Flush fixes up to the third batch post 2.22.0
[git/git.git] / Documentation / RelNotes / 2.22.1.txt
1 Git 2.22.1 Release Notes
2 ========================
4 Fixes since v2.22
5 -----------------
7 * A relative pathname given to "git init --template=<path> <repo>"
8 ought to be relative to the directory "git init" gets invoked in,
9 but it instead was made relative to the repository, which has been
10 corrected.
12 * "git worktree add" used to fail when another worktree connected to
13 the same repository was corrupt, which has been corrected.
15 * The ownership rule for the file descriptor to fast-import remote
16 backend was mixed up, leading to unrelated file descriptor getting
17 closed, which has been fixed.
19 * "git update-server-info" used to leave stale packfiles in its
20 output, which has been corrected.
22 * The server side support for "git fetch" used to show incorrect
23 value for the HEAD symbolic ref when the namespace feature is in
24 use, which has been corrected.
26 * "git am -i --resolved" segfaulted after trying to see a commit as
27 if it were a tree, which has been corrected.
29 * "git bundle verify" needs to see if prerequisite objects exist in
30 the receiving repository, but the command did not check if we are
31 in a repository upfront, which has been corrected.
33 * "git merge --squash" is designed to update the working tree and the
34 index without creating the commit, and this cannot be countermanded
35 by adding the "--commit" option; the command now refuses to work
36 when both options are given.
38 * The data collected by fsmonitor was not properly written back to
39 the on-disk index file, breaking t7519 tests occasionally, which
40 has been corrected.
42 * Update to Unicode 12.1 width table.
44 * The command line to invoke a "git cat-file" command from inside
45 "git p4" was not properly quoted to protect a caret and running a
46 broken command on Windows, which has been corrected.
48 * "git request-pull" learned to warn when the ref we ask them to pull
49 from in the local repository and in the published repository are
50 different.
52 * When creating a partial clone, the object filtering criteria is
53 recorded for the origin of the clone, but this incorrectly used a
54 hardcoded name "origin" to name that remote; it has been corrected
55 to honor the "--origin <name>" option.
57 * "git fetch" into a lazy clone forgot to fetch base objects that are
58 necessary to complete delta in a thin packfile, which has been
59 corrected.
61 * The filter_data used in the list-objects-filter (which manages a
62 lazily sparse clone repository) did not use the dynamic array API
63 correctly---'nr' is supposed to point at one past the last element
64 of the array in use. This has been corrected.
66 * The description about slashes in gitignore patterns (used to
67 indicate things like "anchored to this level only" and "only
68 matches directories") has been revamped.
70 * The URL decoding code has been updated to avoid going past the end
71 of the string while parsing %-<hex>-<hex> sequence.
73 * The list of for-each like macros used by clang-format has been
74 updated.
76 Also contains various documentation updates and code clean-ups.