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[git/git.git] / contrib / thunderbird-patch-inline / README
1 is a script that is supposed to be used together with ExternalEditor
2 for Mozilla Thunderbird. It will let you include patches inline in e-mails
3 in an easy way.
5 Usage:
6 - Generate the patch with git format-patch.
7 - Start writing a new e-mail in Thunderbird.
8 - Press the external editor button (or Ctrl-E) to run
9 - Select the previously generated patch file.
10 - Finish editing the e-mail.
12 Any text that is entered into the message editor before is called
13 will be moved to the section between the --- and the diffstat.
15 All S-O-B:s and Cc:s in the patch will be added to the CC list.
17 To set it up, just install External Editor and tell it to use as the
18 editor.
20 Zenity is a required dependency.