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[git/git.git] / contrib / update-unicode / README
1 TL;DR: Run after the publication of a new Unicode
2 standard and commit the resulting unicode-widths.h file.
4 The long version
5 ================
7 The Git source code ships the file unicode-widths.h which contains
8 tables of zero and double width Unicode code points, respectively.
9 These tables are generated using in this directory.
10 itself uses a third-party tool, uniset, to query two
11 Unicode data files for the interesting code points.
13 On first run, clones uniset from Github and builds it.
14 This requires a current-ish version of autoconf (2.69 works per December
15 2016).
17 On each run, checks whether more recent Unicode data
18 files are available from the Unicode consortium, and rebuilds the header
19 unicode-widths.h with the new data. The new header can then be
20 committed.