The first batch for 2.18 cycle
[git/git.git] / Documentation / RelNotes / 2.18.0.txt
1 Git 2.18 Release Notes
2 ======================
4 Updates since v2.17
5 -------------------
7 UI, Workflows & Features
9 * Rename detection logic in "diff" family that is used in "merge" has
10 learned to guess when all of x/a, x/b and x/c have moved to z/a,
11 z/b and z/c, it is likely that x/d added in the meantime would also
12 want to move to z/d by taking the hint that the entire directory
13 'x' moved to 'z'. A bug causing dirty files involved in a rename
14 to be overwritten during merge has also been fixed as part of this
15 work.
17 * "git filter-branch" learned to use a different exit code to allow
18 the callers to tell the case where there was no new commits to
19 rewrite from other error cases.
23 Performance, Internal Implementation, Development Support etc.
25 * A "git fetch" from a repository with insane number of refs into a
26 repository that is already up-to-date still wasted too many cycles
27 making many lstat(2) calls to see if these objects at the tips
28 exist as loose objects locally. These lstat(2) calls are optimized
29 away by enumerating all loose objects beforehand.
30 It is unknown if the new strategy negatively affects existing use
31 cases, fetching into a repository with many loose objects from a
32 repository with small number of refs.
34 * Git can be built to use either v1 or v2 of the PCRE library, and so
35 far, the build-time configuration USE_LIBPCRE=YesPlease instructed
36 the build procedure to use v1, but now it means v2. USE_LIBPCRE1
37 and USE_LIBPCRE2 can be used to explicitly choose which version to
38 use, as before.
40 * The build procedure learned to optionally use symbolic links
41 (instead of hardlinks and copies) to install "git-foo" for built-in
42 commands, whose binaries are all identical.
44 * Conversion from uchar[20] to struct object_id continues.
46 * The way "git worktree prune" worked internally has been simplified,
47 by assuming how "git worktree move" moves an existing worktree to a
48 different place.
50 Also contains various documentation updates and code clean-ups.
53 Fixes since v2.17
54 -----------------
56 * "git shortlog cruft" aborted with a BUG message when run outside a
57 Git repository. The command has been taught to complain about
58 extra and unwanted arguments on its command line instead in such a
59 case.
60 (merge 4aa0161e83 ma/shortlog-revparse later to maint).
62 * "git stash push -u -- <pathspec>" gave an unnecessary and confusing
63 error message when there was no tracked files that match the
64 <pathspec>, which has been fixed.
65 (merge 353278687e tg/stash-untracked-with-pathspec-fix later to maint).
67 * Other minor doc, test and build updates and code cleanups.