fetch: add --[no-]show-forced-updates argument
[git/git.git] / Documentation / config / fetch.txt
1 fetch.recurseSubmodules::
2 This option can be either set to a boolean value or to 'on-demand'.
3 Setting it to a boolean changes the behavior of fetch and pull to
4 unconditionally recurse into submodules when set to true or to not
5 recurse at all when set to false. When set to 'on-demand' (the default
6 value), fetch and pull will only recurse into a populated submodule
7 when its superproject retrieves a commit that updates the submodule's
8 reference.
10 fetch.fsckObjects::
11 If it is set to true, git-fetch-pack will check all fetched
12 objects. See `transfer.fsckObjects` for what's
13 checked. Defaults to false. If not set, the value of
14 `transfer.fsckObjects` is used instead.
16 fetch.fsck.<msg-id>::
17 Acts like `fsck.<msg-id>`, but is used by
18 linkgit:git-fetch-pack[1] instead of linkgit:git-fsck[1]. See
19 the `fsck.<msg-id>` documentation for details.
21 fetch.fsck.skipList::
22 Acts like `fsck.skipList`, but is used by
23 linkgit:git-fetch-pack[1] instead of linkgit:git-fsck[1]. See
24 the `fsck.skipList` documentation for details.
26 fetch.unpackLimit::
27 If the number of objects fetched over the Git native
28 transfer is below this
29 limit, then the objects will be unpacked into loose object
30 files. However if the number of received objects equals or
31 exceeds this limit then the received pack will be stored as
32 a pack, after adding any missing delta bases. Storing the
33 pack from a push can make the push operation complete faster,
34 especially on slow filesystems. If not set, the value of
35 `transfer.unpackLimit` is used instead.
37 fetch.prune::
38 If true, fetch will automatically behave as if the `--prune`
39 option was given on the command line. See also `remote.<name>.prune`
40 and the PRUNING section of linkgit:git-fetch[1].
42 fetch.pruneTags::
43 If true, fetch will automatically behave as if the
44 `refs/tags/*:refs/tags/*` refspec was provided when pruning,
45 if not set already. This allows for setting both this option
46 and `fetch.prune` to maintain a 1=1 mapping to upstream
47 refs. See also `remote.<name>.pruneTags` and the PRUNING
48 section of linkgit:git-fetch[1].
50 fetch.output::
51 Control how ref update status is printed. Valid values are
52 `full` and `compact`. Default value is `full`. See section
53 OUTPUT in linkgit:git-fetch[1] for detail.
55 fetch.negotiationAlgorithm::
56 Control how information about the commits in the local repository is
57 sent when negotiating the contents of the packfile to be sent by the
58 server. Set to "skipping" to use an algorithm that skips commits in an
59 effort to converge faster, but may result in a larger-than-necessary
60 packfile; The default is "default" which instructs Git to use the default algorithm
61 that never skips commits (unless the server has acknowledged it or one
62 of its descendants).
63 Unknown values will cause 'git fetch' to error out.
64 +
65 See also the `--negotiation-tip` option for linkgit:git-fetch[1].
67 fetch.showForcedUpdates::
68 Set to false to enable `--no-show-forced-updates` in
69 linkgit:git-fetch[1] and linkgit:git-pull[1] commands.
70 Defaults to true.