repo-settings: create feature.manyFiles setting
[git/git.git] / Documentation / config / feature.txt
1 feature.*::
2 The config settings that start with `feature.` modify the defaults of
3 a group of other config settings. These groups are created by the Git
4 developer community as recommended defaults and are subject to change.
5 In particular, new config options may be added with different defaults.
7 feature.manyFiles::
8 Enable config options that optimize for repos with many files in the
9 working directory. With many files, commands such as `git status` and
10 `git checkout` may be slow and these new defaults improve performance:
11 +
12 * `index.version=4` enables path-prefix compression in the index.
13 +
14 * `core.untrackedCache=true` enables the untracked cache. This setting assumes
15 that mtime is working on your machine.