Fix up path-cleanup in git_path() properly
[git/git.git] / sha1_file.c
2005-07-06 Linus TorvaldsFix up path-cleanup in git_path() properly
2005-07-05 Linus TorvaldsMerge head 'cvs2git' of
2005-07-05 Linus TorvaldsAdd "git_path()" and "head_ref()" helper functions.
2005-07-05 Matthias UrlichsMerge with Linus' current tree
2005-07-03 Linus TorvaldsAdd "has_sha1_pack()" function to query whether the...
2005-07-03 Linus TorvaldsFix sparse warnings.
2005-07-03 Linus TorvaldsAvoid gcc warnings in sha1_file.c
2005-07-01 Junio C Hamano[PATCH] Show more details of packfile with verify-pack -v.
2005-07-01 Junio C Hamano[PATCH] verify-pack updates.
2005-07-01 Junio C Hamano[PATCH] Avoid unnecessarily inflating and interpreting...
2005-06-29 Junio C Hamano[PATCH] Add git-verify-pack command.
2005-06-29 Junio C Hamano[PATCH] Fixlets on top of Nico's clean-up.
2005-06-29 Nicolas Pitre[PATCH] assorted delta code cleanup
2005-06-29 Linus TorvaldsFix packed_delta_info() that was broken by the delta...
2005-06-29 Linus TorvaldsMake git pack files use little-endian size encoding
2005-06-28 Linus TorvaldsMerge fighting fsck-cache updates from Junio
2005-06-28 Junio C Hamano[PATCH] Expose packed_git and alt_odb.
2005-06-28 Junio C Hamano[PATCH] Bugfix: initialize pack_base to NULL.
2005-06-28 Linus TorvaldsChange pack file format. Hopefully for the last time.
2005-06-28 Linus TorvaldsTeach packing about "tag" objects
2005-06-28 Junio C Hamano[PATCH] Obtain sha1_file_info() for deltified pack...
2005-06-28 Junio C Hamano[PATCH] Skip writing out sha1 files for objects in...
2005-06-28 Linus TorvaldsMerge rsync://
2005-06-27 Junio C Hamano[PATCH] Teach read_sha1_file() and friends about packed...
2005-06-27 Junio C Hamano[PATCH] Enhance sha1_file_size() into sha1_object_info()
2005-06-27 Junio C Hamano[PATCH] Remove "delta" object representation.
2005-06-22 Linus TorvaldsDo a cross-project merge of Paul Mackerras' gitk visualizer
2005-06-21 Mika Kukkonen[PATCH] Fix several gcc4 signedness warnings
2005-06-08 Jason McMullan[PATCH] Anal retentive 'const unsigned char *sha1'
2005-06-07 Daniel Barkalow[PATCH] Operations on refs
2005-06-02 Junio C Hamano[PATCH] Find size of SHA1 object without inflating...
2005-06-02 Junio C Hamano[PATCH] Handle deltified object correctly in git-*...
2005-06-02 Linus TorvaldsSplit up unpack_sha1_file() some more
2005-06-02 Linus TorvaldsAdd "unpack_sha1_header()" helper function
2005-05-26 Linus Torvaldsunpack_sha1_file: zero-pad the unpacked object.
2005-05-22 Linus TorvaldsInclude file cleanups..
2005-05-20 Nicolas Pitre[PATCH] delta read
2005-05-20 Linus Torvaldssparse cleanup
2005-05-18 Brian Gerst[PATCH] Kill a bunch of pointer sign warnings for gcc4
2005-05-11 Petr BaudisMerge ...
2005-05-10 Junio C HamanoIntroduce GIT_DIR environment variable.
2005-05-10 Junio C HamanoRename environment variables.
2005-05-08 Junio C HamanoStylistic fixes to sha1_file.c
2005-05-08 Thomas Glanzmann[PATCH] Really *do* nothing in while loop
2005-05-07 Thomas Glanzmann[PATCH] Add #include <limits.h> so that git compiles...
2005-05-07 Junio C HamanoFree compressed buffer after write_sha1_file() is done.
2005-05-07 Junio C HamanoIntroduce SHA1_FILE_DIRECTORIES to support multiple...
2005-05-07 Junio C Hamano[PATCH] Remove unused sha1_file_directory variable.
2005-05-03 Linus Torvaldssha1_file: make the new sha1 object writing be coda...
2005-05-03 Linus TorvaldsImprove sha1 object file writing.
2005-05-03 Linus TorvaldsAutomatic merge of /home/torvalds/junkio/.git/
2005-05-02 Junio C HamanoAdd git-write-blob.
2005-05-02 Linus TorvaldsRemove the ugly jit-style parent syntax.
2005-05-02 Linus TorvaldsAdd "look up parent" logic for the simple names.
2005-05-01 Linus TorvaldsAdd "get_sha1()" helper function.
2005-04-28 Junio C Hamano[PATCH] Rename and extend read_tree_with_tree_or_commit...
2005-04-26 Christopher Li[PATCH] introduce xmalloc and xrealloc
2005-04-25 Linus TorvaldsFix up the types in write_sha1_file
2005-04-25 Linus TorvaldsSimplify "write_sha1_file()" interfaces
2005-04-24 Andreas Gal[PATCH] fix segfault in fsck-cache
2005-04-24 Daniel Barkalow[PATCH] Additional functions for the objects database
2005-04-23 Linus TorvaldsUse O_NOATIME when opening the sha1 files.
2005-04-21 Linus TorvaldsFix up some problems from the commit->tree helper patch
2005-04-21 Junio C Hamano[PATCH] Accept commit in some places when tree is needed.
2005-04-20 Linus TorvaldsMake "write_sha1_file()" exit early if the file already...
2005-04-20 Linus TorvaldsDo SHA1 hash _before_ compression.
2005-04-18 Linus TorvaldsSplit up read-cache.c into more logical clumps.