2012-09-09 David Aguilargitk: Teach "Reread references" to reload tags
2012-04-25 Felipe Contrerasgitk: Avoid Meta1-F5
2012-04-02 Pat Thoytsgitk: fix setting font display with new tabbed dialog...
2012-04-02 Pat Thoytsgitk: fix tabbed preferences construction when using...
2012-03-24 Marcus Karlssongitk: Teach gitk to respect log.showroot
2012-03-23 Paul Mackerrasgitk: Add menu items for comparing a commit with the...
2012-03-19 Paul Mackerrasgitk: Speed up resolution of short SHA1 ids
2012-03-18 Jonathan Niedergitk: Use symbolic font names "sans" and "monospace...
2012-03-18 Frédéric Brièregitk: Skip over AUTHOR/COMMIT_DATE when searching all...
2012-03-18 Jim Meyeringgitk: Make "git describe" output clickable, too
2012-03-18 Pat Thoytsgitk: Fix the display of files when filtered by path
2012-03-18 Pat Thoytsgitk: Use a tabbed dialog to edit preferences
2012-03-18 Zbigniew Jędrzejewsk... gitk: Use "gitk: repo-top-level-dir" as window title
2011-10-08 Jonathan Niedergitk: Make vi-style keybindings more vi-like
2011-07-24 Yggy Kinggitk: Make "touching paths" search support backslashes
2011-07-24 Martin von... gitk: Show modified files with separate work tree
2011-07-24 Martin von... gitk: Simplify calculation of gitdir
2011-07-24 Martin von... gitk: Run 'git rev-parse --git-dir' only once
2011-07-24 Martin von... gitk: Put temporary directory inside .git
2011-07-24 Martin von... gitk: Fix "External diff" with separate work tree
2011-07-24 Martin von... gitk: Fix "blame parent commit" with separate work...
2011-07-24 Martin von... gitk: Fix "show origin of this line" with separate...
2011-07-24 Martin von... gitk: Fix file highlight when run in subdirectory
2011-07-24 Paul Mackerrasgitk: Update copyright
2011-05-29 Raphael Zimmerergitk: When a commit contains a note, mark it with a...
2011-05-29 Anders Kaseorggitk: Remember time zones from author and commit timestamps
2011-05-29 Anders Kaseorggitk: Remove unused $cdate array
2011-04-09 Anders Kaseorggitk: Update cherry-pick error message parsing
2011-03-09 Pat Thoytsgitk: Quote tag names in event bindings to avoid proble...
2011-03-09 Paul Mackerrasgitk: Allow user to control how much of the SHA1 ID...
2011-01-19 Skipgitk: spelling fixes in Russian translation
2011-01-19 Anders Kaseorggitk: Take only numeric version components when computi...
2010-12-14 Alexandre Erwin... gitk: Add Brazilian Portuguese (pt-BR) translation
2010-12-12 Stefan Hallergitk: Make text selectable on Mac
2010-12-12 Stefan Hallergitk: Prevent the text pane from becoming editable
2010-12-11 Thomas Rastgitk: Add the equivalent of diff --color-words
2010-12-11 Peter Kreftinggitk: Update Swedish translation (290t)
2010-05-30 Kirill Smelkovgitk: Show notes by default (like git log does)
2010-04-17 Jens Lehmanngitk: Display dirty submodules correctly
2010-03-20 Pat Thoytsgitk: Fix display of copyright symbol
2010-03-20 Pat Thoytsgitk: Add emacs editor variable block
2010-03-20 Pat Thoytsgitk: Avoid calling tk_setPalette on Windows
2010-03-20 Jonathan Niedergitk: Don't clobber "Remember this view" setting
2010-03-20 Jonathan Niedergitk: Add comments to explain encode_view_opts and...
2010-03-20 Mark Hillsgitk: Use consistent font for all text input fields
2010-03-20 Mark Hillsgitk: Set the font for all listbox widgets
2010-03-20 Mark Hillsgitk: Set the font for all spinbox widgets
2010-03-20 Mark Hillsgitk: Remove forced use of sans-serif font
2010-03-20 Jens Lehmanngitk: Add Ctrl-W shortcut for closing the active window
2010-02-03 Paul Mackerrasgitk: Fix copyright symbol in About box message
2010-01-29 Christian Stimminggitk: Update German translation
2010-01-29 Emmanuel Trillaudgitk: Add French translation
2010-01-29 Michele Ballabiogitk: update Italian translation
2010-01-29 Peter Kreftinggitk: Update Swedish translation
2010-01-12 Markus Heidelberggitk: Adjust two equal strings which differed in whitespace
2010-01-12 Kirill Smelkovgitk: Display submodule diffs with appropriate encoding
2010-01-12 Dave Dulsongitk: Fix display of newly-created tags
2010-01-12 Dave Dulsongitk: Enable gitk to create tags with messages
2010-01-12 Miklos Vajnagitk: Update Hungarian translation
2010-01-12 Laszlo Pappgitk: Add Hungarian translation
2009-12-13 Christian Coudergitk: Add "--no-replace-objects" option
2009-11-19 Pat Thoytsgitk: Fix selection of tags
2009-11-14 Pat Thoytsgitk: Default to the system colours on Windows
2009-11-14 Paul Mackerrasgitk: Merge branch 'dev' into master
2009-11-14 Mizargitk: Update Japanese translation
2009-11-14 Markus Heidelberggitk: Fix "git gui blame" invocation when called from...
2009-11-14 Sitaram Chamartygitk: Disable checkout of remote branches
2009-11-14 Paul Mackerrasgitk: Improve appearance of radiobuttons and checkbuttons
2009-11-03 Bernt Hansengitk: Skip translation of "wrong Tcl version" message
2009-11-03 Mizargitk: Add Japanese translation
2009-11-03 Jens Lehmanngitk: Use the --submodule option for displaying diffs...
2009-11-03 Jens Lehmanngitk: Fix diffing committed -> staged (typo in diffcmd)
2009-11-03 Guillermo S... gitk: Add configuration for UI colour scheme
2009-09-21 Pat Thoytsgitk: Work around leftover temporary save file
2009-09-10 Paul Mackerrasgitk: Don't compare fake children when comparing commits
2009-09-10 Paul Mackerrasgitk: Show diff of commits at end of compare-commits...
2009-09-07 Paul Mackerrasgitk: Show diff of commits at end of compare-commits...
2009-09-05 Paul Mackerrasgitk: Add a user preference to enable/disable use of...
2009-09-05 Paul MackerrasMerge branch 'master' into dev
2009-08-13 Peter Kreftinggitk: Update Swedish translation (280t0f0u)
2009-08-13 Thomas Rastgitk: Parse arbitrary commit-ish in SHA1 field
2009-08-13 Thomas Rastgitk: Fix direction of symmetric difference in optimize...
2009-08-13 Thomas Rastgitk: New option to hide remote refs
2009-08-13 Johannes Sixtgitk: Do not hard-code "encoding" in attribute lookup...
2009-05-24 Markus Heidelberggitk: Allow diff view without context lines
2009-05-24 Michele Ballabiogitk: Add another string to translation
2009-05-24 Dirk Suesserottgitk: Add option 'Simple history' to the options menu
2009-05-18 Pat Thoytsgitk: Handle msysGit version during version comparisons
2009-05-16 Elijah Newrengitk: Make more options easily accessible from Edit...
2009-05-16 Paul Mackerrasgitk: Check git version before using --textconv flag
2009-05-16 Johannes Sixtgitk: Use --textconv to generate diff text
2009-05-16 Christian Stimminggitk: Update German translation.
2009-05-16 Pat Thoytsgitk: Fix errors in the theme patch
2009-04-30 Pat Thoytsgitk: Use themed tk widgets
2009-04-30 Paul MackerrasMerge branch 'master' into dev
2009-04-30 Alex Riesengitk: Add Russian translation
2009-04-21 Paul Mackerrasgitk: Fix compare-commits function when we have local...
2009-04-17 Pat Thoytsgitk: Avoid crash if closed while reading references
2009-04-17 Pat Thoytsgitk: Handle external diff tool with spaces in the...
2009-04-17 Pat Thoytsgitk: Remember and restore the window state with the...