[git/git.git] / Documentation / RelNotes / 2.6.5.txt
1 Git v2.6.5 Release Notes
2 ========================
4 Fixes since v2.6.4
5 ------------------
7 * Because "test_when_finished" in our test framework queues the
8 clean-up tasks to be done in a shell variable, it should not be
9 used inside a subshell. Add a mechanism to allow 'bash' to catch
10 such uses, and fix the ones that were found.
12 * Update "git subtree" (in contrib/) so that it can take whitespaces
13 in the pathnames, not only in the in-tree pathname but the name of
14 the directory that the repository is in.
16 * Cosmetic improvement to lock-file error messages.
18 * mark_tree_uninteresting() has code to handle the case where it gets
19 passed a NULL pointer in its 'tree' parameter, but the function had
20 'object = &tree->object' assignment before checking if tree is
21 NULL. This gives a compiler an excuse to declare that tree will
22 never be NULL and apply a wrong optimization. Avoid it.
24 * The helper used to iterate over loose object directories to prune
25 stale objects did not closedir() immediately when it is done with a
26 directory--a callback such as the one used for "git prune" may want
27 to do rmdir(), but it would fail on open directory on platforms
28 such as WinXP.
30 * "git p4" used to import Perforce CLs that touch only paths outside
31 the client spec as empty commits. It has been corrected to ignore
32 them instead, with a new configuration git-p4.keepEmptyCommits as a
33 backward compatibility knob.
35 * The exit code of git-fsck did not reflect some types of errors
36 found in packed objects, which has been corrected.
38 Also contains typofixes, documentation updates and trivial code
39 clean-ups.