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1 advice.*::
2 These variables control various optional help messages designed to
3 aid new users. All 'advice.*' variables default to 'true', and you
4 can tell Git that you do not need help by setting these to 'false':
5 +
6 --
7 fetchShowForcedUpdates::
8 Advice shown when linkgit:git-fetch[1] takes a long time
9 to calculate forced updates after ref updates, or to warn
10 that the check is disabled.
11 pushUpdateRejected::
12 Set this variable to 'false' if you want to disable
13 'pushNonFFCurrent',
14 'pushNonFFMatching', 'pushAlreadyExists',
15 'pushFetchFirst', and 'pushNeedsForce'
16 simultaneously.
17 pushNonFFCurrent::
18 Advice shown when linkgit:git-push[1] fails due to a
19 non-fast-forward update to the current branch.
20 pushNonFFMatching::
21 Advice shown when you ran linkgit:git-push[1] and pushed
22 'matching refs' explicitly (i.e. you used ':', or
23 specified a refspec that isn't your current branch) and
24 it resulted in a non-fast-forward error.
25 pushAlreadyExists::
26 Shown when linkgit:git-push[1] rejects an update that
27 does not qualify for fast-forwarding (e.g., a tag.)
28 pushFetchFirst::
29 Shown when linkgit:git-push[1] rejects an update that
30 tries to overwrite a remote ref that points at an
31 object we do not have.
32 pushNeedsForce::
33 Shown when linkgit:git-push[1] rejects an update that
34 tries to overwrite a remote ref that points at an
35 object that is not a commit-ish, or make the remote
36 ref point at an object that is not a commit-ish.
37 pushUnqualifiedRefname::
38 Shown when linkgit:git-push[1] gives up trying to
39 guess based on the source and destination refs what
40 remote ref namespace the source belongs in, but where
41 we can still suggest that the user push to either
42 refs/heads/* or refs/tags/* based on the type of the
43 source object.
44 statusAheadBehind::
45 Shown when linkgit:git-status[1] computes the ahead/behind
46 counts for a local ref compared to its remote tracking ref,
47 and that calculation takes longer than expected. Will not
48 appear if `status.aheadBehind` is false or the option
49 `--no-ahead-behind` is given.
50 statusHints::
51 Show directions on how to proceed from the current
52 state in the output of linkgit:git-status[1], in
53 the template shown when writing commit messages in
54 linkgit:git-commit[1], and in the help message shown
55 by linkgit:git-switch[1] or
56 linkgit:git-checkout[1] when switching branch.
57 statusUoption::
58 Advise to consider using the `-u` option to linkgit:git-status[1]
59 when the command takes more than 2 seconds to enumerate untracked
60 files.
61 commitBeforeMerge::
62 Advice shown when linkgit:git-merge[1] refuses to
63 merge to avoid overwriting local changes.
64 resetQuiet::
65 Advice to consider using the `--quiet` option to linkgit:git-reset[1]
66 when the command takes more than 2 seconds to enumerate unstaged
67 changes after reset.
68 resolveConflict::
69 Advice shown by various commands when conflicts
70 prevent the operation from being performed.
71 implicitIdentity::
72 Advice on how to set your identity configuration when
73 your information is guessed from the system username and
74 domain name.
75 detachedHead::
76 Advice shown when you used
77 linkgit:git-switch[1] or linkgit:git-checkout[1]
78 to move to the detach HEAD state, to instruct how to
79 create a local branch after the fact.
80 checkoutAmbiguousRemoteBranchName::
81 Advice shown when the argument to
82 linkgit:git-checkout[1] and linkgit:git-switch[1]
83 ambiguously resolves to a
84 remote tracking branch on more than one remote in
85 situations where an unambiguous argument would have
86 otherwise caused a remote-tracking branch to be
87 checked out. See the `checkout.defaultRemote`
88 configuration variable for how to set a given remote
89 to used by default in some situations where this
90 advice would be printed.
91 amWorkDir::
92 Advice that shows the location of the patch file when
93 linkgit:git-am[1] fails to apply it.
94 rmHints::
95 In case of failure in the output of linkgit:git-rm[1],
96 show directions on how to proceed from the current state.
97 addEmbeddedRepo::
98 Advice on what to do when you've accidentally added one
99 git repo inside of another.
100 ignoredHook::
101 Advice shown if a hook is ignored because the hook is not
102 set as executable.
103 waitingForEditor::
104 Print a message to the terminal whenever Git is waiting for
105 editor input from the user.
106 nestedTag::
107 Advice shown if a user attempts to recursively tag a tag object.
108 --