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1 log.abbrevCommit::
2 If true, makes linkgit:git-log[1], linkgit:git-show[1], and
3 linkgit:git-whatchanged[1] assume `--abbrev-commit`. You may
4 override this option with `--no-abbrev-commit`.
6 log.date::
7 Set the default date-time mode for the 'log' command.
8 Setting a value for log.date is similar to using 'git log''s
9 `--date` option. See linkgit:git-log[1] for details.
11 log.decorate::
12 Print out the ref names of any commits that are shown by the log
13 command. If 'short' is specified, the ref name prefixes 'refs/heads/',
14 'refs/tags/' and 'refs/remotes/' will not be printed. If 'full' is
15 specified, the full ref name (including prefix) will be printed.
16 If 'auto' is specified, then if the output is going to a terminal,
17 the ref names are shown as if 'short' were given, otherwise no ref
18 names are shown. This is the same as the `--decorate` option
19 of the `git log`.
21 log.follow::
22 If `true`, `git log` will act as if the `--follow` option was used when
23 a single <path> is given. This has the same limitations as `--follow`,
24 i.e. it cannot be used to follow multiple files and does not work well
25 on non-linear history.
27 log.graphColors::
28 A list of colors, separated by commas, that can be used to draw
29 history lines in `git log --graph`.
31 log.showRoot::
32 If true, the initial commit will be shown as a big creation event.
33 This is equivalent to a diff against an empty tree.
34 Tools like linkgit:git-log[1] or linkgit:git-whatchanged[1], which
35 normally hide the root commit will now show it. True by default.
37 log.showSignature::
38 If true, makes linkgit:git-log[1], linkgit:git-show[1], and
39 linkgit:git-whatchanged[1] assume `--show-signature`.
41 log.mailmap::
42 If true, makes linkgit:git-log[1], linkgit:git-show[1], and
43 linkgit:git-whatchanged[1] assume `--use-mailmap`, otherwise
44 assume `--no-use-mailmap`. False by default.