2006-07-31 Junio C Hamanogit-checkout: allow "checkout HEAD -- path"
2006-07-31 Johannes Schindelintar-tree: illustrate an obscure feature better
2006-07-31 Matthias Lederhofergit.c: allow alias expansion without a git directory
2006-07-31 Matthias Lederhofersetup_git_directory_gently: do not barf when GIT_DIR...
2006-07-30 Gerrit PapeBuild on Debian GNU/kFreeBSD
2006-07-30 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'lt/web'
2006-07-30 Junio C HamanoMerge branch '__/setup-n-mv'
2006-07-30 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'js/mv'
2006-07-30 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'jn/make'
2006-07-29 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'lt/setup' into __/setup-n-mv
2006-07-29 Linus TorvaldsCall setup_git_directory() much earlier
2006-07-29 Linus TorvaldsCall setup_git_directory() early
2006-07-29 Shawn PearceDisplay an error from update-ref if target ref name...
2006-07-29 Johannes SchindelinFix http-fetch
2006-07-28 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'pb/multi-fetch'
2006-07-28 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'lt/web'
2006-07-28 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'js/cvs'
2006-07-28 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'js/alias-p'
2006-07-28 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'jc/diff'
2006-07-28 Junio C Hamanot4103: fix binary patch application test.
2006-07-28 Junio C Hamanogit-apply -R: binary patches are irreversible for now.
2006-07-28 Johannes SchindelinTeach git-apply about '-R'
2006-07-28 Johannes SchindelinMakefile: ssh-pull.o depends on ssh-fetch.c
2006-07-28 Junio C Hamanolog and diff family: honor config even from subdirectories
2006-07-28 Junio C Hamanogit-reset: detect update-ref error and report it.
2006-07-28 Junio C Hamanolost-found: use fsck-objects --full
2006-07-28 Petr BaudisTeach git-http-fetch the --stdin switch
2006-07-28 Petr BaudisTeach git-local-fetch the --stdin switch
2006-07-28 Petr BaudisMake pull() support fetching multiple targets at once
2006-07-28 Petr BaudisMake pull() take some implicit data as explicit arguments
2006-07-28 Michael S.... mailinfo: accept >From in message header
2006-07-27 Petr BaudisRemove -d from *-fetch usage strings
2006-07-27 Matthias Lederhoferdaemon: documentation for --reuseaddr, --detach and...
2006-07-26 Johannes Schindelincvsserver: imitate git-update-ref when committing
2006-07-26 Johannes Schindelininstaweb: Be more clear if httpd or the browser fail
2006-07-26 Johannes Schindelinbuiltin git-mv: support moving directories
2006-07-26 Johannes SchindelinMake git-mv a builtin
2006-07-26 Johannes SchindelinExtract helper bits from c-merge-recursive work
2006-07-26 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'pb/configure'
2006-07-26 Johannes Schindelingit-cvsserver: support multiline commit messages
2006-07-26 Johannes Schindelint7001: add test for git-mv dir1 dir2/
2006-07-26 Johannes Schindelingitweb: fix two warnings
2006-07-26 Johannes Schindelingit-instaweb: respect bindir from Makefile
2006-07-26 Johannes Schindelingit-instaweb: some Apache have mod_cgi builtin
2006-07-26 Junio C Hamanot4112: simplify the test and remove unneeded working...
2006-07-26 Josef WeidendorferExtend testing git-mv for renaming of subdirectories
2006-07-25 Johannes Schindelingit wrapper: add --git-dir=<path> and --bare options
2006-07-25 Johannes SchindelinAllow an alias to start with "-p"
2006-07-25 Johannes Schindelincvsserver: avoid warning about active db handles v1.4.2-rc2
2006-07-25 Johannes Schindelincvsserver: suppress warnings
2006-07-25 Peter EriksenSubstitute xmalloc()+memset(0) with xcalloc().
2006-07-25 Daniel Drakegitweb: escape tag comments
2006-07-25 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'jc/clone-bind-failure'
2006-07-25 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'jt/format-patch'
2006-07-25 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'ew/apply'
2006-07-25 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'jc/read-tree'
2006-07-25 Luben Tuikovgitweb.cgi: git_blame2: slight optimization reading...
2006-07-25 Luben Tuikovgitweb.cgi: Centralize printing of the page path
2006-07-25 Luben Tuikovgitweb.cgi: git_blame2: Revision blocks now have altern...
2006-07-25 Luben Tuikovgitweb.cgi: Show "raw" head of project link even when...
2006-07-25 Luben Tuikovgitweb.cgi: git_blame2: Allow back-trekking through...
2006-07-25 Luben Tuikovgitweb.cgi: git_blame2: an alternative simple working...
2006-07-25 Luben Tuikovgitweb.cgi: Include direct link to "raw" files from...
2006-07-25 Luben Tuikovgitweb.cgi: Teach git_history() to read hash from ...
2006-07-25 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'lt/objformat'
2006-07-25 Alex RiesenTrivial path optimization test
2006-07-24 Johannes SchindelinAlways reset the color _before_ printing out the newline
2006-07-24 Matthias Lederhoferupload-pack: fix timeout in create_pack_file
2006-07-24 Santi BéjarDefaulting fetch to origin when set in the repo-config
2006-07-24 Jeff KingColorize 'commit' lines in log ui
2006-07-24 Lukas Sandströmgit-am: Don't accept an mbox on stdin of we already...
2006-07-24 Alexandre Julliardshow-branch: Fix another performance problem.
2006-07-24 Jeff Kingpack-objects: check pack.window for default window...
2006-07-24 Shawn PearceDisable linking with Fink or DarwinPorts.
2006-07-24 Alexandre Julliardgit.el: Put the git customize group in the 'tools'...
2006-07-24 Alexandre Julliardgit.el: Try to reuse an existing buffer when running...
2006-07-24 Alexandre Julliardgit.el: Prepend a slash to the file name when adding...
2006-07-24 Alexandre Julliardgit.el: Run git-rerere on commits if the rr-cache direc...
2006-07-24 Eric Wonggit-svn: fix fetching new directories copies when using...
2006-07-24 Willy Tarreautar-tree: add the "tar.umask" config option
2006-07-24 Johannes SchindelinFix t4114 on cygwin
2006-07-24 Martin Langhoffcvsexportcommit - add -a (add author line) flag, cleanu...
2006-07-17 Junio C Hamanounpack-objects: remove stale and confusing comment
2006-07-17 Junio C Hamanogit-fetch: fix --keep vs --thin
2006-07-17 Junio C Hamanogit-diff A...B to (usually) mean "git-diff `git-merge...
2006-07-17 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'sp/reflog' v1.4.2-rc1
2006-07-17 Junio C Hamanoapply: handle type-changing patch correctly.
2006-07-17 Junio C Hamanoapply: split out removal and creation into different...
2006-07-17 Junio C Hamanoapply: check D/F conflicts more carefully.
2006-07-17 Junio C Hamanocheckout -f failed to check out a file if an existing...
2006-07-17 Eric Wongtypechange tests for git apply (currently failing)
2006-07-16 Eric Wonggit-svn: don't check for migrations/upgrades on commit...
2006-07-16 Junio C Hamanoshow-branch: fix performance problem.
2006-07-15 Junio C Hamanobuiltin-log: typefix for recent format-patch changes.
2006-07-15 Pavel RoskinSet datarootdir in
2006-07-15 Pavel RoskinQuote all calls to GIT_CONF_APPEND_LINE
2006-07-15 Josh TriplettAdd option to set initial In-Reply-To/References
2006-07-15 Josh TriplettAdd option to enable threading headers
2006-07-15 Josh Triplettgit-format-patch: Make the second and subsequent mails...
2006-07-14 Jonas FonsecaDocumentation/urls.txt: Use substitution to escape...