2006-06-18 Rene ScharfeMake release tarballs friendlier to older tar versions
2006-06-18 Rene Scharfegit-tar-tree: no more void pointer arithmetic
2006-06-18 Rene Scharfegit-tar-tree: documentation update
2006-06-18 Rene Scharfegit-tar-tree: Simplify write_trailer()
2006-06-18 Linus TorvaldsSome more memory leak avoidance
2006-06-18 Linus TorvaldsMove "void *util" from "struct object" into "struct...
2006-06-18 Linus TorvaldsShrink "struct object" a bit
2006-06-18 Junio C HamanoMerge early part of branch 'jc/fetchupload'
2006-06-18 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'jc/rw-prefix'
2006-06-18 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'pe/date'
2006-06-18 Junio C Hamanomailinfo: ignore blanks after in-body headers.
2006-06-17 Eric W. BiedermanDon't parse any headers in the real body of an email...
2006-06-17 Junio C Hamanot5100: mailinfo and mailsplit tests.
2006-06-17 Dennis StosbergMake t4101-apply-nonl bring along its patches
2006-06-17 Jakub NarebskiUpdate gitweb README: gitweb is now included with git
2006-06-17 Sven Verdoolaegegit-cvsexportcommit.perl: fix typo
2006-06-17 Linus Torvaldsgitweb.cgi history not shown
2006-06-17 Peter EriksenImplement safe_strncpy() as strlcpy() and use it more.
2006-06-17 Florian Forstergitweb: Make the `blame' interface in gitweb optional.
2006-06-17 Florian Forstergitweb: Adding a `blame' interface.
2006-06-17 Martin Langhoffcvsimport: keep one index per branch during import
2006-06-17 Martin Langhoffcvsimport: complete the cvsps run before starting the...
2006-06-17 Martin Langhoffcvsimport: ignore CVSPS_NO_BRANCH and impossible branches
2006-06-17 Fredrik Kuivinenblame: Add --time to produce raw timestamps
2006-06-17 Junio C Hamanofix git alias
2006-06-17 SeanAdd a "--notags" option for git-p4import.
2006-06-17 Junio C HamanoMerge git://
2006-06-16 Eric Wonggit-svn: rebuild convenience and bugfixes
2006-06-16 Eric Wonggit-svn: svn (command-line) 1.0.x compatibility
2006-06-16 Eric Wonggit-svn: tests no longer fail if LC_ALL is not a UTF...
2006-06-16 Eric Wonggit-svn: bugfix and optimize the 'log' command
2006-06-16 Eric Wonggit-svn: Eliminate temp file usage in libsvn_get_file()
2006-06-16 Eric Wonggit-svn: fix several small bugs, enable branch optimization
2006-06-16 Eric Wonggit-svn: avoid creating some small files
2006-06-16 Eric Wonggit-svn: make the $GIT_DIR/svn/*/revs directory obsolete
2006-06-16 Eric Wonggit-svn: add support for Perl SVN::* libraries
2006-06-16 Eric Wonggit-svn: add 'log' command, a facsimile of basic `svn...
2006-06-16 Eric Wonggit-svn: add UTF-8 message test
2006-06-16 Eric Wonggit-svn: add some functionality to better support branc...
2006-06-16 Eric Wonggit-svn: add --shared and --template= options to pass...
2006-06-16 Eric Wonggit-svn: add --repack and --repack-flags= options
2006-06-16 Eric Wonggit-svn: minor cleanups, extra error-checking
2006-06-16 Eric Wonggit-svn: Move all git-svn-related paths into $GIT_DIR/svn
2006-06-16 Eric Wonggit-svn: support manually placed initial trees from...
2006-06-16 Eric Wonggit-svn: optimize --branch and --branch-all-ref
2006-06-16 Eric Wonggit-svn: --branch-all-refs / -B support
2006-06-16 Eric Wonggit-svn: support -C<num> passing to git-diff-tree
2006-06-16 Eric Wonggit-svn: don't allow commit if svn tree is not current
2006-06-16 Eric Wonggit-svn: restore original LC_ALL setting (or unset...
2006-06-16 Eric Wonggit-svn: eol_cp corner-case fixes
2006-06-16 Eric Wonggit-svn: fix handling of filenames with embedded '@'
2006-06-16 Eric Wonggit-svn: t0000: add -f flag to checkout
2006-06-13 Junio C HamanoMerge git://
2006-06-11 Junio C Hamano[PATCH] gitk: rereadrefs needs listrefs
2006-06-10 Junio C HamanoGIT 1.4.0 v1.4.0
2006-06-10 Junio C HamanoMerge git://
2006-06-10 Rene ScharfeBuilt-in git-get-tar-commit-id
2006-06-10 Junio C Hamanogit-clone: fix --bare over dumb-http
2006-06-10 Junio C Hamanoshared repository - add a few missing calls to adjust_s...
2006-06-10 Horst H. von... Fix formatting of Documentation/git-clone.txt
2006-06-09 Junio C Hamanobuiltin-init-db: spell the in-program configuration...
2006-06-09 Paul Eggertdate.c: improve guess between timezone offset and year.
2006-06-09 Junio C Hamanogit-rm: honor -n flag.
2006-06-08 Junio C Hamanogit-clone: fix duplicated "master" in $GIT_DIR/remotes...
2006-06-08 Paul T Dargacheck for error return from fork()
2006-06-08 Uwe ZeisbergerDocument git-clone --use-separate-remote
2006-06-08 Junio C HamanoDocumentation: add another example to git-ls-files v1.4.0-rc2
2006-06-08 Petr BaudisDocumentation: git aliases
2006-06-07 Francis Dalygit-cvsserver asciidoc formatting tweaks
2006-06-07 Francis Dalyconfig.txt grammar, typo, and asciidoc fixes
2006-06-07 Junio C HamanoDocumentation: git-ls-tree (typofix)
2006-06-07 Jonas FonsecaDocument git-ls-tree --fullname
2006-06-07 Petr BaudisDocument git aliases support
2006-06-07 Junio C Hamanomake clean: remove dist-doc targets.
2006-06-07 Jonas FonsecaMisc doc improvements
2006-06-07 Junio C HamanoDocumentation: add missing docs make check-docs found.
2006-06-07 Francis DalySome doc typo fixes
2006-06-07 Rene ScharfeOff-by-one error in get_path_prefix(), found by Valgrind
2006-06-07 Junio C HamanoMerge git://
2006-06-07 Nick Hengeveldhttp-fetch: fix possible segfault
2006-06-07 Jon LoeligerRefactor git_tcp_connect() functions a little.
2006-06-06 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'jc/lockfile'
2006-06-06 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'js/alias'
2006-06-06 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'vb/sendemail'
2006-06-06 Robert Fitzsimonsbuiltin-grep: pass ignore case option to external grep
2006-06-06 Paul Mackerrasgitk: Re-read the descendent/ancestor tag & head info...
2006-06-06 Junio C Hamanoref-log: style fixes.
2006-06-06 Junio C Hamanorefs.c: convert it to use lockfile interface.
2006-06-06 Junio C HamanoMake index file locking code reusable to others.
2006-06-06 Junio C HamanoHTTP cleanup
2006-06-06 Nick HengeveldHTTP cleanup
2006-06-06 Junio C Hamanogit-format-patch: add --output-directory long option...
2006-06-06 Junio C Hamanosend-email: a bit more careful domain regexp.
2006-06-06 Junio C Hamanosend-email: be more lenient and just catch obvious...
2006-06-06 Junio C Hamanorev-parse: tighten constness properly. v1.4.0-rc1
2006-06-06 SeanA Perforce importer for git.
2006-06-06 Junio C Hamanogit alias: try alias last.
2006-06-06 Johannes SchindelinIf you have a config containing something like this:
2006-06-06 Nick Hengeveldbuiltin-push: don't pass --thin to HTTP transport
2006-06-06 Linus Torvaldspack-objects: improve path grouping heuristics.