RelNotes: the fourth batch for 2.16
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1 Git 2.16 Release Notes
2 ======================
4 Backward compatibility notes and other notable changes.
6 * Use of an empty string as a pathspec element that is used for
7 'everything matches' is now an error.
10 Updates since v2.15
11 -------------------
13 UI, Workflows & Features
15 * An empty string as a pathspec element that means "everything"
16 i.e. 'git add ""', is now illegal. We started this by first
17 deprecating and warning a pathspec that has such an element in
18 2.11 (Nov 2016).
20 * A hook script that is set unexecutable is simply ignored. Git
21 notifies when such a file is ignored, unless the message is
22 squelched via advice.ignoredHook configuration.
24 * "git pull" has been taught to accept "--[no-]signoff" option and
25 pass it down to "git merge".
27 * The "--push-option=<string>" option to "git push" now defaults to a
28 list of strings configured via push.pushOption variable.
30 * "gitweb" checks if a directory is searchable with Perl's "-x"
31 operator, which can be enhanced by using "filetest 'access'"
32 pragma, which now we do.
34 * "git stash save" has been deprecated in favour of "git stash push".
36 * The set of paths output from "git status --ignored" was tied
37 closely with its "--untracked=<mode>" option, but now it can be
38 controlled more flexibly. Most notably, a directory that is
39 ignored because it is listed to be ignored in the ignore/exclude
40 mechanism can be handled differently from a directory that ends up
41 to be ignored only because all files in it are ignored.
43 * The remote-helper for talking to MediaWiki has been updated to
44 truncate an overlong pagename so that ".mw" suffix can still be
45 added.
47 * The remote-helper for talking to MediaWiki has been updated to
48 work with mediawiki namespaces.
50 * The "--format=..." option "git for-each-ref" takes learned to show
51 the name of the 'remote' repository and the ref at the remote side
52 that is affected for 'upstream' and 'push' via "%(push:remotename)"
53 and friends.
55 * Doc and message updates to teach users "bisect view" is a synonym
56 for "bisect visualize".
58 * "git bisect run" that did not specify any command to run used to go
59 ahead and treated all commits to be tested as 'good'. This has
60 been corrected by making the command error out.
62 * The SubmittingPatches document has been converted to produce an
63 HTML version via AsciiDoc/Asciidoctor.
64 (merge 049e64aa50 bc/submitting-patches-in-asciidoc later to maint).
67 Performance, Internal Implementation, Development Support etc.
69 * An earlier update made it possible to use an on-stack in-core
70 lockfile structure (as opposed to having to deliberately leak an
71 on-heap one). Many codepaths have been updated to take advantage
72 of this new facility.
74 * Calling cmd_foo() as if it is a general purpose helper function is
75 a no-no. Correct two instances of such to set an example.
77 * We try to see if somebody runs our test suite with a shell that
78 does not support "local" like bash/dash does.
80 * An early part of piece-by-piece rewrite of "git bisect" in C.
82 * GSoC to piece-by-piece rewrite "git submodule" in C.
84 * Optimize the code to find shortest unique prefix of object names.
86 * Pathspec-limited revision traversal was taught not to keep finding
87 unneeded differences once it knows two trees are different inside
88 given pathspec.
90 * Conversion from uchar[20] to struct object_id continues.
92 * Code cleanup.
93 (merge 62a24c8923 rs/hex-to-bytes-cleanup later to maint).
95 * A single-word "unsigned flags" in the diff options is being split
96 into a structure with many bitfields.
97 (merge 0d1e0e7801 bw/diff-opt-impl-to-bitfields later to maint).
99 * TravisCI build updates.
101 * Parts of a test to drive the long-running content filter interface
102 has been split into its own module, hopefully to eventually become
103 reusable.
104 (merge 0fe8d516bb cc/git-packet-pm later to maint).
106 * Drop (perhaps overly cautious) sanity check before using the index
107 read from the filesystem at runtime.
109 Also contains various documentation updates and code clean-ups.
112 Fixes since v2.15
113 -----------------
115 * "auto" as a value for the columnar output configuration ought to
116 judge "is the output consumed by humans?" with the same criteria as
117 "auto" for coloured output configuration, i.e. either the standard
118 output stream is going to tty, or a pager is in use. We forgot the
119 latter, which has been fixed.
121 * The experimental "color moved lines differently in diff output"
122 feature was buggy around "ignore whitespace changes" edges, whihch
123 has been corrected.
125 * Instead of using custom line comparison and hashing functions to
126 implement "moved lines" coloring in the diff output, use the pair
127 of these functions from lower-layer xdiff/ code.
129 * Some codepaths did not check for errors when asking what branch the
130 HEAD points at, which have been fixed.
132 * "git commit", after making a commit, did not check for errors when
133 asking on what branch it made the commit, which has been correted.
135 * "git status --ignored -u" did not stop at a working tree of a
136 separate project that is embedded in an ignored directory and
137 listed files in that other project, instead of just showing the
138 directory itself as ignored.
140 * A broken access to object databases in recent update to "git grep
141 --recurse-submodules" has been fixed.
143 * A recent regression in "git rebase -i" that broke execution of git
144 commands from subdirectories via "exec" insn has been fixed.
146 * A (possibly flakey) test fix.
148 * "git check-ref-format --branch @{-1}" bit a "BUG()" when run
149 outside a repository for obvious reasons; clarify the documentation
150 and make sure we do not even try to expand the at-mark magic in
151 such a case, but still call the validation logic for branch names.
153 * "git fetch --recurse-submodules" now knows that submodules can be
154 moved around in the superproject in addition to getting updated,
155 and finds the ones that need to be fetched accordingly.
157 * Command line completion (in contrib/) update.
159 * Description of blame.{showroot,blankboundary,showemail,date}
160 configuration variables have been added to "git config --help".
162 * After an error from lstat(), diff_populate_filespec() function
163 sometimes still went ahead and used invalid data in struct stat,
164 which has been fixed.
166 * UNC paths are also relevant in Cygwin builds and they are now
167 tested just like Mingw builds.
169 * Correct start-up sequence so that a repository could be placed
170 immediately under the root directory again (which was broken at
171 around Git 2.13).
173 * The credential helper for libsecret (in contrib/) has been improved
174 to allow possibly prompting the end user to unlock secrets that are
175 currently locked (otherwise the secrets may not be loaded).
177 * MinGW updates.
179 * Error checking in "git imap-send" for empty response has been
180 improved.
181 (merge 618ec81abb rs/imap-send-next-arg-fix later to maint).
183 * Recent update to the refs infrastructure implementation started
184 rewriting packed-refs file more often than before; this has been
185 optimized again for most trivial cases.
186 (merge 7c6bd25c7d mh/avoid-rewriting-packed-refs later to maint).
188 * Some error messages did not quote filenames shown in it, which have
189 been fixed.
190 (merge 0a288d1ee9 sr/wrapper-quote-filenames later to maint).
192 * "git rebase -i" recently started misbehaving when a submodule that
193 is configured with 'submodule.<name>.ignore' is dirty; this has
194 been corrected.
195 (merge c6d8ccf3a2 bw/rebase-i-ignored-submodule-fix later to maint).
197 * Building with NO_LIBPCRE1_JIT did not disable it, which has been fixed.
198 (merge 2fff1e196d ab/pcre-v2 later to maint).
200 * We used to add an empty alternate object database to the system
201 that does not help anything; it has been corrected.
202 (merge f28e36686a jk/info-alternates-fix later to maint).
204 * Other minor doc, test and build updates and code cleanups.
205 (merge 804862209b ao/merge-verbosity-getenv-just-once later to maint).
206 (merge 9360ec0002 rs/sequencer-rewrite-file-cleanup later to maint).
207 (merge f4e45cb3eb ma/bisect-leakfix later to maint).
208 (merge 4da72644b7 ma/reduce-heads-leakfix later to maint).
209 (merge 3dc5433fd5 ad/rebase-i-serie-typofix later to maint).
210 (merge 5313bee032 tz/fsf-address-update later to maint).
211 (merge 5555a2aa4b cb/t4201-robustify later to maint).