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[git/git.git] / Documentation / fetch-options.txt
1 -a, \--append::
2 Append ref names and object names of fetched refs to the
3 existing contents of `.git/FETCH_HEAD`. Without this
4 option old data in `.git/FETCH_HEAD` will be overwritten.
6 \--upload-pack <upload-pack>::
7 When given, and the repository to fetch from is handled
8 by 'git-fetch-pack', '--exec=<upload-pack>' is passed to
9 the command to specify non-default path for the command
10 run on the other end.
12 -f, \--force::
13 When `git-fetch` is used with `<rbranch>:<lbranch>`
14 refspec, it refuses to update the local branch
15 `<lbranch>` unless the remote branch `<rbranch>` it
16 fetches is a descendant of `<lbranch>`. This option
17 overrides that check.
19 \--no-tags::
20 By default, `git-fetch` fetches tags that point at
21 objects that are downloaded from the remote repository
22 and stores them locally. This option disables this
23 automatic tag following.
25 -t, \--tags::
26 Most of the tags are fetched automatically as branch
27 heads are downloaded, but tags that do not point at
28 objects reachable from the branch heads that are being
29 tracked will not be fetched by this mechanism. This
30 flag lets all tags and their associated objects be
31 downloaded.
33 -k, \--keep::
34 Keep downloaded pack.
36 -u, \--update-head-ok::
37 By default `git-fetch` refuses to update the head which
38 corresponds to the current branch. This flag disables the
39 check. Note that fetching into the current branch will not
40 update the index and working directory, so use it with care.