Start preparing for 2.9.1
[git/git.git] / Documentation / RelNotes / 2.9.1.txt
1 Git v2.9.1 Release Notes
2 ========================
4 Fixes since v2.9
5 ----------------
7 * When "git daemon" is run without --[init-]timeout specified, a
8 connection from a client that silently goes offline can hang around
9 for a long time, wasting resources. The socket-level KEEPALIVE has
10 been enabled to allow the OS to notice such failed connections.
12 * The commands in `git log` family take %C(auto) in a custom format
13 string. This unconditionally turned the color on, ignoring
14 --no-color or with --color=auto when the output is not connected to
15 a tty; this was corrected to make the format truly behave as
16 "auto".
18 * "git rev-list --count" whose walk-length is limited with "-n"
19 option did not work well with the counting optimized to look at the
20 bitmap index.
22 * "git show -W" (extend hunks to cover the entire function, delimited
23 by lines that match the "funcname" pattern) used to show the entire
24 file when a change added an entire function at the end of the file,
25 which has been fixed.
28 Also contains minor documentation updates and code clean-ups.