2006-09-24 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'jl/daemon'
2006-09-24 Randal L. Schwartzbuiltin-upload-archive.c broken on openbsd
2006-09-24 Petr Baudisgitweb: Consolidate escaping/validation of query string
2006-09-24 Petr BaudisDeprecate
2006-09-23 Rene ScharfeRename builtin-zip-tree.c to archive-zip.c
2006-09-23 Rene ScharfeRemove git-zip-tree
2006-09-23 Robin RosenbergQuote arguments to tr in test-lib
2006-09-22 Petr BaudisFix snapshot link in tree view
2006-09-22 Petr Baudisgitweb: Fix @git_base_url_list usage
2006-09-22 Petr Baudisgitweb: Fix tree link associated with each commit log...
2006-09-22 Petr BaudisMake path in tree view look nicer
2006-09-22 Petr Baudisgitweb: Relabel "head" as "HEAD"
2006-09-22 Petr Baudisgitweb: Rename "plain" labels to "raw"
2006-09-22 Petr Baudisgitweb: Link to associated tree from a particular log...
2006-09-22 Petr Baudisgitweb: Link to latest tree from the head line in heads...
2006-09-22 Petr Baudisgitweb: Link to tree instead of snapshot in shortlog
2006-09-22 Petr Baudisgitweb: More per-view navigation bar links
2006-09-22 Petr Baudisgitweb: Link (HEAD) tree for each project from projects...
2006-09-21 Jakub Narebskigitweb: Make git_get_hash_by_path check type if provided
2006-09-21 Petr BaudisFix showing of path in tree view
2006-09-21 Martin Waitzgitweb: fix display of trees via PATH_INFO.
2006-09-21 Johannes SchindelinDocument receive.denyNonFastforwards
2006-09-21 Johannes Schindelinreceive-pack: plug memory leak in fast-forward checking...
2006-09-20 Johannes Schindelinadd receive.denyNonFastforwards config variable
2006-09-20 Junio C Hamanosha1_name.c: understand "describe" output as a valid...
2006-09-20 Junio C HamanoMake hexval() available to others.
2006-09-20 Jon LoeligerAdd virtualization support to git-daemon
2006-09-20 Jakub Narebskigitweb: Fix thinko in git_tags and git_heads
2006-09-20 Jakub Narebskigitweb: Make git_get_refs_list do work of git_get_refer...
2006-09-20 Jakub Narebskigitweb: Always use git-peek-remote in git_get_references
2006-09-20 Jakub Narebskigitweb: Require project for almost all actions
2006-09-20 Jakub Narebskigitweb: Even more support for PATH_INFO based URLs
2006-09-20 Jonas Fonsecagitk(1): mention --all
2006-09-20 Jonas FonsecaFix trivial typos and inconsistencies in hooks document...
2006-09-20 Jakub Narebskigitweb: Fix mimetype_guess_file for files with multiple...
2006-09-20 Art HaasPatch for http-fetch.c and older curl releases
2006-09-18 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'sk/ftp'
2006-09-18 Junio C HamanoMerge part of branch 'jc/upload-pack'
2006-09-18 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'jc/pack'
2006-09-18 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'jc/am'
2006-09-18 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'jk/diff'
2006-09-17 Matthias Lederhofergitweb fix validating pg (page) parameter
2006-09-17 Jonas Fonsecagit-repack(1): document --window and --depth
2006-09-17 Jonas Fonsecagit-apply(1): document --unidiff-zero
2006-09-17 Matthias Lederhofergitweb: fix warnings in PATH_INFO code and add export_o...
2006-09-17 Franck Bui-Huuupload-archive: monitor child communication even more...
2006-09-17 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'jc/archive'
2006-09-17 Matthias Lederhofergitweb: export options
2006-09-17 Matthias Lederhofergitweb: do not use 'No such directory' error message
2006-09-17 Rene Scharfegit-tar-tree: devolve git-tar-tree into a wrapper for...
2006-09-17 Martin Waitzgitweb: fix uninitialized variable warning.
2006-09-17 Martin Waitzgitweb: more support for PATH_INFO based URLs
2006-09-17 Junio C Hamanoapply --unidiff-zero: loosen sanity checks for --unidif...
2006-09-16 Junio C Hamanot1400: make test debuggable.
2006-09-16 Junio C HamanoAdd ftp:// protocol support for git-http-fetch
2006-09-16 Junio C Hamanohttp-fetch.c: consolidate code to detect missing fetch...
2006-09-16 Junio C HamanoFix git-am safety checks
2006-09-16 Linus TorvaldsAllow multiple "git_path()" uses
2006-09-16 Jakub Narebskigitweb: Add link to "project_index" view to "project_li...
2006-09-16 Jakub Narebskigitweb: Allow for href() to be used for links without...
2006-09-16 Junio C HamanoDefine fallback PATH_MAX on systems that do not define...
2006-09-16 Junio C HamanoDocument git-grep -[Hh]
2006-09-15 Liu YubaoFix duplicate xmalloc in builtin-add
2006-09-15 Jakub Narebskigitweb: Add git_project_index for generating index.aux
2006-09-15 Jakub Narebskigitweb: Do not parse refs by hand, use git-peek-remote...
2006-09-15 Jakub Narebskigitweb: Use File::Find::find in git_get_projects_list
2006-09-14 Dmitry V. LevinHandle invalid argc gently
2006-09-14 Linus TorvaldsAdd "-h/-H" parsing to "git grep"
2006-09-14 Sasha KhapyorskyTrivial support for cloning and fetching via ftp://.
2006-09-14 Dmitry V. LevinDocumentation: Fix broken links
2006-09-14 Dmitry V. LevinMake count-objects, describe and merge-tree work in...
2006-09-14 Jeff Kingwt-status: remove extraneous newline from 'deleted...
2006-09-14 Rene Scharfegit-archive: inline default_parse_extra()
2006-09-14 Junio C HamanoMerge branches 'maint' and 'jc/http'
2006-09-13 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'jc/unpack'
2006-09-13 Junio C Hamanounpack-objects -r: call it "recover".
2006-09-13 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'jc/binary'
2006-09-13 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'aw/send-pack'
2006-09-13 Franck Bui-HuuTest return value of finish_connect()
2006-09-13 Junio C Hamanohttp-fetch: fix alternates handling. v1.4.2.1
2006-09-13 Junio C Hamanohttp-fetch: fix alternates handling.
2006-09-13 Jeff Kingcontrib/vim: add syntax highlighting file for commits
2006-09-13 Jeff Kinggit-status: document colorization config options
2006-09-13 Johannes SchindelinTeach runstatus about --untracked
2006-09-13 Junio C Hamanopack-objects: document --revs, --unpacked and --all.
2006-09-13 Junio C Hamanobuiltin-archive.c: rename remote_request() to extract_r...
2006-09-13 Junio C Hamanoupload-archive: monitor child communication more carefully.
2006-09-13 Christian CouderFix space in string " false" problem in "trace.c".
2006-09-13 Franck Bui-Huuconnect.c: finish_connect(): allow null pid parameter
2006-09-11 Christian CouderFix a memory leak in "connect.c" and die if command...
2006-09-11 Christian CouderMove add_to_string to "quote.c" and make it extern.
2006-09-11 Jakub Narebskigitweb: Paginate history output
2006-09-11 Jakub Narebskigitweb: Make pickaxe search a feature
2006-09-11 Junio C HamanoAdd sideband status report to git-archive protocol
2006-09-11 Junio C HamanoMerge branch 'jc/sideband' into jc/archive
2006-09-10 Junio C HamanoPrepare larger packet buffer for upload-pack protocol.
2006-09-10 Junio C HamanoTeach --exec to git-archive --remote
2006-09-10 Junio C HamanoAdd --verbose to git-archive
2006-09-10 Junio C Hamanoarchive: force line buffered output to stderr
2006-09-10 Rene ScharfeUse xstrdup instead of strdup in builtin-{tar,zip}...