2006-02-19 Johannes SchindelinFixes for ancient versions of GNU make
2006-02-19 Johannes SchindelinOptionally work without python
2006-02-18 Johannes SchindelinSupport Irix
2006-02-18 Johannes SchindelinOptionally support old diffs
2006-02-18 Johannes SchindelinFix cpio call
2006-02-18 Junio C HamanoSubmittingPatches: note on whitespaces
2006-02-17 Aneesh Kumar K.VAdd a README for gitview
2006-02-17 Junio C HamanoAdd contrib/README.
2006-02-17 Junio C Hamanogit-tag: -l to list tags (usability).
2006-02-17 Aneesh KumarAdd contrib/gitview from Aneesh.
2006-02-17 Eric Wonggit-svn: ensure fetch always works chronologically.
2006-02-17 Eric Wonggit-svn: fix revision order when XML::Simple is not...
2006-02-16 Eric WongIntroducing contrib/git-svn.
2006-02-16 Fernando J... Allow building Git in systems without iconv
2006-02-16 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'jc/add'
2006-02-16 Junio C HamanoMerge fixes up to 1.2.1
2006-02-16 Josef WeidendorferMore useful/hinting error messages in git-checkout v1.2.1
2006-02-16 Fernando J... Print an error if cloning a http repo and NO_CURL is set
2006-02-15 Junio C Hamanopacked objects: minor cleanup
2006-02-15 Junio C HamanoDetect misspelled pathspec to git-add
2006-02-15 Junio C Hamanols-files --error-unmatch pathspec error reporting fix.
2006-02-15 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'kh/svn'
2006-02-15 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'jc/commit'
2006-02-15 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'jc/rebase'
2006-02-15 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'ra/email'
2006-02-15 Junio C Hamanocheckout: fix dirty-file display.
2006-02-14 Junio C Hamanocommit: detect misspelled pathspec while making a parti...
2006-02-14 Karl Hasselströmgit-svnimport: -r adds svn revision number to commit...
2006-02-14 Junio C Hamanocombine-diff: diff-files fix (#2)
2006-02-14 Junio C HamanoMerge some proposed fixes
2006-02-14 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'pb/bisect'
2006-02-14 Junio C Hamanocombine-diff: diff-files fix.
2006-02-14 Fredrik Kuivinens/SHELL/SHELL_PATH/ in Makefile
2006-02-14 Junio C Hamanobisect: remove BISECT_NAMES after done.
2006-02-14 Junio C HamanoDocumentation: git-ls-files asciidocco.
2006-02-13 Ryan Andersonsend-email: Add --cc
2006-02-13 Junio C HamanoDocumentation: git-commit in 1.2.X series defaults...
2006-02-13 Ryan Andersonsend-email: Add some options for controlling how addres...
2006-02-13 Junio C Hamanorebase: allow a hook to refuse rebasing.
2006-02-13 Junio C Hamanogit-commit: Now --only semantics is the default.
2006-02-12 Junio C HamanoGIT 1.2.0 v1.2.0
2006-02-12 Junio C HamanoFix "test: unexpected operator" on bsd
2006-02-12 Petr BaudisProperly git-bisect reset after bisecting from non...
2006-02-12 Junio C Hamanogit-commit: show dirtiness including index.
2006-02-12 Junio C HamanoMake pack-objects chattier.
2006-02-12 Alex Riesenavoid echo -e, there are systems where it does not...
2006-02-12 Alex Riesenfix "test: 2: unexpected operator" on bsd
2006-02-12 Linus TorvaldsFix object re-hashing
2006-02-12 Junio C Hamanohashtable-based objects: minimum fixups.
2006-02-12 Johannes SchindelinUse a hashtable for objects instead of a sorted list
2006-02-12 kent@lysator... Add howto about separating topics.
2006-02-12 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'pb/repo'
2006-02-12 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'jc/fixdiff'
2006-02-12 Junio C HamanoAvoid using "git-var -l" until it gets fixed.
2006-02-12 Petr BaudisAdd support for explicit type specifiers when calling...
2006-02-12 Junio C Hamanodiff-tree: do not default to -c
2006-02-12 Junio C Hamanot5500: adjust to change in pack-object reporting behaviour.
2006-02-12 Junio C HamanoOnly call git-rerere if $GIT_DIR/rr-cache exists.
2006-02-12 Christian BiesingerUse a relative path for SVN importing
2006-02-12 Junio C Hamanofetch-clone progress: finishing touches.
2006-02-12 Linus TorvaldsFix fetch-clone in the presense of signals
2006-02-12 Linus TorvaldsMake "git clone" pack-fetching download statistics...
2006-02-11 Linus TorvaldsMake "git clone" less of a deathly quiet experience
2006-02-11 Junio C HamanoDefine GIT_(AUTHOR|COMMITTER)_(NAME|EMAIL) to known...
2006-02-11 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'lt/diff-tree'
2006-02-11 Junio C Hamanogit-commit -v: have patch at the end.
2006-02-10 Junio C Hamanorev-list: default to abbreviate merge parent names...
2006-02-10 Nicolas Pitredelta micro optimization
2006-02-10 Nicolas Pitrecount-delta.c: comment fixes
2006-02-10 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'jc/empty-commit'
2006-02-10 Junio C Hamanocombine-diff: Record diff status a bit more faithfully
2006-02-10 Junio C Hamanofind_unique_abbrev() simplification.
2006-02-10 Junio C Hamanogit-status -v
2006-02-10 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'jc/ls-files-o'
2006-02-10 Junio C Hamanocount-delta.c: Match the delta data semantics change...
2006-02-10 Nicolas Pitreremove delta-against-self bit
2006-02-10 Jason Riedystat() for existence in safe_create_leading_directories()
2006-02-09 Junio C Hamanocombine-diff: move formatting logic to show_combined_diff()
2006-02-09 Junio C Hamanocall git_config() after setup_git_directory()
2006-02-09 Junio C Hamanocombined-diff: use diffcore before intersecting paths.
2006-02-09 Jon LoeligerAdd --diff-filter= documentation paragraph
2006-02-09 Linus Torvaldsdiff-tree -c raw output
2006-02-09 Junio C Hamanols-files: honour per-directory ignore file from higher...
2006-02-09 Junio C Hamanot6000: fix a careless test library add-on.
2006-02-09 Junio C HamanoDo not allow empty name or email.
2006-02-07 Andreas Ericsson.gitignore git-rerere and config.mak
2006-02-07 Linus TorvaldsFix "git diff a..b" breakage
2006-02-07 Petr BaudisBasic documentation for git-show
2006-02-07 Petr BaudisDocument git-diff-tree --always
2006-02-07 Mark Woodinghttp-fetch: Abort requests for objects which arrived...
2006-02-07 Andreas Ericssonformat-patch: Remove last vestiges of --mbox option
2006-02-07 Junio C HamanoMerge git://
2006-02-07 Junio C Hamanogit-commit: finishing touches.
2006-02-07 Junio C Hamanogit-commit: revamp the git-commit semantics.
2006-02-07 Junio C Hamanogit-rerere: reuse recorded resolve.
2006-02-07 Junio C Hamanofmt-merge-msg: show summary of what is merged.
2006-02-07 Junio C Hamanoread-tree --aggressive
2006-02-07 Junio C Hamano[PATCH] mailinfo: reset CTE after each multipart
2006-02-07 J. Bruce FieldsDocs: minor git-push copyediting
2006-02-07 J. Bruce FieldsDocs: move git url and remotes text to separate sections