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1 Git v1.7.4 Release Notes (draft)
2 ================================
4 Updates since v1.7.3
5 --------------------
7 * The documentation Makefile now assumes by default asciidoc 8 and
8 docbook-xsl >= 1.73. If you have older versions, you can set
9 ASCIIDOC7 and ASCIIDOC_ROFF, respectively.
11 * The option parsers of various commands that create new branches (or
12 rename existing ones to a new name) were too loose and users were
13 allowed to give a branch a name that begins with a dash by creative
14 abuse of their command line options, which only led to burning
15 themselves. The name of a branch cannot begin with a dash now.
17 * System-wide fallback default attributes can be stored in
18 /etc/gitattributes; core.attributesfile configuration variable can
19 be used to customize the path to this file.
21 * The thread structure generated by "git send-email" has changed
22 slightly. Setting the cover letter of the latest series as a reply
23 to the cover letter of the previous series with --in-reply-to used
24 to make the new cover letter and all the patches replies to the
25 cover letter of the previous series; this has been changed to make
26 the patches in the new series replies to the new cover letter.
28 * Bash completion script in contrib/ has been adjusted to be usable with
29 Bash 4 (options with '=value' didn't complete) It has been also made
30 usable with zsh.
32 * Different pagers can be chosen depending on which subcommand is
33 being run under the pager, using "pager.<subcommand>" variable.
35 * The hardcoded tab-width of 8 used in whitespace breakage checks is now
36 configurable via the attributes mechanism.
38 * Support of case insensitive filesystems (i.e. "core.ignorecase") has
39 been improved. For example, the gitignore mechanism didn't pay attention
40 to the case insensitivity.
42 * The <tree>:<path> syntax to name a blob in a tree, and :<path>
43 syntax to name a blob in the index (e.g. "master:Makefile",
44 ":hello.c") have been extended. You can start <path> with "./" to
45 implicitly have the (sub)directory you are in prefixed to the
46 lookup. Similarly, ":../Makefile" from a subdirectory would mean
47 "the Makefile of the parent directory in the index".
49 * "git blame" learned --show-email option to display the e-mail
50 addresses instead of the names of authors.
52 * "git commit" learned --fixup and --squash options to help later invocation
53 of the interactive rebase.
55 * "git daemon" can be built in MinGW environment.
57 * "git daemon" can take more than one --listen option to listen to
58 multiple addresses.
60 * "git describe --exact-match" was optimized not to read commit
61 objects unnecessarily.
63 * "git diff" and "git grep" learned how functions and subroutines
64 in Fortran look like.
66 * "git fetch" learned "--recurse-submodules" option.
68 * "git mergetool" tells vim/gvim to show three-way diff by default
69 (use vimdiff2/gvimdiff2 as the tool name for old behaviour).
71 * "git log -G<pattern>" limits the output to commits whose change has
72 added or deleted lines that match the given pattern.
74 * "git read-tree" with no argument as a way to empty the index is
75 deprecated; we might want to remove it in the future. Users can
76 use the new --empty option to be more explicit instead.
78 * "git repack -f" does not spend cycles to recompress objects in the
79 non-delta representation anymore (use -F if you really mean it
80 e.g. after you changed the core.compression variable setting).
82 * "git merge --log" used to limit the resulting merge log to 20
83 entries; this is now customizable by giving e.g. "--log=47".
85 * "git merge" may work better when all files were moved out of a
86 directory in one branch while a new file is created in place of that
87 directory in the other branch.
89 * "git rebase --autosquash" can use SHA-1 object names to name which
90 commit to fix up (e.g. "fixup! e83c5163").
92 * The default "recursive" merge strategy learned --rename-threshold
93 option to influence the rename detection, similar to the -M option
94 of "git diff". From "git merge" frontend, "-X<strategy option>"
95 interface, e.g. "git merge -Xrename-threshold=50% ...", can be used
96 to trigger this.
98 * The "recursive" strategy also learned to ignore various whitespace
99 changes; the most notable is -Xignore-space-at-eol.
101 * "git send-email" learned "--to-cmd", similar to "--cc-cmd", to read
102 recipient list from a command output.
104 * "git send-email" learned to read and use "To:" from its input files.
106 * you can extend "git shell", which is often used on boxes that allow
107 git-only login over ssh as login shell, with custom set of
108 commands.
110 * The current branch name in "git status" output can be colored differently
111 from the generic header color by setting "color.status.branch" variable.
113 * "git submodule sync" updates metainformation for all submodules,
114 not just the ones that have been checked out.
116 * gitweb can use custom 'highlight' command with its configuration file.
118 * other gitweb updates.
121 Also contains various documentation updates.
124 Fixes since v1.7.3
125 ------------------
127 All of the fixes in v1.7.3.X maintenance series are included in this
128 release, unless otherwise noted.
130 * "git log --author=me --author=her" did not find commits written by
131 me or by her; instead it looked for commits written by me and by
132 her, which is impossible.
134 * "git push --progress" shows progress indicators now.
136 * "git repack" places its temporary packs under $GIT_OBJECT_DIRECTORY/pack
137 instead of $GIT_OBJECT_DIRECTORY/ to avoid cross directory renames.
139 * "git submodule update --recursive --other-flags" passes flags down
140 to its subinvocations.
142 ---
143 exec >/var/tmp/1
144 O=v1.7.3.4-687-g2cd900f
145 echo O=$(git describe master)
146 git shortlog --no-merges ^maint ^$O master