2007-02-14 Johannes Schindelinteach diff machinery about --ignore-space-at-eol
2007-02-14 Andy ParkinsOnly show log entries for new revisions in hooks--update
2007-02-14 Junio C Hamanoblame: --show-stats for easier optimization work.
2007-02-14 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'js/reverse'
2007-02-14 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'jc/diff-apply-patch'
2007-02-14 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'jc/merge-base' (early part)
2007-02-14 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'jc/deprecate'
2007-02-14 Junio C HamanoAdd link to v1.5.0 documentation.
2007-02-14 Junio C HamanoGIT 1.5.0 v1.5.0
2007-02-13 Junio C HamanoAdd release notes to the distribution.
2007-02-13 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'master' of git://
2007-02-13 Junio C HamanoDocumentation: Moving out of detached HEAD does not...
2007-02-13 Linus TorvaldsMark places that need blob munging later for CRLF conve...
2007-02-13 Nicolas PitreUpdate RPM core package description
2007-02-13 Andy ParkinsFix potential command line overflow in hooks--update
2007-02-13 Johannes Schindelingit-gc: run pack-refs by default unless the repo is...
2007-02-13 Andy Parkinsgit-gui: fix typo in GIT-VERSION-GEN, "/dev/null" not...
2007-02-13 Junio C Hamano"git-fetch --tags $URL" should not overwrite existing...
2007-02-13 Junio C Hamanofor-each-reflog: not having $GIT_DIR/logs directory...
2007-02-13 Junio C HamanoDo not forget to pack objects reachable from HEAD reflog.
2007-02-13 Michael SpangWork around Subversion race in git-svn tests.
2007-02-13 Pavel RoskinClarify that git-update-server-info should be run for...
2007-02-13 Junio C HamanoRemove git-diff-stages.
2007-02-13 Junio C HamanoRemove git-resolve.
2007-02-13 Aneesh Kumar K.Vblameview: Move the commit info to a pane below the...
2007-02-13 Matthias Lederhofergit merge documentation: -m is optional
2007-02-13 Mark LevedahlMake gitk save and restore window pane position on...
2007-02-13 Junio C HamanoAdd RPM target for git-gui
2007-02-13 Shawn O. PearceLink git-gui into the master Makefile.
2007-02-13 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'master' of git://
2007-02-12 Shawn O. Pearcegit-gui: Change base version to 0.6. gitgui-0.6.0
2007-02-12 Shawn O. Pearcegit-gui: Guess our version accurately as a subproject.
2007-02-12 Shawn O. Pearcegit-gui: Handle gitgui tags in version gen.
2007-02-12 Shawn O. Pearcegit-gui: Generate a version file on demand.
2007-02-12 Shawn O. Pearcegit-gui: Rename GIT_VERSION to GITGUI_VERSION.
2007-02-12 Shawn O. Pearcegit-gui: Allow gitexecdir, INSTALL to be set by the...
2007-02-12 Michael Loefflerimport-tars: brown paper bag fix for file mode.
2007-02-12 Shawn O. Pearcefast-import: Support reusing 'from' and brown paper...
2007-02-12 Junio C HamanoMerge git-gui
2007-02-12 Junio C HamanoAdd discussion section to git-tag documentation.
2007-02-12 Junio C HamanoTeach git-am to pass -p option down to git-apply
2007-02-12 Junio C HamanoDocumentation: git-rebase -C<n>
2007-02-12 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'master' of git://
2007-02-12 Shawn O. Pearcebash: Hide git-fast-import.
2007-02-12 Shawn O. Pearcefast-import: Add tip about importing renames.
2007-02-12 Shawn O. Pearcefast-import: Hide the pack boundary commits by default.
2007-02-11 Shawn O. Pearcegit-gui: Stop deleting gitk preferences.
2007-02-11 Michael S.... Document that git-am can read standard input.
2007-02-11 Mark LevedahlMake gitk save and restore the user set window position.
2007-02-11 Junio C Hamanot4016: test quoting funny pathnames in diff output
2007-02-11 Alexandre Julliarddiff.c: More logical file name quoting for renames...
2007-02-11 Alexandre Julliarddiff.c: Properly quote file names in diff --summary...
2007-02-11 Alexandre Julliarddiff.c: Reuse the pprint_rename function for diff ...
2007-02-11 Dotan BarakMake it easier to override path to asciidoc command
2007-02-11 Ren\e,bi\e(B... Avoid ugly linewrap in git help
2007-02-11 MukundFixed some typos in git-repack docs
2007-02-11 Eric Wonggit-svn: correctly handle boolean options via git-config
2007-02-11 Theodore Ts'oAllow aliases to expand to shell commands
2007-02-11 Theodore Ts'oPrint a sane error message if an alias expands to an...
2007-02-10 Junio C Hamanodiff_flush_name(): take struct diff_options parameter.
2007-02-10 Junio C Hamanowt_status_prepare(): clean up structure initialization.
2007-02-09 Junio C Hamanogit-fetch: document automatic tag following.
2007-02-09 Nicolas Pitreremove mailmap.linux
2007-02-09 David Kågedalgit-blame.el: Autoupdate while editing
2007-02-09 David Kågedalgit-blame.el: Doc fixes and cleanup
2007-02-09 David Kågedalgit-blame.el: blame unsaved changes
2007-02-09 David Kågedalgit-blame.el: improve color handling
2007-02-09 David KågedalHandle uncommitted changes and cache descriptions
2007-02-09 Jakub Narebskigit-blame: Change installation instructions
2007-02-09 Jakub Narebskigit-blame: Add Emacs Lisp file headers and GNU GPL...
2007-02-09 Junio C HamanoDocumentation/git-pull: describe default behaviour...
2007-02-09 Shawn O. Pearcegit-gui: Focus into blame panels on Mac OS.
2007-02-09 Junio C Hamanoreflog: handle $name => remotes/%s/HEAD mapping consist...
2007-02-09 Shawn O. Pearcegit-gui: Improve annotated file display.
2007-02-09 Shawn O. Pearcegit-gui: Jump to the first annotation block as soon...
2007-02-09 Shawn O. Pearcegit-gui: Redesign the display of annotated files.
2007-02-09 Johannes Schindelinlog --reflog: use dwim_log
2007-02-09 Johannes Schindelinformat-patch -n: make sorting easier by padding number
2007-02-09 Shawn O. Pearcegit-gui: Use git-config now over git-repo-config.
2007-02-09 Shawn O. Pearcegit-gui: Relabel the Add All action.
2007-02-09 Shawn O. Pearcegit-gui: Select subcommands like git does.
2007-02-09 Johannes Schindelinlog --reflog: honour --relative-date
2007-02-09 Shawn O. Pearcegit-gui: View blame from the command line.
2007-02-09 Johannes Schindelinfor_each_reflog_ent: be forgiving about missing message
2007-02-08 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'master' of git://
2007-02-08 Linus Torvaldsgit reflog show
2007-02-08 Michael S.... add -C[NUM] to git-am
2007-02-08 Michael S.... Update git-log and git-show documentation
2007-02-08 Shawn O. Pearcegit-gui: Optionally save commit buffer on exit.
2007-02-08 Shawn O. Pearcegit-gui: Separate transport/branch menus from multicommit.
2007-02-08 Shawn O. Pearcegit-gui: Refactor single_commit to a proc.
2007-02-08 Shawn O. Pearcegit-gui: Replace \ with \\ when showing paths.
2007-02-08 Shawn O. Pearcegit-gui: Support keyboard traversal in browser.
2007-02-08 Shawn O. Pearcegit-gui: Update known branches during rescan.
2007-02-08 Shawn O. Pearcetar archive frontend for fast-import.
2007-02-08 Shawn O. PearceCorrect spelling of fast-import in docs.
2007-02-08 James BowesRead cvsimport options from repo-config
2007-02-08 Junio C Hamanocreate_symref(): create leading directories as needed.
2007-02-08 Shawn O. PearceCorrect some language in fast-import documentation.
2007-02-08 Shawn O. PearceCorrect ^0 asciidoc syntax in fast-import docs.