2006-09-13 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'jc/binary'
2006-09-13 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'aw/send-pack'
2006-09-13 Franck Bui-HuuTest return value of finish_connect()
2006-09-13 Jeff Kingcontrib/vim: add syntax highlighting file for commits
2006-09-13 Christian CouderFix space in string " false" problem in "trace.c".
2006-09-13 Franck Bui-Huuconnect.c: finish_connect(): allow null pid parameter
2006-09-11 Christian CouderFix a memory leak in "connect.c" and die if command...
2006-09-11 Christian CouderMove add_to_string to "quote.c" and make it extern.
2006-09-11 Jakub Narebskigitweb: Paginate history output
2006-09-11 Jakub Narebskigitweb: Make pickaxe search a feature
2006-09-10 Junio C Hamanoget_sha1_hex() micro-optimization
2006-09-07 Jakub Narebskiautoconf: Add config.cache to .gitignore
2006-09-07 Jakub Narebskiautoconf: Add support for setting NO_ICONV and ICONVDIR
2006-09-07 Jakub Narebskiautoconf: Set NO_ICONV if iconv is found neither in...
2006-09-07 Junio C Hamanodiff --binary generates full index on binary files.
2006-09-07 Junio C HamanoMake apply --binary a no-op.
2006-09-07 Andy Whitcroftsend-pack: switch to using git-rev-list --stdin
2006-09-07 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'jc/daemon'
2006-09-07 Junio C HamanoRevert "daemon: add upload-tar service."
2006-09-07 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'pm/diff'
2006-09-06 Martin Langhoffgit-repack: create new packs inside $GIT_DIR, not cwd
2006-09-06 Junio C HamanoTeach rev-list an option to read revs from the standard...
2006-09-06 Junio C Hamanorevision.c: allow injecting revision parameters after...
2006-09-06 Christian CouderFix memory leak in prepend_to_path (git.c).
2006-09-06 Andy Whitcroftsend-pack: remove remote reference limit
2006-09-05 Jakub Narebskiautoconf: Fix copy'n'paste error
2006-09-05 Paul Mackerrasdiff-index --cc shows a 3-way diff between HEAD, index...
2006-09-05 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'jc/pack'
2006-09-05 Jakub Narebskiautoconf: Quote AC_CACHE_CHECK arguments
2006-09-05 Jakub Narebskiautoconf: Check for
2006-09-05 Jakub Narebskiautoconf: Add -liconv to LIBS when NEEDS_LIBICONV
2006-09-04 Jakub Narebskigitweb: Divide page path into directories -- path's...
2006-09-04 Jakub Narebskigitweb: Correct typo: '==' instead of 'eq' in git_difft...
2006-09-04 Jakub Narebskigitweb: Add GIT favicon, assuming image/png type
2006-09-04 Linus TorvaldsFix git-fsck-objects SIGSEGV/divide-by-zero
2006-09-04 Junio C Hamanomore lightweight revalidation while reusing deflated...
2006-09-03 Jakub Narebskigitweb: Change the name of diff to parent link in ...
2006-09-03 Junio C Hamanopack-objects: fix thinko in revalidate code
2006-09-03 Christian CouderUpdate GIT_TRACE documentation.
2006-09-03 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'master' into cc/trace
2006-09-03 Junio C Hamanopack-objects: re-validate data we copy from elsewhere.
2006-09-02 Christian CouderTrace into a file or an open fd and refactor tracing...
2006-09-02 Shawn PearceReplace uses of strdup with xstrdup.
2006-09-01 Junio C Hamanoconsolidate two copies of new style object header parsi...
2006-09-01 Sergey VlasovDocumentation: Fix howto/revert-branch-rebase.html...
2006-09-01 Johannes Schindelinfmt-merge-msg: fix off-by-one bug
2006-09-01 Jonas Fonsecagit-rev-list(1): group options; reformat; document...
2006-09-01 Junio C HamanoMerge git://
2006-09-01 Junio C HamanoConstness tightening for move/link_temp_to_file()
2006-09-01 Aneesh Kumar K.Vgitweb: Fix git_blame
2006-08-31 Jonas FonsecaInclude config.mak.autogen in the doc Makefile
2006-08-31 Jonas FonsecaUse xmalloc instead of malloc
2006-08-31 Jonas Fonsecagit(7): move gitk(1) to the list of porcelain commands
2006-08-31 Christian CouderTrace into open fd and refactor tracing code.
2006-08-31 Junio C Hamanot5710: fix two thinkos.
2006-08-31 Junio C HamanoMerge early part of branch 'jc/daemon'
2006-08-31 Jakub Narebskigitweb: Extend parse_difftree_raw_line to save commit...
2006-08-31 Jakub Narebskigitweb: Separate printing of git_tree row into git_prin...
2006-08-31 Jakub Narebskigitweb: Move git-ls-tree output parsing to parse_ls_tre...
2006-08-31 Dennis Stosberguse do() instead of require() to include configuration
2006-08-31 Dennis Stosberggitweb: Remove forgotten call to git_to_hash
2006-08-30 Franck Bui-Huulog-tree.c: cleanup a bit append_signoff()
2006-08-29 Johannes SchindelinRemove uneeded #include
2006-08-29 Johannes SchindelinMakefile: fix typo
2006-08-29 Johannes Schindelinunpack-objects: remove unused variable "eof"
2006-08-29 Linus Torvaldsgit-fsck-objects: lacking default references should...
2006-08-29 Matthias KestenholzCheck if pack directory exists prior to descending...
2006-08-28 Jakub Narebskigitweb: Add local time and timezone to git_print_authorship
2006-08-28 Jakub Narebskigitweb: Add diff tree, with links to patches, to commit...
2006-08-28 Jakub Narebskigitweb: git_print_log: signoff line is non-empty line
2006-08-28 Jakub Narebskigitweb: Add author information to commitdiff view
2006-08-28 Jakub Narebskigitweb: Do not remove signoff lines in git_print_simpli...
2006-08-28 Jakub Narebskigitweb: Make git_print_log generic; git_print_simplifie...
2006-08-28 Dennis Stosberggitweb: Use --git-dir parameter instead of setting...
2006-08-28 Jonas FonsecaAdd --relative-date option to the revision interface
2006-08-28 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'gl/web'
2006-08-28 Paul Mackerrasgitk: Fix some bugs in the new cherry-picking code
2006-08-28 Junio C Hamanomulti-service daemon: documentation
2006-08-28 Junio C Hamanodaemon: add upload-tar service.
2006-08-28 Junio C Hamanodaemon: prepare for multiple services.
2006-08-28 Rene ScharfeAdd git-zip-tree to .gitignore
2006-08-28 Junio C Hamanofree(NULL) is perfectly valid.
2006-08-28 Jonas FonsecaUse xcalloc instead of calloc
2006-08-28 Jonas FonsecaUse fstat instead of fseek
2006-08-28 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'gl/cleanup-next'
2006-08-28 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'js/c-merge-recursive'
2006-08-28 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'ts/daemon'
2006-08-28 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'jc/apply'
2006-08-27 Junio C Hamanogit-apply --reject: finishing touches.
2006-08-27 Jakub Narebskigitweb: Use @diff_opts, default ('M'), as git-diff...
2006-08-27 Rene Scharfegit-reset: remove unused variable
2006-08-27 Rene Scharfegit-cherry: remove unused variable
2006-08-27 Jakub Narebskigitweb: Remove git_to_hash function
2006-08-27 Jakub Narebskigitweb: Remove unused git_get_{preceding,following...
2006-08-27 Jakub Narebskigitweb: Fix typo in git_patchset_body
2006-08-27 Linus TorvaldsRelative timestamps in git log
2006-08-27 Rene ScharfeAdd git-zip-tree
2006-08-27 Jakub Narebskigitweb: Fix typo in git_difftree_body
2006-08-27 Eric Wonggit-svn: stop repeatedly reusing the first commit messa...
2006-08-27 Jonas FonsecaUse xrealloc instead of realloc