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[git/git.git] / contrib / git-shell-commands / README
1 Sample programs callable through git-shell. Place a directory named
2 'git-shell-commands' in the home directory of a user whose shell is
3 git-shell. Then anyone logging in as that user will be able to run
4 executables in the 'git-shell-commands' directory.
6 Provided commands:
8 help: Prints out the names of available commands. When run
9 interactively, git-shell will automatically run 'help' on startup,
10 provided it exists.
12 list: Displays any bare repository whose name ends with ".git" under
13 user's home directory. No other git repositories are visible,
14 although they might be clonable through git-shell. 'list' is designed
15 to minimize the number of calls to git that must be made in finding
16 available repositories; if your setup has additional repositories that
17 should be user-discoverable, you may wish to modify 'list'
18 accordingly.