus TorvaldsAdd "gitk" to the list of scripts to be installed autom...
2005-06-22 Linus TorvaldsDo a cross-project merge of Paul Mackerras' gitk visualizer
2005-06-22 Junio C Hamano[PATCH] git-apply: tests for --stat and --summary.
2005-06-22 Junio C Hamano[PATCH] git-apply: documentation.
2005-06-22 Junio C Hamano[PATCH] git-apply: implement --summary option.
2005-06-22 Junio C Hamano[PATCH] git-apply --stat: show new filename for rename...
2005-06-22 Junio C Hamano[PATCH] local-pull: implement fetch_ref()
2005-06-22 Paul MackerrasTry to assign colors so crossing lines have different...
2005-06-22 Paul MackerrasAccount for indentation of the checkin comments by...
2005-06-22 Linus Torvaldsgit-apply: create subdirectories leading up to a new...
2005-06-22 Daniel Barkalow[PATCH] Pull refs by HTTP
2005-06-22 Daniel Barkalow[PATCH] Pull misc objects
2005-06-22 Daniel Barkalow[PATCH] Parse tags for absent objects
2005-06-22 Paul MackerrasUse git-rev-list --header.
2005-06-22 Linus TorvaldsFix typo in git-checkout-script.
2005-06-21 Linus TorvaldsRemove MERGE_HEAD in "git checkout/reset"
2005-06-21 Linus TorvaldsClean up different special *HEAD handling
2005-06-21 Mika Kukkonen[PATCH] Fix several gcc4 signedness warnings
2005-06-21 Linus Torvaldsgit checkout: fix default head case
2005-06-21 Linus TorvaldsMake "git checkout" know about different branches
2005-06-21 Linus Torvalds"git checkout": add "-u" flag to update HEAD conditionally
2005-06-21 Linus TorvaldsAdd "git checkout" that does what the name suggests
2005-06-21 Nicolas Pitre[PATCH] fix scalability problems with git-deltafy-script
2005-06-21 Sven Verdoolaege[PATCH] git-apply: Don't barf when --stat'ing a diff...
2005-06-21 Linus TorvaldsLet "git commit" take arguments for files to commit.
2005-06-21 Linus TorvaldsAdd "-q" flag to git-update-cache
2005-06-21 Linus TorvaldsChange parent syntax to "xyz^" instead of "xyz.p"
2005-06-21 Linus TorvaldsMake rev-parse understand "extended sha1" syntax
2005-06-21 Linus TorvaldsKeep the parents in order when parsing commits
2005-06-21 Paul MackerrasPass arguments through git-rev-parse.
2005-06-21 Paul MackerrasHandle the case of a parent being listed twice in a...
2005-06-20 Linus Torvaldsgit-rev-parse: flush "default" head when encountering...
2005-06-20 Dan Holmsand[PATCH] git-resolve-script: Add LAST_MERGE and use...
2005-06-20 Linus Torvaldsgit-rev-parse: parse ".." before simple SHA1's
2005-06-20 Linus TorvaldsAvoid gcc warning in diff-stages.c
2005-06-20 Jon Seymour[PATCH] Fix for --merge-order, --max-age interaction...
2005-06-20 Jon Seymour[PATCH] Prevent git-rev-list without --merge-order...
2005-06-20 Jon Seymour[PATCH] Prevent git-rev-list --merge-order producing...
2005-06-20 Jon Seymour[PATCH] Relaxes error checking in epoch.c to allow...
2005-06-20 Jon Seymour[PATCH] Fixes problem with --merge-order head ^head
2005-06-20 Jon Seymour[PATCH] Tweaked --merge-order --show-breaks output...
2005-06-20 Jon Seymour[PATCH] Additional git-rev-list unit tests to demonstra...
2005-06-20 Junio C Hamano[PATCH] Rework -B output.
2005-06-20 Junio C Hamano[PATCH] Update diff documentation.
2005-06-20 Junio C Hamano[PATCH] Make -C less eager.
2005-06-20 Linus TorvaldsMake "git commit" clean up after itself
2005-06-20 Linus TorvaldsClean up MERGE_HEAD and ORIG_HEAD also for the trivial...
2005-06-19 Panagiotis... [PATCH] cvs2git.c: support incremental conversion
2005-06-19 Sven Verdoolaege[PATCH] ssh-push.c: Fix handling of ssh://host/path...
2005-06-19 Linus Torvaldsgit-commit-tree: ignore duplicate parents
2005-06-19 Linus TorvaldsFix up INSTALL and "git add"
2005-06-19 Linus Torvaldsread-cache.c: remove stray debugging printf
2005-06-19 Linus TorvaldsRe-implement "check_file_directory_conflict()"
2005-06-19 Linus TorvaldsAvoid warning about function without return.
2005-06-18 Sven Verdoolaege[PATCH] cvs2git and file permissions
2005-06-18 Linus TorvaldsMake "pretty" commit logs always show merge information
2005-06-18 Linus Torvaldsgit-rev-list: add "--bisect" flag to find the "halfway...
2005-06-17 Linus TorvaldsUse "-M" instead of "-C" for "git diff" and "git status"
2005-06-17 Linus Torvaldsgit-apply: use default name for mode change patches
2005-06-17 Linus TorvaldsDon't use -C in "git diff"
2005-06-17 Linus TorvaldsAdd some installation notes in INSTALL
2005-06-17 Paul MackerrasDraw graph lines as one continuous line where possible
2005-06-16 Paul MackerrasFix operation without
2005-06-16 Paul MackerrasRestructure to do incremental drawing
2005-06-15 Linus Torvaldsgit-read-tree: fix "--reset" handling
2005-06-15 Linus TorvaldsUpdate tutorial a bit for scripted helpers.
2005-06-15 Linus TorvaldsTrivial git script fixups
2005-06-14 Sven Verdoolaege[PATCH] ssh-push: Don't add '/' to pathname
2005-06-14 Mark Allen[PATCH] Unset TZ in t5000
2005-06-14 Linus TorvaldsMake 'git' script be a bit more helpful on unrecognized...
2005-06-14 Linus TorvaldsMake "git commit" handle initial commits too
2005-06-14 Linus Torvaldsgit-apply: normalize file mode when comparing with...
2005-06-13 Linus TorvaldsAdd "git diff" script
2005-06-13 Linus TorvaldsTeach git-rev-parse about revision-specifying arguments
2005-06-13 Linus Torvaldsgit-whatchanged: use the git-rev-parse helper
2005-06-13 Linus Torvaldsgit-rev-parse: split "revs" and "non-revs"
2005-06-13 Linus TorvaldsMake "git log" use the new git-rev-parse helper
2005-06-13 Linus TorvaldsAdd 'git-rev-parse' helper script
2005-06-13 Linus Torvaldsgit-apply: fix error handling for nonexistent files
2005-06-13 Tommy M. McGuire[PATCH] git cvsimport fuzz argument
2005-06-13 Tommy M. McGuire[PATCH] cvs-migration.txt
2005-06-13 Tommy M. McGuire[PATCH] git cvsimport sanity checking
2005-06-13 Tommy M. McGuire[PATCH] cvsimport: allow remote CVS repos
2005-06-13 Junio C Hamano[PATCH] diff-stages: unuglify the too big main() function.
2005-06-13 Junio C Hamano[PATCH] read-tree: loosen too strict index requirements